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  1. Nazorean stood on the edge of the water, his eyes drawn to it, transfixed and an obsession drawn to it. He smiled as he saw his face in the tide, it pulled back slowly, his reflection going with. He decided to sit now, on the coast, his feet planted firmly in the hot sand. A beautiful coast it was, Asul. Nazorean had not traveled these lands too extensively but it was certainly beautiful, and he liked how the warm sand felt on his feet. Far away from the cold lands, strange climate, and general area of Tahn he sat away from all troubles. Maybe the troubles of the other realms washed away at his feet and with the sand. The water, the most free a man could be, a man would wish to flow with their flux and spontaneous behavior. The water wished and swayed, its current never ending and voyage never ceasing, till the end of creation, or the lack of it, it fell. And even then, where the lack of creation began, the water still flowed deep into whatever that was. Nazorean wandered the coast, feeling the stray and harder currents hit against him, but it was no matter for he got up and kept on walking. Mountains beside him and wind in the trees, salt in the air. Those who went with whatever lead them to others were the happiest, it seemed. So if you were to go with the waves, why not be happy there? This thought came upon him for sometime, and it had him reflect. Some time to reflect on the sandy beaches, the salty air, and with the gulls. Someday he would be happy, and maybe even smart. But there were somethings he had to tend to first. Nazorean thought to be, he'd have to let most things go, or things that had drained the happiness from him, things that had hurt him. Let them go and let them return to be gone again with the current as well. He thought that maybe if he were to have a restart, he would be truly happy. To those he had hurt, he would forget, to those he had been friends with, he would forget. Only a few he would stay with, maybe this was best for him and his strive to be happy. At such a young age, he thought this. Though with the short years he could have, he had wanted to the best for himself and others. He would continue his studies, but forgetting the most important things, brought him more happiness. Forgotten they, who were important to him, with the exception of some. Dead to him until be resurrected in the new mind he had thought for himself. A new kingdom and control over himself he fancied. For this next belief came with the forging of a new name. A new man for him to shell into; the same look he would have, a different way of life he would attempt to follow. Forgetting the creation of the world, forgetting the Aenguls, Daemons, and gods. He only knew the world. Knowing the world is how he would come to happiness. Forgetting the important things was how he would get to knowing the true world. For what lie before the world, and before the true nature of the void and other things; was the people who tried to create their own in it. To create your true self in it, you must know nothing, and strive to learn things. Inanis.
  2. Now what came with the forgetfulness of things, was the questioning of the real world. For to truly learn from sense and from true reason and logic of the mind. You had to know what was real, and what was not real. You might say that of course, things you can touch are real, and things you can feel and experience are real. But how do we know that these are simply illusions or dreams. The way we do this is to test our true consciousnesses. Going from what you know will get you far, but going from what you have tested will truly involve you in believing the world around. For the nature of the world and the nature of our lives is truly strange. We can never know whether things are illusion, unless tested. The Apple To reason, we must first start with an object. An apple will do. In our disbelief of everything now, we shall have to prove than apple is truly real. With this we can make up multiple steps to test the validity of the apple, and whether it is real or fake. 1. Can the apple be effected by the reason of our current state and world?; This apple, falls when you throw it, this apple also has a certain feeling and a certain application of force when used upon somebody else. It also has a weight, and an area. It passes in this regard. 2. Can the apple be manipulated, with effects upon you. You can taste this apple, you can tear it off and feel the juices inside of it. You can bruise yourself with it, and bruise the apple itself. 3. Can you truly accept its being. Maybe, this apple has passed the previous tests, but how do we know that it is real. How do we know that anything is actually real, or that anything is not an illusion and we aren't living in some type of strange state. ------ In truth, there is no true deduction on the 'physical' world. Everything, as we know it, could be a lie and you could never know. Whether a dream world, an illusion by some devilish mage, or just you, being truly the being in the world. For there has been seen the absence of creation in our world, and the destruction of anything in our world. Who is to say, that everything isn't falling apart, or falling into place for us to explore. For I have heard, our people travel from worlds to worlds, from other worlds and lands. Seemingly random they come up in the history books. Who is to say that these were not created just now, and you are being tricked into believing in them. Though, we must not worry about these things. You are living where you are now. Though it is something interesting. Is anything actually acceptable in terms of reality. There is no true deduction of something real, there is always a side path that leads you down the rabbit whole into questioning. ~~~~~~ Inanis, Circa 1599.
  4. I really like Jallen, hes a great RP'r and I'm sure he would be a great staff. (Jallen for admin when?) +1
  5. Nazorean read the list, shaking his head. "Obviously Montoya. A true saint." "Really, he is the most just in the city, the thassarions and the wood elf are horridly biased people. I care for a caring man, rather than one with connections and friends. Montoya for Alexandria."
  6. main thing is archived searches, can he fix that?
  7. "Hrmmm..." The Adunian pondered, seeing the rebels statement. "This is not what I was expecting against Norland, I like it."
  8. Is YourLordHarambe "our" guy?
  9. Its because we have no Oren to pick on #bringbackoren
  10. gimmi
  11. awh man... Bye... :(
  12. R.I.P Frostmoon. She'll never not be a wandering soul ;-;
  13. "Oh dear, this is not good... Miss Opal, is she really kidnapp'd? Doesn't seem like the type of person for that to be done too..." Nazorean frowned, tapping the notice for the missing two. "No good..."
  14. I need my RP fix.
  15. +1, very crafty mage yes ;)
  16. (( but but, aren't you banned? @Rella101
  17. 9.3 Mina for KvasirLover12
  18. Student Application format: Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: Kinslayer Character's Name: Dirk Earlwood / Naz'Orean Character's Age: 16 Character's Race: Adunian What magic(s) will you be learning?: Mental Magic Teacher's MC Name: Jerry_Man Teacher's RP Name: Elindor Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yessir I will do Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  19. a-hick-huckity-hoo
  20. Anything for Fiter + 1
  21. Yes, but there is a line. They wouldn't let somebody whos a known harasser ( me ;) ) onto the team. They would let people they trust. Trials still have power.
  22. This doesn't even matter. She still threatened to have him target banned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another note, as somebody who really opposes all of Luv's apps, and somebody who has extensively conversed with them, and had RP with them, I like them as a player, kind of. They can be a good enough Magic RP'r and is very good at RP, yes. But her shortcomings come when she is on the staff team, he uses her friends and connections to try to bias her way into staff teams. She also uses her friends to get into staff, or get items and magic. (I.e, one bad experience was when she tried make Jax give her permission to abuse Alchemy so she could change the entire race of somebody). This alone is pretty shitty, but the fact she is even considered qualifying for staff, is ******* insane. She has lied so many times to people, and when I ever I talked to her, even if I agreed at times, I heard **** talk, and bad talk of people. Yes we all trashtalk once or twice, but to hear this EVERY time I talked to her, apart from the times where shes not rping or just in skype doing something else, its mostly what I heard. Yes, people can change, and people can be nice to others, and mean to many or vice versa, I think we should give her some more time. Let her re-shape her image in a more substantial way than just staying quiet and keeping low for a while. Be vocal about trying to change if she does. Have her actually do it. Another thing that has happened to me, is having comments removed from her staff apps, whether it was unrelated or not almost, criticized andreason for somebody not to be staff is a big thing, and if they really don't deserve it. like luv, it should be vocalized.
  23. I entirely agree with this man, for once in my ******* life, I love aerial for articulating my thoughts.