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  1. EnragedPiglet; Coal VIP.
  2. "At long last."
  3. MC Name: EnragedPiglet. RP Name: Yazarek Doomforged. Reasoning for Applying: Looking to try something new - the vast majority of the role-play I've done has revolved and Oren and humanity. Do you accept to follow the rules of playing a Doomforged? Of course. Bloodline: Arkhomir; Dormin's line. Parents (Optional, only if you are playing a current member's child): Dormin.
  4. Pig'lut, a largely irrelevant and long-lost pink orc, stumbles upon newfound purpose.
  5. Samantha_Savoy, perhaps?
  6. I genuinely love your enthusiasm.
  7. Sammy laments his friendship with Rivk Zavadsky, an honorable Knight of Amyas.
  8. Damn you went deep, dude - sucks that anything past 1.8 is painful to watch, though.
  9. Dusk had befallen upon the realm of man, and with it an impermeable fog, causing all prospects of a peaceable moonlit night to vanish along with the sun. Only infinitesimal flakes of gold brushed lustre existed behind this thick black veil of gloom, though lacked the fortitude to struggle through and grace the landscape with the warmth and unity it so desperately yearned for. Brother against brother, man against man - darkness hung heavy with no sign of relent on the horizon. So the blackbird flew, windswept ebony wings ensconced by twilight, bearing message swift as meditation. AN OATH OF FEALTY TO ARCHDUKE JOHN D’AMAURY, THE WORLD AS MY WITNESS: In rejecting the Imperial drive towards the heart of Lorraine, as a Lotharingian, I opt into defending my land and my liege. No longer will I sit idle as the tendrils of Oren attempt to take the pieces of our liberty in exchange for lifelong servitude; not even a gentleman should be made a slave of, nevermind my house. Recognizing this, we strip now the Emperor of any obedience to his demands and treaties in his growing hunger for authority in hoping that he may starve. In his place, we declare ourselves for Archduke John d’Amaury of Lorraine. From hereon, we take his word above all others, and seek strength in the bonds with our fellow lords. House Emrys is and forever will be a vassal of Lorraine, continuing to do so even outside of the Holy Orenian Empire. May GOD protect us and grant us growing success in the days to come. Signed, Rhydderch var Emrys
  10. Where have the good days gone?
  11. Vouched; voted today, two links didn't work.
  12. Rhydderch and Tyrras var Emrys - accompanied by their company of pious zealots whom donned tabards of white and gold - stand triumphant above the corpses of the fallen, one particular Orderman retrieving the stolen crown of the late Grand King Algoda. Madness had had its day.
  13. Bring back the good old days..
  14. Good stuff