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  2. --- Pending --- Your application has been put on [PENDING] for the following reason(s): -Your (roleplaying/metagaming/power-emoting) definition(s) are vague. Please correct them using the definitions that are on the LotC Wiki (the definitions will be located just to the right under 'New Player Information'. Remember to write them in your words - Explain your character in detail with more important events in your characters life which have moulded them to be who they are today -Please include more server lore into your biography. Lord of the Craft has it own unique towns, cities, creatures etc. Please show you understand the general setting by including some in your biography. What this simply means is that your application is good! Do not fret; however, in order for this application to be accepted, there are some minor details in your application that will need to be edited. You should not make a new app, simply use the 'edit' button at the bottom of your application. If you want help or need me to review your application again once you have made the necessary changes, please visit my profile and send me a private message simply asking me too. You have 24 hours to make the changes, failure to do so without providing good reason will result in a denial.
  3. Under Review.
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  5. Moved to Accepted Applications Forum. Player whitelist pending.
  6. --- Accepted --- Your Application has been [ACCEPTED] This application is accepted. On the behalf of the application team, we welcome you to the server as a whitelisted player. Please wait patiently; an Application Team member will implement you to the server shortly! While you are waiting you are more than welcome to browse the forums and/or Wiki to refresh your mind on server events and lore. Please notice that there is no ''Johannersburg'' anymore since it's blown up !
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  8. Gurak’Yar stands in front of palace waveing a Krughai flag as he begins to shout and point to the Orcs surrounding him "Under the Rexdom of Orgoth’Braduk, a reformation of our roots has emerged rising us out of the lost path. With this reformation, I was named by Rex Orgoth himzelf as the Targoth of the New and better Krughai. We will reztore the pride of our race and the honor that uplifts who we are that was lozt to uz so long ago with a Rex restored to the land, we will be lead to a restoration of our greatnezz .. Join now to prutekt Krugmar agh zerve da Rehx !!! “ THE REFORMATION OF THE KRUG-HAI The Krughai is also known as the formal hierarchy and social ladder of the great War Nation of Krugmar. The Krughai's history stretches to the realm of Aegis uniting the race of Orcs under one banner as they serve their Rex. Among the Krughai stand some of the most strongest, most honorable, and the most capable Orcs that reside in Krugmar. This military of Orcs have been known as great foes to their adversaries using the strength of their massive bodies, unity of their often smaller numbers, and amazing knowledge of combat prioritizing strategy as their Ancestors before them have done. KRUG-HAI RANKINGS Orcish Legion *~* Newblood Newbloods are the initial rank of the Krughai. They are brutes that whilst not trained can still beat most of the humanoid races in battle with their brutish power and bloodlust. To become a Grunt, a zout must attend a large scale battle, survive or serve for at least five krug days, or kill an enemy of high stature. Grunt The grunt is the most populated section of the Krughai, however this does not mean they are meatshields. The Grunt is a respectable title throughout the Goi, and spend much of their free time practicing their combat skills or fine tuning their powerful weapons. Zurgeant The Zergeant of the Krughai follows Grunt and offers more responsibility to the titles wielder. Once achieving Zergeant, a warrior of Krughai is expected to know how to conduct himself in battle and is allowed to leave the Goi without having to request permission. A Zurgeant is also the first title at which a warrior of the Krughai will receive pay in form of free rent or minas. Azh Zergeant The Azh Zergeant follows similarly in capability of the Zurgeant but indicates a higher level of experience and capability. Azh Zergeants receive greater respect than those below them and receive awards and better armaments than those below them. Blood Guard The Blood Guard are a force similar to that of the Keshig in skill and capability, but are the main guards of Santorr. The Blood Guard may also conduct trainings of two or less members as they feel needed. They are granted with utmost respect in San’Torr and can overrule any other Enlisted rank in terms of civil