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  1. what kind of mental illness do you have to ban a player that hasnt even been online in the first place LMAO

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    2. ReveredOwl


      who banned?

    3. TheAlphaMoist


      I mean you’re being blatantly aggressive, so

    4. Braxis


      You can be honest without being rude, also no one has been banned recently by Tiger, uh helloo?

  2. Circle jerks still exist in 2020 and it honestly saddens me. Like who actually goes out of there way to talk about “weird” players when there’s more likely than not a reason why they’re on this server in the first place like if you’re gonna roleplay on mineman don’t be here for the drama like **** give your brain a break it’s sad that you’re so toxic and you have to destroy others reputation just for your personal gain of feeling something like get help I’m pretty sure people are willing to help you especially if you can afford to play with gold vip hahaha

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    2. Corporatocracy


      circle jerks will always exist dont delude urself that minecraft can be a perfect bubble

    3. doja


      “will always exist” yeah with that attitude they will lmaoo

    4. Corporatocracy


      no literally they will and if you think otherwise then idk man....

      shitty people like the company of shitty people that just da truth....

  3. The definition of a personality trait

    isn’t the first thing that pops up on google. It’s deeper than that. Not everything applies to everyone, we all have different brains.

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  4. Creating a whole persona of someone in your head that you hardly talk to and believing that to be exactly how they are is a trait of narcissism. Feeling like you’re entitled, being unable to apologize because you think so good of yourself is a trait of narcissism. Directing the flow of the argument to the offender without owning up to your own mistakes in the argument is a trait of narcissism. Stay woke tf??

  5.  problematic 🤣 

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  6. I'm here to break boundaries, man.

    Everybody should be able to enjoy their life, because you only live once. 

    I strive for perfection, but I'm not perfect.


    1. J33xt101


      Balrog lives thrice.

  7. A weirdo, but i’m real though

  8. agrxHAxxR3OmZgAK11DN6g.png

    1. Vindicant
    2. 1784


      Woah there's enough to form a fae ring

    3. roseways


      linda and heather! best friendss


  9. doja

    Come back and be admin pls

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    2. mitto



      these numbers.... they don't add up....

    3. Potts244


       No one needs to be an admin. This server isn't real.

      Maybe he meta gamed mitto.

    4. chaotikal


      lmao you guys dont even know the true aut nature until cappy takes your modreq

  10. stop stealing my apps!

  11. doja


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    2. doja
    3. Neri
    4. Harrison


      why would you ever want to talk to this persona, careful cool person

  12. CURSE ME !

    1. Esterlen


      i do not understand


    2. doja
  13. doja

    Hope you get FM Ang! Even though ou hate me sometimes c:

    1. Ang


      I don't hate you? And thanks.

    2. doja


      I was joking Ang lmao

  14. yo, sorry its been awhile since Ameen came to you, im on right now

  15. doja

    get online! I need to talk to you about the kubs!

    1. Lunar
    2. TeaLulu


      won't somebody PLEASE THINK OF THE CUBS

  16. MATS not GMS. Aight?

    1. Tsuyose


      No, but they're tasked with the moderation of magic.

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