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  1. going to be playing temp characters as I flesh out Brube and the Engraver

  2. Hey friends, it’s ya boy Publius – with Timeo dead, I had an idea to play a wandering Engraver. Due to a lack of renames at my disposal though, I do not reckon is too viable and so wished to play the field whilst I seek a skin! I’m not opposed to playing any race, in any family; my biggest hurdle is a skin, which I got minae I’m willing to trade for one! Aside from that, if you have an engaging trade I ought to consider taking up, feel free to holler! You can PM me on the forums here, reply on the post, or PM me on disc at Publius#1947
  3. Is the story-team hiring?

    1. Lukariatias


      I don’t think we’re NOT hiring. No harm in posting an app, if Flam wants to wait it’ll just sit for a while.

  4. On semi-hiatus until I get a skin made and my character written up

  5. Publius

    Un Vers Méconnu

    “Swift was the troubadour Timeo de la Baltas, akin to a loosed bolt destined to be retrieved without its head...” Imperial vandals gaze upon Ves, anxious to loot it prior to its burning, c. 1711 Upon the often treacherous roads to Ves rode in a gallant yet winded youth, reporting more notable treachery in Helena. Recounting that all who attended to bring justice to the leader of raiders against Ves, one Prince Yury, were slain. Amongst those that assembled as this was declared was a local troubadour, who whence hearing they rode for Reza, so too then rode to Reza to defend his brothers in arms. Opium perhaps had a role to play in his failure to reason: Of this rider, one could infer that the Imperial host had probably made it just as far as he had, if not further towards Reza for the pause he gave the Adrian citizens. Whatever to blame on what had ensued though, Timeo was seized upon the fork in the road that lead between Haense and Adria, having stumbled into the back of Imperial lines. Halted by a d’Anpalais man, the exploits of the travelling musician had the undesirable affect in this instance to make him easily identifiable. Salivating at the opportunity to take the life of another prominent Vessian man, those who seen him were quick to level accusations and insults at him. Calamity broke out in the Imperial lines as they stopped their march and turned to consume another. ”Interbreeder! Rebel! Provocateur!” Already in a mood that lacked any inclinations towards mercy, it took only an idle accusation by a man near Antonius to demand the execution – Ser Vitus cut through the crowd and through Timeo’s neck as he offered one last verse. It went unsung, though. Confidently he went, dying in a futile attempt to reinforce Reza. Finding his final rest with assurance that His Majesty and Grace Marius, the most powerful man in the Empire, would be indomitable in protecting their peoples, and seeking retribution for the slaughter of his subjects at court. Alas, there was mercy in having been slain trying to protect Haense, for irony of Marius’ betrayal would surely cause him to die of heartbreak – or in one of the slaughters he allowed of his people to appease the Emperor. His Majesty Marius, having allowed Imperials to slay whatever subjects necessary in the streets of Reza, then immediately gave his blessing for the razing of all Adrian lands. For this cowardice, treachery and compliance, he would forever be known to Heartlanders as Marius ‘the Meek’. Wherever his spirit may have gone, its gaze would never drift Adria – avoiding the grief it would cause to his eternal rest.
  6. Publius


    As news of this spreads, Timeo’s corpse continues still to rot in the crux of the road between both Reza and Ves.
  7. This is the excitement and showmanship I expected today when I heard everything going on; 



    Never give up PRO lol

    1. Space


      bas rutten’s unintelligible grumbles are like poetry

    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      cling to ur pro harder than aim clings to his flay buttboys

  8. Publius

    [Lazio] Charter Application

    A gaunt man signs.
  9. so we lose the city without so much as a skirm? we beat tornado in the first one 😞

    1. Demotheus


      You lost the city from this shite? lol wot

  10. making a new character:tm:

  11. Got some news for people seeking good gentry, land owning rural RP coming soon – Heartlanders are encouraged to come through!

  12. Publius

    The Sacred Union of Matrimony

    Timeo de la Baltas receives this missive in good spirits, then sending in return a minstrel courier to announce he would attend!
  13. Publius

    Royal Levy Ban, 1709

    Timeo de la Baltas notes the centralization and qualitative reforms of the Haense military as Adria’s own growing, considering writing a missive on the subject!
  14. Publius

    New Player Hate Thread

    community team has lowered its standards in a bid to appeal more directly to the players as they try getting them involved with their rp communities – someone gonna prove me wrong?
  15. very exciting developments... yes...