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  1. had my character taken by staff n given to renatus your boy is a free agent

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    2. Jason395


      how does that work

    3. Publius


      ask my accountant, I do not count these beans.

    4. Ambduscias


      Game was rigged from the start.

  2. staff kidnapped my character

  3. still on a soft hiatus atm, expect me back in a minor way soon

    1. nordicg_d


      no prob young pube

    2. JoelTheGinger
    3. Publius


      @nordicg_d I’m seeing about getting a Dunamite to reimburse your swift boots that you lost helping the 2nd Regiment defend Petrus in a Vessian court shortly, please PM me for details, lest these boots come into my sole possession.

  4. give thanks

  5. “You mean he was friggin stabbed in the throat from behind?” Exclaimed Fabulous Bracchus, ”I ought to join the forces – if only to give those absolute felons a reasonable corporal punishment!” Shaking a fist in the air as he raged at his window, his heart flooded with grief as he came to the conclusion the good ol’ guardsman was certainly lynched by a posse of ne’er-do-wells! ”That is it... I must become Captain Carrion.” At that, he fled into the alleyways of Bracchus Boulevard...
  6. Vessian psychologists study this ongoing phenomena of delayed declarations of any fealty, the implications some such that whence discovered, shed greater light upon the declaration and the point it was produced from. ”Ah, no wonder he has been so silent for so long – this man has no sense of loyalty, but a heightened sense of opportunity. Perhaps he can leverage this title he has yet to make use of to garner a claim in Haense he would not otherwise have gained or earned?” At this, students would hmm and hah and the realization or self deliberation of the possibilities! “Wise play, some may say... Scholars ought to look deeply into the Haenseni title bloat and start doing away with these overblown status’ soon, before a notable vassal manages to slip away without the League of Joseph’s knowing!”
  7. ya boy is going to return with some niche rp soon enough xoxo

    1. seannie


      return to your roots and come to the ves guard, let us reign together once more 

  8. Publius

    The Human Crisis

    ”One must of knew what was at stake in standing against Renatus. One city burned in peacetime for the crime of trying the man who raided it – should the unthinkable happen, I assume there will be devastation far worse than we can imagine.” Said one wary traveler to another.
  9. “Was it not Aurelius that seen him cast out? Where are the principles of this administration?” Commented a layman out by Ves.
  10. when does pvp start?

  11. ”If only parliament could have been used for legal discourse such as this, Heaven’s forbid every Kingdom aneath the Emperor of Man have any say in who rules, though.” Jested Brube to a friend, once upon a time.
  12. might be looking to play a new character shortly if not a bracchus, feel free to holler at ya boy with any notable opportunities

    1. Medvekoma


      Join Renatus.



    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      play a marine who accidentally travelled into an alternate dimension

  13. I’m sure it directly relates to Ves nearly tripling Helena’s activity though
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