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  1. The Field of Eternal Tranquility, Stargush’Stroh Leydluk would welcome Garrdum into the Stargush and offer him a seat by Krug’s table, where orks of time immemorial dined on the sweet broth that the likes of Grubgoth Wud – and the hundreds of Grubgoth that came before him – prepared, “We did well, brudda. And we did what was orkish. Now we can only rest easy, and watch over our ilk who are not so fortunate as us, we who dine with Krug. Our Golden Age was nigh, nearly within our grasp, but now the mantle must be passed, for the spirit of Krug lives within all uruks – no matter their allegiance – and it will guide them to greatness once again.” He then chuckled heartily, drank from a skull goblet and wrestled Glottgut for a chicken leg.
  2. A recovered orkish standard from the bloodied field. Spluttertongue, translation: Death! To all who would attempt to admonish the kin of Krug. “All ye who will stay to hear it, The Targoth Leydluk has been slain, stabbed in the back by an Orenian cur and killed without honour. His corpse has been taken so that the cur may not desecrate it, and in true Raguk fashion, cremated - in the absence of The Machine. All ye Clans of Mokh-Uruk you are no longer under the service of any hegemon, lest ye stay as minions to the Orenian cur. With a heavy heart, but one not without hope, I say gug’ye.” Thus were the words of Imp’Raguk, one of the last loyal servants to Clan Raguk, to those who remained. Leydluk’Raguk had died, and with him his lineage, but in his lifetime he had achieved great things. ANG GUND GRIISH.
  3. “Ug Malgunuz” Says Kuntklobbera
  4. ______ ”It seems the Under-Realm was never rid of its Orenian presence. The pestilence of human influence still resides dormant within the dwarven council and eats away at its integrity. This is a great injustice. A great dishonour. And I fear the dwarves will harken this decision when the hordes of Man approach their Fair kingdom with only blood on their seething, cur-like minds.” Leydluk sighed, and dismissed his audience of Garrdum and Fizzard with a salute, “Krug willing, the Orenian cur will be put on its leash and restrained to the kennel it calls Cascadia. But the dwarves will sup none in the glory unless they climb out of this pit of cowardice.” Then, Leydluk stepped out from the freshly mortared Fort Girth and looked out upon the setting sun as orks toiled, still, under it’s golden rays. Letters were to be penned and dispatched and the final preparations for the coming storm were to be made.
  5. “Lat is skah’d.” Said Leydluk non-chalantly, nodding with approval as the second-coming of Fort Girth was completed, “Dis is da masta race by da way harhar.”
  6. selective clan democracy am i right haha XD

  7. “Orenas is alwayz wildin’.” Says Leydluk as he listens to the Oreners whine about their momentus loss, whilst they ‘consolidate’ minor victories themselves! Lol!
  8. Corporatocracy

    Enuf iz enuf

    “Just so- dere will be a Klomp. But let this be known – it is better to flat klomping.” Said Leydluk toking on a San’Kuban cigar as pungent as the day Zagbub has packed it.
  9. Leydluk cracks his knuckles and awaits the coming storm, confidently knowing that the rash Lord Prostrator will invariably **** this up somehow.
  10. wow today really is a good day to game

  11. Leydluk chants the Canticle of Gazigash as he prepares as small offering for the Mistress of Blood and Bone.
  12. Targoth Leydluk simply makes a ??? face, but nonetheless requests to meet with the self-proclaimed ‘Buub’!
  13. The Targoth lays down an issue of the Correspondent which had passed many hands to reach his Keep, smirking as he heard of the Empire tearing itself apart like a rabid dog. Then he looked to the propaganda piece which looked as if a child who had prematurely left school had written it. Though he couldn’t read, he did half enjoy the pretty pictures. Or rather, the lack thereof:
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