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  1. I'm missus egirl celebrity of lotc that no1 can get enough of so instead of being nice I just am extremely nonchalant and pretend to not care about other ppl but in reality what ppl think about me means a lot yknow🙄 Keep giving my ego satisfaction otherwise I might go crazy and find an excuse to get u banned 

    1. worldeater
    2. devvy


      It’s spam. Don’t do it again, thank you!

    3. Nug


      is this supposed to be like a moment? did you do it to ‘em here?

  2. Y'all really deleted my status updates like I can't help that I love drama and presenting my relationships to others so that it can be critiqued 😩

  3. So,,,, u were right this entire time lol

  4. My child is gonna be named Boniface lmaoo I been standing by it

  5. i can't believe I was  on this **** since I was 10 ,,,, and Like actually gave my life away??? how am I gonna explain this in an interview when I'm a superstar living the dream talkin bout “yeah I used to role play and compare myself to grown adults and what about it?"

    1. _Hexe_


      comparing urself to lotcers i cannot relate


    2. purpleblueberrypunch


      I know right I really didn't know my worth LMAO

  6. none of y'all can outbeat Gemini toxicity unless hm maybe scorpios

  7. You have a forked tongue AAAAA

    1. Anisiya


      if only! 

    2. purpleblueberrypunch


      Well look at u with your st tag girly ,,,,

  8. Okay **** everything I said in the past I'm not sorry I'm toxic af anyways what's the tea lol period toxic ashhhh

    1. Dummy_Boy02


      only room for one of us here, meet me at duel arena and ill put ur pseudo toxic ass to sleep son, i bet you follow the law and get tucked in by your momma still bch

  9. I know we don’t talk everyday but I am extremely proud and happy for you. You’ve made it far, we all have on this server. 2020 truly is a year of reflection.
  10. This was needed. I’m still very sorry for my past behavior to you however we all make mistakes to reflect on it not hold grudges
  11. ive followed u for the longest time, and now when my mental health is at its peak, youre just recently existing?

    1. Urara


      been existing for about a month now yub yub

  12. Real life? Ew. Leaving my house for social interaction? Forgot about her
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