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  1. Name(Unnecessary): Spear Type(Rp, Mechanical, etc): Rp, and Mechanical! Function: This item would go help and improve the authenticity of the times (Kind of a medieval fantasy area). You see, in real life, spears were some of the most used weapons of their time. Some people even compare the spear to the AK-47 of the time, that being it was so widespread ( being used in china, europe, and even ancient rome ) for so long, it also was cheap at the time as well. So LOTC having this weapon would further improve the diversity of weapons, and RP weapons, as people would have RP items for spears that weren't re-named spades. It also would serve to improve RP fighting styles, as it could be more efficent to use a spear with a sword, where the player could block and stab, that could also make for some fun RP. Implementation could be in a way so that it is semi-faster with a shield, though I don't really care how it is implemented, only that it is, for the historical atmosphere that it will bring. ((ALSO PIKES ARE NOT SPEARS, THEY ARE BARELY CLOSE AT ALL PLEASE PEOPLE STOP SAYING THIS IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE)) Who Would it Benefit?: It would benefit PvP'rs, people who like to represent RP items with MC items. Also it would appease people like me, who like to see historical / fantasy accuracy come to life in our little game world! It really would benefit diversity in weapons as well, where we do not have the most at the moment.
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  4. Matheus, i llove you, for a whole year you bullied me into becoming an RP elitist. In every leaving post I mention you, do you love me, or know who I am, dad.
  5. that was exciting, please record that and send that to me, it will be my ring tone. Your rap was almost as beautiful as my character

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  11. Hello everybody, after a long time of thinking, I have decided to leave lotc. I am really sad with how it has turned out, but it has been a great time. I really liked some of you people and hope we can still be friends. It takes up too much of my time, and stresses me out, you all can be very mean sometimes and it is really bad. if you do not stop being mean, some others will leave. I will make my leave now, as loud as possible. Linking it in all of the nation chats. I wrote it
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  13. little witch academia - your homie, kvasir/stickly
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  17. DaddyLover
  18. its pending / being implemented lore on how half-orcs shout be played
  20. tahmas is a lion +1
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