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  1. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: Elew How old are you?: 14 Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): yes Have you applied to this server before? (Please link all past applications): none Have you read and agreed to the rules?: yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: No metagaming, ruins RP Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules): No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? Youtube Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: Creating a character for yourself which you act out alongside other Biotic and Abiotic features. What is metagaming?: Using OOC information in RP What is powergaming?: Giving your character traits which would be unreachable to a normal person. And doing this, forcing something on another person, such as *Guy stabs another guy and kills him In-Character Information Character’s name: Elew Dilen Character’s gender: male Character’s race: Human- Highlander Character’s age: 21 Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add server lore, and events that happened to your character so that they don’t contradict history.): Elew was born in the year 1570, to a mother and a father, his father being a merchant. His parents were considered wealthy in their community, but not outside. So on the long summers as a child when Elew was sent to the city to work on his learning with the other children of the race. They would make fun of him and call him a peasant farmer boy, when in truth he just wanted to learn the trade. Some of the children envied him because his ability to find market margins and dabble within them impressed the teachers farm more than the other children could. On his years spent at home, he usually ran the small store his mother worked in while his father was out buying. Their town was built on a major traveling route, so Elew would talk to many people. Most preculiar of all, a dwarf came one day. This was the first non-human person Elew had ever seen. The dwarf told him of his home in the tree, far off in the the dwarven lands. Elew was mystified, and set a goal to some day travel across the world, and trade with all. His mother and father were happy with these ambitions, and helped set him on his way. Now Elew is much older, and works tirelessly to show to his parents what amazing people they are. He lives on the road, stopping here and there, making friends as he goes, he tries to keep everyone as happy as possible, (As long as they buy his stuff!). Personality Traits: Quite friendly, and strives for success. He likes to crack jokes. Ambitions: He wants to make a large enough profit that he may settle down and start a family of his own. Strengths/Talents: He can work the economy well, and can sweet talk almost anyone. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Isn’t a great fighter, and is a little too trusting. Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight): 5’11”. 176lbs. http://gyazo.com/c2a14f84bcf6ec5b2db8c2d8f1886ba4 Skin will be shaded, just want to get this done because I'll be out the rest of the night.