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  1. [Arcane] [MA] Ehier

    MC Name: BooksAreInvolved Character's Name: Ehier Character's Age: 187 Character's Race: High elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Sensory illusion Teacher's MC Name: PuddleMancerPro Teacher's RP Name: Morgan Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yep Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  2. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    Ehier read the notice, nodding softly. He turned to leave, but after a short moment of hesitation, he sent off an application. [[ BooksAreInvolved ~ Nick/BooksAreInvolved#7472 ]]
  3. [Magic Lore] Soul Augmentation.

    I like it +1
  4. The Potion Index

    Name: Bone paste Use: This clay like substance quickly hardens when it is taken out of its semi airtight container, and can be used to heal broken bones without the use of a greater healing potion. After it has hardened, it will be as hard as bone. It can also be used to recover lost teeth, if done properly. Should be handled with care, unless the user is out to harm their patient. Red Lines: -Sticks to bone -Hardens within a matter of minutes when taken out of an (semi) air tight space Recipe: Earth 3 (Connection, protection, immobility) Fire - Water 1 (Regrowth) Air - LT approval?: Nah Name: Bulking potion Use: The three forms of this potion have very similar yet different effects. Where the weaker version is a salve, the moderate and the greater potions are more fluid. The weaker version of this potion is the most graceful one, only swelling skin and irritating it slightly. The moderate version is more balanced, only swelling muscle. This liquid is not supposed to be put on skin, but injected. The moderate version of this potion should not do any harm in any cases. The greater potion is far more chaotic, causing muscle to heavily bulk out. This potion too, should only be injected, but can be applied to the skin. If it were to be applied to the skin, the same effects would take place but on a smaller scale, and a more controlled surface. If too much of the greater version were to be injected, the muscles would swell so much that the skin would start to rip open, in most cases causing the subject to bleed out. Red Lines: -Doesn’t grant actual strength -Swollen skin becomes irritated -Swollen skin bleeds faster -Moving may become hard due to tissue being in the way Recipe: Weak Earth 1 (Poison) Fire 1 (Overwhelming) Water - Air 1 (Gracefulness) Moderate Earth 2 (Endurance, poison) Fire 1 (Overwhelming) Water 2 (Regrowth, balance) Air - Greater Earth 2 (Endurance, poison) Fire 2 (Chaos, overwhelming) Water 1 (Regrowth) Air - LT approval?: Nah
  5. The earth shakes

    "Damn, did we ruin Atlas already?" Ehier muttered, far from the earthquake.
  6. 6.0 Admin Shops

    Building blocks (Prismarine, sea lanterns, glowstone, etc.) Resources (Iron (Do give it a high price, due to it being easy to be found. If you give it a low price mina will be worthless in no time.), gold, etc.) Redstone stuff
  7. 1. Creation

    Upon the docs, in two places, near the cloud temple itself and near the arriving and departing boats, sits a simple sheet of paper, pinned to a log. On it, many words, written there to be read. ~*~-~*~-~*~ "God stood upon nothing that day, watching a world come to its end. He wasn’t really there like He was everywhere else. He was focused onto this place. This place of ruin. Destroyed by their own hands. It was such a shame, that it had to end this way over and over again. But there was nothing God could do against it. He was almighty, yes, but free will was also something that He held very dearly. All Knowing and almighty, God knew not of a way to have free will upon His people while they remained united. He knew not of a way other than faith. His people would need faith. The world He saw in front of him burned. It burned with war, many people with their own stories fighting other people with different stories. Magic did not exist in this world. It had been a simple experiment. An experiment to see more futures. More that could be. God wandered on the fields of battle. His friends, His people, His children being murdered around Him. It hurt Him. It hurt Him greatly, even after seeing this so many times. Even after seeing this for eternity, if not more. It still hurt him that His creation, and all that He had put into it, was slaughtering itself with the swords they made from the metal He put into the planet they lived on. With the fire He allowed to burn. He could stop it. Stop it all, creating the perfect preservation, stopping time and everything in it. Thought. Space. Movement. His creation would continue to exist, but it would stop slaughtering itself. God did not. God did not, for this was the pact He had signed with himself so many eternities ago. He would not fall for the temptation of destruction. Perhaps this was the perfect balance. God creating only for His creation to destroy itself, to be created once again. A perfect loop, all starting over and over again, every eternity. But God had a plan. He would need to give himself in one simple act of destruction. Break the pact He had signed with himself. He knew what He needed for a final unity between the things He created. He knew what He needed to finally see His creation prosper. He also knew what He needed to give. Religion was a subtle thing. God, being all knowing, knew this. God knew He couldn’t force religion onto His people, as He knew this would restrain them from having their own thoughts, opinions. He also knew about the future. How they would not have faith, even after everything He would try. But God, God had faith. He had faith in a future that he couldn’t see. He had faith in a future, more beautiful than could be. He had faith in the prospering of his people. And with all that He was, He knew there were many ways to achieve the faith of His people. So, God started again. He created the world anew. And this time, He gave himself for the creation of all that was on this planet. He wouldn’t be able to speak to his people directly. He only hoped they would grasp what there was to the creation of this world, and instead of ruin, that they would grasp some of creation, so that they could be more, and in the end divine themselves. But as everything happens, this did not go as God planned it to go. God wasn’t in power anymore, so He couldn’t stop the things that had been set into motion. God wasn’t in power anymore, so He couldn’t stop the things that stopped us from having faith in Him. And as things happen, God was betrayed. Betrayed by His own power. God died that day. And with it, He created us. The people that are supposed to follow Him." ~*~-~*~-~*~ Any who would turn the paper, would find another message.
  8. Culling the herd: Playable creatures

    I'm not aware of anyone that has ever played a chimera. Other than that, most races are unoriginal. Wouldn't mind seeing them all gone.
  9. Is it just me or is the home page broken?

  10. [Magic][Deity] The Divine Scoundrels

    This is why we need downvote buttons
  11. The Horsemen of Axios

    Thank you for summing up what exactly is wrong with the LT
  12. IronLich [MAT] Application.

    Yeah sure +1
  13. Admin Promotion

    Woo Wrynn. An admin I can actually like