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  1. imthemostdevin

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

  2. imthemostdevin

    [CA] [Siren] Nefyth

    sirens are fey and fey are in the lore but idk
  3. imthemostdevin

    [Pending]Arzota's LT App [Take 2]

    zota is a pretty old and chill guy so let him have it
  4. imthemostdevin

    [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    Literally this, and especially the response to Korus. While I’m not in to witness the evidence i doubt you’d do a rewrite just for personal gain that’s not the point of rewrites and Lucerys definitely wants to benefit the community not what he wants or the small Cervitaur left want
  5. imthemostdevin

    [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    @Katherine1 aren't you the really old player that used to own dryads ? ;O
  6. imthemostdevin

    [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    I’m talking about Katherine
  7. imthemostdevin

    [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    It’s called a rewrite. Plus, if you don’t play a Cervitaur then how does it affect you?
  8. imthemostdevin

    [✗] [Rewritten] Cervitaurs - Cernunnos' beasts

    That’s why he rewrote it to make them be live born like Satyr which are fae too.
  9. imthemostdevin

    Make Kha a Creature Application

    Are kharajyr bothering you? If you don't play one nor experience anything wrong with kha roleplay, then you shouldn't complain about them being a non ca race. If they are bothering you because they just do then just ignore them, don't approach one even. None of the little remains of the kharajyr are bothering you, nor anyone, and none of them break the lore In the matter. Unless you have a problem with how they roleplay or if you think they're doing it wrong in terms of lore. Just pm them. It's not that hard. Everyone makes mistakes. And if they don't learn from them, contact a lore team member and they'll tell them what they're doing wrong and how they could fix it, that's their job after all is it not?
  10. imthemostdevin

    [✗] More Kha Types

    Maybe if they got a larger playerbase?
  11. imthemostdevin

    [✗] ban appeal but not rly

    Forum Name (Link the profile): you cant click on my name? https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/72012-imthebaddestb/ Minecraft IGN(s): ImDeviin, ImDevii, thingsidontlike Reason for ban (If a specific reason was stated, otherwise ‘reached 10’): Why should you be unbanned?: First off. I'd like to mention that i'm in no shape or form able to be unbanned right now. I'm making this appeal for the ban to be shortened a couple months. So, I was randomly rping... this was recently after a ban for metagaming. And when I woke up in the morning, started minecraft, and clicked lotc... that screen showed up. I asked jaeden the meaning of it and he simply said Over the course of several of months there's been evidence to show that you never learned from your previous bans and your previous warnings. You harassed members of the community for magic, you blatantly abused artifacts that you didn't even own or possess, you metagamed frequently, lied to staff in order to slide yourself into guild-locked magic, etc. How do I think you can improve? Sit out the punishment and reflect on all of it. Take into consideration your actions and what you've said over the past several months to numerous members of the community. Then once the five to six months are up, appeal your ban as a changed person. Don't play the server just for your own gain - it's an environment where everyone impacts one another. Make them positive impacts In my history, I have, and admittedly metagamed before, but months before this ban it has really been an issue... I also never lied to any staff to get into a guild locked magic, I admittedly have asked them if arrangements could be made to get it, but seeing as it really wouldn't happen, I simply stopped. I also did abuse artifacts that I didn't have in character, however that usually results in a magic blacklist, so i'm unsure why this is counted in a ban. I don't see how heavy abuse of the persona system applies, as the punishment for that was simply removal of the card. I didn't harass anyone for magic, if I did, it was not recent and was already told by flamboyant that if you harass anyone will result in a warning, and a magic blacklist, so I didn't do it anymore, and decided to simply roleplay a normal character and not have any single thought about magic. I did attempt to evade it, which is another reason why i'm not appealing to be directly unbanned entirely. Jaeden has said I was able to appeal at 5, which, like I said, was revoked because of attempting to evade it. Which is reasonable. Then, almost a week later, without any reasoning or explanation of why, it was turned 8 months. I feel really annoyed due to months just being added and having to feel the emptiness in having to wait even longer when atleast only 2 reasonings on the ban really apply. I really wish you will consider this, and not just deny right away for the sake of it. If you were banned due to an accumulation of warning points, what procedures will you take in the future to prevent this happening? (N/A if other): When i'm unbanned, i'm willing to simply take my mind of any magic and roleplay a normal character like many people have told me to do in the past.
  12. imthemostdevin

    LT Application

    makes a ta, leaves, comes and comments on something, leaves, comes back months later, hi I'm making a lt app :) +1 though theyre pretty cool
  13. imthemostdevin

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

  14. imthemostdevin

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Remove LotC