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  1. Moodboards

    i cant figure out how to find pictureds on google lif somebody is nice make one for oine of my character htanks
  2. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    You have been mistaken again, friend, as if you were to actually look through the links you would find that it indeed does hurt LoTC to keep people like this around. You see, there is more than the law to this game, there is a company behind it, and we have already had a history with said company in the past if you do not remember. It is no secret this server has attracted the wrong sort of people, this can be sourced from a review of old bans relating to pedophilia and rape. These are not things you joke about, these are not things you make fun of in such a sense. These are not things where you imply that it can be done by two consenting adults because simulating child pornography even with a non-child is still a crime. That is the crux of the issue, along with how Overlord has already had run-ins with sexual assault against other players, bringing him nowhere it seemed in his punishments. When somebody says things such as 'it is okay for children characters (which are possessed by Tythus LTD and the Server) with an adult if they both consent', you are suddenly bringing this whole burden upon the rest of us. Thin ice and cold waters, that's all I see when I look at Overlord, he has been warned so many times by so many GM's and banned for similar behavior in the past, he knows the rules of the server, and he should know the TOS. I still do believe that he wholeheartedly is bringing a legal weakness to the server in pedophilic words and actions he has been recorded saying (as seen in the screenshot posted by Morgan). He has, in review, actually broken laws as I have shown in my previous post, and he has broken rules on this server. It does not matter if he has already been banned for them, what matters is that he has done them and they have accumulated so (and continued so) that at this point me and you are here discussing it. That is where the issue lies, the fact that it has gotten this far, and the fact that he defended his ideas saying that people were after him for 'wrong thing', when it is clearly just the morally correct thing to accept that pedophilia and rape is not cool, and should not be RP'd under any circumstance. Again, this brings actual in real life problems into the server and brings the actual question to the way that he has been handled in the past and how these things have not already been reported. As a final note, if one had only skimmed my previous post they would have seen I never claimed any evidence of him actually RP'ing with another that was playing a child, and that was not the point either. The point was to show that he had advocated for the production of child porn with the use of characters owned by Tythus LTD, and if you follow the string back to its yarn you'll realize that this means Tythus LTD could be held responsible for the production of child pornography. Or at least its name could be severely and utterly tarnished because of such an idea or action. Even the advocation of such things implies participation when things get serious like this, and as his other statement showed he thought that rape too should also be allowed, and we see that this man has a history of sexual assault in roleplay. Patterns repeat in people, and the staunch defense of his ideals only proves fishier. Another note, pedophillia is not free speech, and saying things like this is what I labelled in my senior reply. Conspiracy, that is the word that I believe should be applied to all here.
  3. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    Brother, I hope that you know what you just are saying to me right now. You used to be a GM, though it seems you never actually read the rules or the terms of service. Everything that first originates on the server in game or on the forums is the property of LOTC, and related to it. Discords that are LOTC Guild discords are DIRECTLY related to lotc. You really do need to read the rules and TOS friend. Now, what does this mean is what you might be asking, since you don't seem to pick up on things so quick if you're still arguing for this, think about it. If you are talking about how it's okay to cyber if there is consent with a child, keep in mind these characters are still extensions of lotc's property (refer to the section of rights and user-generated content), meaning that you are then committing an actual felony. (, refer to 'Child Pornography Crimes and Charges', I am noting the creation of child pornography crime here. Refer to this as well. Along with the defense of rape, and bear in mind here our buddy overlord has had a history of sexual assault on other people's characters without consent.) Now, even if our friend here did not actually do any of this, as in he did not cyber with an underaged character, even having a conspiracy to do so would be against the law. ( The definition here may leave you wondering though, as it is not a 'physical depiction of a minor, but describing a child in detail in smut and having their Minecraft character as a reference does fall under the category of 'visual depiction', anyway I refer to page 21 and 22, Section A Federal Statues Concerning Child Pornography, Lines 1-5. I especially implore you to look at the phrase 'Offenses including attempted acts and conspiracies to commit all such acts.' Now, what act would he have conspired to commit with his assent of roleplay including a child in smut, well that would fall directly under 'advertising', footnote 3. "3: Section 2251 prohibits two types of advertising related to child pornography. Section 2251(d)(1)(B) makes it unlawful to advertise for minors to participate in child pornography, while section 2251(d)(1)(A) makes it unlawful to advertise child pornography itself. The guidelines treat the former as a production offense and the latter a nonproduction offense. See USSG §2G2.1 (Sexually Exploiting a Minor by Production of Sexually Explicit Visual or Printed Material; Custodian Permitting Minor to Engage in Sexually Explicit Conduct; Advertisement for Minors to Engage in Production), comment. (backg’d) (“Statutory Provisions,” including 18 U.S.C. § 2251(d)(1)(B)); USSG §2G2.2 (Trafficking in Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Receiving, Transporting, Shipping, Soliciting, or Advertising Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Possessing Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor with Intent to Traffic; Possessing Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of a Minor), comment. (backg’d) (“Statutory Provisions,” including 18 U.S.C. § 2251(d)(1)(A)). Section 2252A(a)(3) also prohibits the “advertis[ing]” or “promot[ing]” of child pornography. 18 U.S.C. § 2252A(a)(3)." If this is not damning enough proof for you, there could even be shown proof that our friend is in The United States if an FM were to check. There are also indeed laws against this in the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, and Australia. (,, - -, - I suggest @Vaynth or @Paleo look at this, as this can cause serious trouble for the server and put the online status of it in jeopardy, especially in the US. Kinslayer out.
  4. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    Actually yes they are. This happens a lot, and it's a problem, pedophelia is something that cannot BE AT ALL RELATED WITH THE SERVER. So if you are even IMPLYING that you are going to commit it on a lotc discord, or extension of lotc roleplay its pretty much a problem
  5. The Thotty Crusades

    u better stop drop.....
  6. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    The thing is, without gates closed, there are more people IN THE CITY TO DEFEND IT. So what people are really doing is saying this: "People can come and kill us, let us force all of our playerbase out so they cant defend it."
  7. [Clericalism] [MA] Saveforthememory

    Nazorean cries for his students corruption
  8. iApf5qA.jpg

    1. Aranao


      arrogance is a disease and you're the vector

  9. "AH! I'VE BEEN SHOT." - Thomas 2018

  11. el’Naeri Evarir Act, 1646

    "Cassette?" Said a stalking Nazorean.
  12. [Arcane] [MA] Ehier

    Nazorean remembers stomping in Ornias' and Ehier's heads in.
  13. [MArt] Shade Gem: Aknu'gul

    It's a shade gem.
  14. I'm trying to be Z3m0s now

  16. rolling on the floor laughing

    1. LifeforceIsMana


      Preaching the truth here by living by it!

  17. 2 in 1 day?

    good boi
  18. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    you know, that's fair.