disputes within San’Torr. Dub Zergeant The Dub Zergeant is the highest non officer rank that a warrior of Krughai can achieve. Dub Zergeants are allowed to bear the scorpion of the war nation of Krugmar on their uniform or bear its banner during battle. The Dub Zergeant is allowed to conduct training exercises outside of the Goi if no other officers are present. The Dub Zergenat is also the best equipped of the enlisted ranks, and is also the most well trained, able to slaughter their foes in battle. Keshig The Keshig are a force which have served through all the enlisted ranks (although exceptions can be made) and are a very elite and small force. The Keshig are directly responsible for the safety of the Rex and have utmost say when guarding him directly. The Keshig whilst a rank displaying great dexterity and adaptability, are a very highly honoured group of orcs. Once an orc decides to join the Keshig, they are only allowed to leave through death or excusal from the Rehx. The Keshig often have the direct ear of the Rehx, so are also often quite close and dedicated to him. OFFICERS Zenturion The Zenturion is the first of the officer ranks in the Krughai. The numbers of this rank are few, but those with this title have proven themselves to be invaluable to the Krug’Hai. The Zenturion is allowed to conduct trainings of unlimited numbers within Orcish lands, and may request whatever armaments they might need. The Zenturion may be allowed to lead groups of the Krug’hai with the approval of the Targoth or Wargoth on settlements outside the lands of Krug. Gahk Zergeant The Gahk Zergeant is the highest officer position within the Krug’Hai itself in which there can be very few with this title. The Gahk Zergeant is allowed to conduct trainings with unlimited members of the Krug’hai and do such wherever they see fit. The Gahk Zergeant may conduct raids on settlements pre approved by the Targoth and Rehx without having to ask for permission. The Gahk Zergeant is not to be triffled with in battle either, as only the most experienced warriors have the ability to rise to such a position. Keshig nob The Keshig Nob is the esteemed leader of the Keshig legion. The Keshig Nob is a title named directly by the Rehx himself, and serves directly under the Rehx. There can only be one of this title and are one of the most honourable and well respected members of orcish society. The Keshig’nob may order any Keshig or enlisted member below Gahk Zergeant. However, the Keshig’Nob can be overruled in terms of their orders on enlisted members (save for the Keshig) by the Targoth. Wargoth The Wargoth is a title granted to the leader of each clan. In order to become Wargoth of a clan, a member of said clan must have proven their loyalty to both the Rehx and said clan. Wargoths are highly respected members and warriors of the Krug’hai and are expected to attend every battle, to not show up to a fight as a Wargoth is a sign of great weakness and dishonour, and may undermine the Wargoth’s position in their clan. Targoth The Targoth is the most powerful title an orc can achieve through rising through the ranks of the Krug’Hai. The Targoth is appointed by Rex, and is responsible for ensuring the Orcs gain endurance with fitness and proper training. On the battlefield the Targoth is the second-in-command and permitted to lead raids upon their own initiative and may only receive direct order from the Rex himself. With the power this position holds, they are able to allow the pugging of another Orc that they might deem unfit. A Targoth regularly organizes tournaments and is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the lower ranks properly outfitted in preparation of battle. Rex The Rex is a title granted to a single orc upon the Rex’s death or decision to abdicate the throne. The Rex must then announce a list of his possible choices for the next Rex, which the council of Wargoths may remove names should they deem a candidate unfit. Following that, the Rex will later announce his choice to next lead. Should the Rex be killed before a chance to do such, then there will be an emergency council of Wargoths, and High Shamans to determine a new Rex. The Rex is the highest position in orcish culture, society, and in the Krug’Hai. The Rex’s word is final and cannot be disputed. Those which do not do as the Rex orders, will be considered “Dizzenturz” and either be outcast or killed. Join nuw agh prutekt Krugmar ! Application format Signed by : - Orgoth’Braduk, Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Defender of the Krug, - Gurak’Yar, Targoth of the War Nation of Krugmar, Former Keshig’Nob
  9. Gurak huffs as he looks upon one of the posters slightly rising his brow "Hozh luk wit diz ash .."
  10. Sure +1 Im luvin it
  11. Would be awesome but still .. hardly :/