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  1. Leydluk chants the Canticle of Gazigash as he prepares as small offering for the Mistress of Blood and Bone.
  2. Targoth Leydluk simply makes a ??? face, but nonetheless requests to meet with the self-proclaimed ‘Buub’!
  3. The Targoth lays down an issue of the Correspondent which had passed many hands to reach his Keep, smirking as he heard of the Empire tearing itself apart like a rabid dog. Then he looked to the propaganda piece which looked as if a child who had prematurely left school had written it. Though he couldn’t read, he did half enjoy the pretty pictures. Or rather, the lack thereof:
  4. u need to lighten up .. its really damaging ur rep/post ratio and ur epic gamer spirit...
  5. The Standard of Mokh-Uruk: a Scaddernak surrounded by a gear to denote the Raguk dynasty, emblazoned beside it in Yeller Script: “Ash hai, ash Uzg, ash Rex!” It had been two cactus weeks since Sergius Merentel had lost both his pride and dignity. Through fury and rage the Vintasian duke would be verbally whipped by his Emperor. To regain what, in truth, was forever lost, the Duke of Vintas would be tasked to slay the very man on whose toe he had suckled. Yet the ties of Mokh-Uruk had stretched far beyond the kin of Krug. Upon receiving word, the elderly uruk rose from his seat and commanded his forces: No threat would not be met without force. For that was the way of the orks, long before the dissolvement of the Warnation, and even more ancient and primitive than the clans. From each clan, the forces of Mokh-Uruk were mustered. The shrewd diplomacy of Leydluk himself would bring word of battle to those who were similarly inclined to the field of battle. The city bellowed with the smoke of their forges, and the sound of their hammers beating against steel; slaves struck stone and bore iron under the watchful eye of Dura’Raguk the slave driver. Preparation, however, would not stop those eager for a fight. In the following year of Leyd’s decision to bring the battle to Vintas, many would challenge the strength of the Uruks. Bloody battles would be fought between small warbands of Orks and Orenians alike. With a blow similar to that of the myrzym, the Horn o’ Toez blew twice. _______________ “And so!” Yelled he, Targoth Leydluk the Unclad. There he stood before the horde of redskins, blueskins, greenskins and blackskins - uruks, all of Krug’s loins - with face chromed and skin for all to see. The spirits had blessed him surely, so that no arrow nor sword would strike his bare flesh. Or so he believed. “...the toesuckers sally forth.” And he turned hence to face the advancing army - their standards fluttering in the silver nightfall rays illuminating purples and blacks and greys. So too did it illuminate their bearers: two thousand tin soldiers clad head to toe in castle-forged steel. Leydluk took the front and mounted Aki’Raguk’s back - an olog of great strength and size, equipped with a gnarled, spiked helm; for he would be the spearhead of the advancing middle. The left and right were headed by Warboss Gruk’ku’Gorkil and Warboss Rag’Raguk respectively. Meanwhile the men of the Ashen Sigil, the Sugarfoots, the Lurs and the brunt of the Raguk formed an impenetrable vanguard. A Raguk Warboss charging into battle. _______________ Then did the warriors of Mokh-Uruk dance the dance that those who had lived and died upon Arcas knew so well. Sword clashed against sword; good, honourable men caught up in pointless Orenian agitation fell down into their final, muddy resting place. Vintasian brothers, sons and fathers were thence returned to the dirt, and their souls cast to the seven skies where they would stay in eternal rest. They danced well, but they tripped and stumbled. Amid the bloody fray, the enemy army had attempted to drive a wedge in between the orkish force but to no avail. The men of Mokh-Uruk proved too hardy, and the vanguard too strong. Austin Labdacus and the ever-wise Kraksniffa’Raguk (@1784) held the line, while the likes of Ugrad’Lur and Rag’Raguk cut down many of the lads that bolstered the enemy army. The handful of Vintasians that held the courage to face the uruk horde would fall to a deafening sound. “WAAAAGH!” Not since the days of Vrograk’Gorkil had the uruks toiled for themselves and won; the spirits had given their blessing on this bloody day. They could not find the Emperor among the corpses, much to their chagrin. Still, the Horn o’ Toez blew thrice. Darth Krug’s epic video ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽
  6. “Ang gund griish!” Cried the Targoth as the captives fell, springing up a Raguk salute.
  7. “Yub – mi will take a high twig’s word on wot Krugs code of honour is.” Said Brainboy’Raguk, a scholar learnéd and experienced in interpreting Krug’s codes, with an arrogant chuckle which properly reflected his learnédness and experience!
  8. Leydluk nods approvingly.
  9. “So march da Laks.” The Targoth squeezed leather gloves behind his back, then doffed his peaked cap as the swamp warriors joined their allies of time immemorial on the field.

    when krugmar march on vintas :D

  11. THE BOOTLESS WAR ||||| Bûrzgraz - 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 1732 “TODAY!” Cried he, Targoth of Mokh-Uruk, “WE MARCH...” ...and so, without a moment further to spare, the uruks of Mokh-Uruk doffed their boots in solidarity with the Targoth and marched upon the half-built city of Vintas. Word of the Pax Orenia’s plans had drifted back to the Targoth with haste via his vast network of spies - the urchin boy told the farmer, who told the smith, who told the strumpet, who told the elf, who told the bastard, who told the goblin, who told the Wargoth who told Leydluk. It was imperative that his border was quickly secured before the war council could convene. _____________ Attackers The Federation of Mokh-Uruk Defenders The Toelickers of Vintas Wargoals: Flash Warclaim (Geographically nearly kissing Krugmar - No Allies)* Pillage Humiliation. Location & Proposed Time Add me on Discord to discuss this further grubgoth_wud#8956 _____________ *Charter_vintas as of Weds, 4 Sept, 19:00 BST *Charter_orcs as of Weds, 4 Sept, 19:02 BST
  12. THE HUMILIATION OF VINTAS A depiction of Sergius Merentel suckling upon Targoth Leydluk’s toe like a newborn babe their mother’s teat. Nazark’Gorkil c. 1731. ___________________ The Duke of Vintas arrived at Krugmar with full expectation of renovating a Pact which had long been upheld between the kin of Krug and Vintas, but harassment upon the roads had seriously peeved the great and powerful Targoth. He would only sign the treaty under one condition… ...and so left Sergius Merentel with the taste of foot fungus and boot sweat in his mouth and a thorough beating to the nogging. However, he had achieved what he came for, and thus had the Pact between Vintasians and Uruks been renewed. ___________________ For a moment, one could swear, a rather sordid image entered the minds of the denizens of Arcas:
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