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  1. change iron armour recipe to iron blocks + introducing shitty imbetween iron set (chain?) thoughts? create at least some supply + demand
  2. Ambrosius signs. Goldgrabba signs. Stefan signs. Leydluk signs from the spirit realm.
  3. Orks have done this for years and from my time on the server it has worked relatively well – no one that I can remember refused to give up Rexdom after being officially klomped for it. However, there definitely needs to be some guidelines, because in the heat of things nation leaders – despite perhaps the expectation of maturity – will / can get stubborn. Personally, I was ok with the old rule of a region owner being able to initiate a coup however since the coup of Jburg at the end of Axios, and the many coups since, people have clued up on who to add on their region owner list for the most part. However, I honestly hate how coups are sort’ve detached from RP – the current RO system facilitates blatant OOC; not even OOC conniving with an RP veneer. Even by characterising things with OOC terminology there seems to be, in my mind, a significant disconnect of the RP – progressively like everything else on the server (e.g. Wars being tied up with strange rules that might work on a gran strategy game but not minecraft, treaties required to be broadcasted on the forums, chat not being enabled in warzones and especially wars / skirms not being held in the overworld. Though I understand this comes with tech constraints this, dare I say it, ruins m-muh immersion and encourages the division of things (like wars) into OOC and RP which is totally inappropriate for what should be RP oriented events. A better alternative might be to extend the ability to coup to members of the government that aren’t ROs as a influential members of the nation, but that raises some issues – e.g. what constitutes a member of the government? can positions be dissolved / members of the govt. be ousted by a Nation Leader without notice? do ousted members receive a short grace period in which they can initiate a coup? etc. Not that creative when it comes to solutions for things like this, but a definite point for address is the detachment of RP.

    1. InfamousGerman


      oi mate norf fc is bettah simple as

    2. iMattyz
  5. “Thank lat sprinkles.” Says Goldgrabba the Greedy, reading the missive – barely – as he conducted his rounds of scrap collection.
  6. dark elves getting a glow up really cool stuff love the formatting
  7. admin team is a circus

    1. FlemishSupremacy
    2. Travista


      Keep up this 4chan dog-whistling and I’ll no choice but to go in with Trudeau’s finest 





    3. Corporatocracy



  8. Sweaty Stefan lays down his blade and goes to join his friends on the H.O.E side for a game of ball-kick!
  9. lotc is my favourite social experiment.

    whats urs?

  10. Leydluk blows a kiss to Kalgrym from the Spirit Realm.
  11. “Nub, Rex. Mi fink he have a point... wiv all due respekt.” Says Goldgrabba, “Dese mudskins is proppa’ savagez ‘n uncivilised. Yub. If dey got a problem wiv da library den dis Erasto bloke should klomp da leada...”
  12. Ambrosius Geldmeister, once a rich landowner, now only a poor wandering salesman – made destitute by the politics of hate – says a resounding hurrah as he was met with the welcome news of the death of one of the men who had so wronged him.
  13. referring to player activity in rp posts lol...

    1. Ankan


      Who did that hahah?

    2. Demotheus


      Yes who and where give link

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