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  1. Aerialkebab is playing Neverwinter Night's

  2. 0b465ce6ce1c8712ee9532580bbe4514.png

    when Microsoft finds your cyber logs.

    1. Cloakedsphere


      when the fbi finds your club penguin hacks

    2. CosmicWhaleShark


      Mention ISIS and how to make bomb prompts throughout so they have to read all of it. 

  3. Teacher Seeking [ad]

    Nazorean scoffed profusely.

    Says Talar
  5. i miss the old  harrison the bold harrison the cold harrison

  6. [Denied] MissToni's Forum Team Application

    +1 she just wants to be involved
  7. if a post has turned into a half-assed passive-aggressive status update should have the player should have their ability to post taken away...







  8. [Accepted] Inactive guy's FM App

    bb theres a lot you can do in 2 hours ;) ;) ;) kill me +1 ily Sythan
  9. Admin Monthly Update

    He is the one that funds the servers. He puts that money back into the server so he can pay for everything.
  10. #impeachawaiti


    1. Slayy


      stop talking boo

  11. Nazorean smiled hearing some of the news, seeming to hold some good memories of Awaiti, though most were plagued with confusion and a shatter. He was happy for a brief respite none the less.
  12. [Fire Evocation] [ST] MickMeist/Ahryn Skelt

    i'll oversee him
  13. [Fire Evocation] [ST] MickMeist/Ahryn Skelt

    If you need an overseer, I can oversee you if you need.
  14. [Fire Evocation] [ST] MickMeist/Ahryn Skelt

    Just a notice for you, the document you have doesn't work since it is not a share link.
  15. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    The problem here is that there was no issue in the first place. When a GM approaches somebody upon a non-issue, that they know is a non-issue, that should be thrown out as a GM-Player Interaction, and be introduced as a Player-Player interaction, where one is unofficial and not taking action on behalf of the GM's. When one player has the upper hand in an 'attitude' case, and the other is banned. That there is plain out abuse. Attitude is something people aren't banned for. There isn't an incentive to go out and provoke players with non-issues, at least I hope there isn't. SugarBlind spawned this issue, and that's their fault. People here are rude to each other about everything, get used to it. Just because one is a GM, doesn't mean they can go and punish somebody because they felt they were a bit too rude when provoked with something that was not even an issue, and they were shown it wasn't an issue. Grr GM's is not an argument. First things first, behind every criticism, there is some truth coming from it. Earlier it was really nothing concrete, but with more things like this and the player who got banned for breaking a carpet, some GM's bring it upon themselves.
  16. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    @SugarBlind BTFO But honestly, just admit you were wrong, Sugar. You've literally LT and other GM's saying what you did was wrong. You made the issue, not Novastral. There was no issue until you came along. There isn't a poor attitude, there isn't a poor response. You messed up, and that's what happened. If you cant face the stage, don't audition.
  17. The Hardest thing i ever had to do. o7

  18. [MA] [Fire Evo] DatPhantom's Fire Evo App

    snow elf with fire evocation dont get burnt xd xd xd
  19. left wing extremist kills five white men eating starbucks innocently


    1. Infamous American

      Infamous American

      Hi fake news, I am dad.

  20. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    free novastral
  21. [Shortlisted]GaiaLoTC's AT App

    I think they're on break until the given time, just giving them a bit may be the best thing. But I don't know if they're still lurking the forums or discord.
  22. Seeking an Apprentice

    Young Apprentice Sought. Youth, the age where input and ideas are able to be transmitted quite easily. One whose knowledge may be verbose and in-depth may have the urge to transmit their own knowledge to the youth or to another. Not in anything specific, may knowledge be easy to transmit, though from youth there will be time, and there is much to learn. I am seeking to teach one young person if you are interested in the humanities, alchemy, and magic, please do send a bird to me, Nazorean. Signed, Nazorean.
  23. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    Mvod to OffTopIc ObViously
  24. Hello, friends. I wish to make a wandering dwarf mainly based off this image and this one kinda too. The artist of the skin can take some liberties, but please make it nice and fun, perhaps a bit colorful. He would have green eyes with a thick brown patchy and braided beard. Packages and vials upon his sides adorned in some colorful robes or clothes. He would have a pipe stuck in his mouth (if possible), and was adorned with a nice lazily worn hat. I will pay 2500 mina for this skin, thank you. Do what you can, if you take it.