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  1. imthemostdevin

    [Pending]Cooliomafia's Lore Moderator Application

    Pretty much yes +1
  2. imthemostdevin

    Community Meeting

    when are lore submissions getting a review and/or rewrites
  3. imthemostdevin

    [Soft Shelved] Satyr Rewrite

    Fae can’t learn Druidism
  4. imthemostdevin

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    +1 u should add them to the team
  5. imthemostdevin

    Jewitch's Lore Moderator Application

  6. imthemostdevin

    House Denhardt

  7. I remember you from athera
  8. imthemostdevin

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    I wish I could read the fae realm post
  9. imthemostdevin

    [Denied] FlugalMC's Application Team Application

    -1 this guy literally told someone to kill themselves, would you want that person helping new players
  10. imthemostdevin

    Sprites and Sprouts

    Please accept this masterpiece, this will make sprites fun and especially with the addition of sprouts
  11. imthemostdevin

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    🙂 +1
  12. imthemostdevin

    [✗] Sprite Rewrite

    anyone can talk to sprites just most decide to kill
  13. imthemostdevin

    [✗] Sprite Rewrite