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  1. How To Apply to LoTC, Kinslayer's Guide

    never been banned for that!! @Sky What else! :')
  2. Be Free Now

    The lonely soul belittled to generality and aimlessness that deaths release had set upon it. The world fell upon him and the heat was felt, tears streamed and nobody answered them. The world was cold until it was not, and the flesh is weak until it rots. The soul wanders, and the mind ties itself in knots. The body decays and one is set free. The world swirls set static and still around a point, but the world falls away to ash and dust and all is left is the soul. The world fell away from him, and his hair was raked nervously, over and over, he wanted it to be over. There was no over, and there was no true death, there was no true way to pay his debt. Corruption had latched upon his soul, festered, made a home. Men were far past the point of understanding, far past forgiveness, for good reason. A long and tired life, weary and drawn out, he disliked it as much as others did. He sat in a strange cave, his eyes cast down towards the ground, he thought of his brother. He wished he could say he was sorry, he wished he could purify himself. A constant fault, a consistent bump, an unconscious knock that whacked his mind, splintered his judgment. He wanted relief, he wanted nothing more than that, he wanted that for those he loved. He wished he could make things right with those he loved, he wished he could make things right with those he missed. His teacher, dear Elindor, Eli, the old man, Earlwood even. Memories of the man, every word engrained in his mind even through washes and changes. He was disappointed in himself, disappointed at what he had become. His hands raked through his hair, washed and combed before now becoming disheveled. His eyes were cast to the world, and he wished to be resolved to the fate of all. Though the great limit was his mind, and his soul, violence was the answer here. He meant to go out, he wanted to go out, he wanted to die and to fight and to leave. If he had been strong enough, if he could, but he couldn't, he couldn't leave peacefully. The burden could not be lifted, and he knew that. So with the falling of the sun, his ash was upon the winds, and his essence gone from this earth, with the keeper who he wished to follow many decades ago, but was cast away from. It could have been. ~ Nazorean Scratched into the dirt, for nobody to see.
  3. [Denied]Lumiin's Game Moderator Application

    I HATE TRAPS AAAAAA but lumii is okay <3 +1
  4. Hey zach, good job on getting ET. :)

  5. [Denied]Tired of Light blue, Going for Dark blue ~Zombiefide

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you know what, +1 Don't take advice from leap, you're fine.
  6. [Fire Evocation] [ST] ElvenMagician (ALT)//Kailme Arseigen

    Yes I'm overseeing you
  7. Nazorean scratches his beard as shades are not mentioned, but Mental Mages are.
  8. An Open Letter to Heial Vientos

    "Drama, and that is all... There is no substance to any of this." Nazorean read from the bowels of a shaman shrine, groaning as he skimmed over it again. "Azoth's always been a man of drama, but usually it has some weight... Now it just seems he wishes to scorn the name of his old co-workers for the favor of his prince and nation... Quite sad, Heial is a good man, even if the Ascended do not enjoy my presence, I have the sense to know they do have good men and women in their ranks." He scribbled his notes, posting them near where the letters were, almost as a notice.
  9. [SA] [Feat] Ledyard

    MC Name: Ledyard Character's Name: Ledyard Character's Age: 16 Character's Race: Soyboy What magic(s) will you be learning?: Cognatism Teacher's MC Name: Hydra98 Teacher's RP Name: Khel'laurir Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: no yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: probably yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no
  10. Show Your Pet Thread

  11. That’s the thing about these high school girls man. I grow older, they stay the same age

  12. Nazorean hides in the crowd, disguised, watching the speech quietly, his eyes trained on Awaiti as she resigns. A soft smile crawls across his face, though one of genuine happiness, for his old friend seemed to be, no matter if they did not speak or were not on good terms anymore, he was happy for her.
  13. Tahmas' Post-Cleanup MT Application

    yes +11
  14. [MA] [Mental Magic] countessem

    This one too
  15. The Eternal College

  16. [MA] [Arcane] Nu'Mesia

    student changed their mind
  17. Hasten Now

    Hasten now, it seems you have already set in. Reaper of Patria, a world you dawn upon, another feebly stricken fawn. What game of yours shall we play, for flags fly high and gay, colors of a mind well suited, for your heavy task. A task callous, thoughts creeping with the light. Hark, they yell, I see the beams. Of light are you made? Is that the strange cruel fate at hand? Too weak to face a waking man, too meek to bite. One only for a thought, and two only for a breath. Reaper of Patria, Soft decay and sudden fall, no honor in any hollowed hall. Hasten now, you have set in, peaceful sleep.