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    Is someone taking care of this or... ?
  3. Lith's 1-year-on-LotC AMA

    You've obtained a 「STAND」 , what would it be like?Which Element are you most likely to control if you could bend them like the Avatar?If you hear/smell a fart, but no one is around, would you be curious or terrified? Ever heard of D.Gray-Man?
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    Really well written, and the Artwork is top notch. I Hope to see more contests like these in the future. Props to you guys!
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    1. Licorish


      Not sure what that is, but hope you have fun friend!

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    Hit me up on discord, I'm home in 3-4 hours
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    Wonderful, just what we need.
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    I believe the Techlock should be gone for good and technology should be treated the same as high-tier magic. There needs to be a lot of effort made both ooc and irp for something as intricate as technology. Actually, the question for me is not if it ruins the medieval immersion, but rather what advantages players can gain, and if these are not too much for the playerbase to handle. Also, before we release the techlock we should stabilize the economy first.
  12. Leaving LotC

    Farewell, and never come back. (Just kidding, feel free to return whenever you got your stuff together)
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    HNNNNG It... really grows on you
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    No! Not the Chairman!
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    I wanna play this so bad! +1