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  1. These two, if still available? Late Christmas presents? This is awesome~ - Musicoid
  2. Lotc is unfair, Admins are in there, standing at the concession, plotting their oppression.


    (( *raises stakes*

  3. Happy Holidays to everyone and their respective celebrations ?

  4. Did someone say 'Fresh Oats'?

  5. This is the equivalent of a newly attuned druid, give or take a few voices from that. And I enjoy the effort put into this, but it needs to be able to be different than already existing magics.
  6. Take a double digit number. 22, 75, 83, etc...

    Now add its base digits and subtract by the original number.

    No matter what, it'll always be divisible by 9, even when you trace back to it.


    Ex. 92 -> (9+2) - 92 = 81

    9 can go into 81.

    Mind blown yet? c:


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    2. Musicoid


      That's technically 100 :p

    3. Man of Respect
    4. Musicoid


      99 -> (9+9) - 99 = 81 (DIVISIBLE BY NINE, NINE TIMES)

  7. Numbered.

    1. Musicoid
    2. AGiantPie
    3. Musicoid


      A clock goes: Tick tick tick tick...

  8. First impressions are my weakness

  9. This is true.


    1. Cooliomafia


      Wut, you're missing one. W + A + S + D and then shift spacebar, we need six fingers! 

    2. Musicoid
  10. Know why they called it the Dark Ages? (Cause there were too many knights.) BUM DUM TISS

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    2. Rudster


      actually had to read it trice to finally get it. good job! and shame on me!

    3. SpodoKaiba


      you make me happy honestly
      you get the spod seal of approval

    4. Musicoid
  11. Uhier Meracahe'siol is permanently dead.

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    2. Moochael
    3. spqrSancus
    4. Musicoid


      Lol, good one. But yeah, he's dead. Any questions just shoot me a PM

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