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  1. FULL NAME: Pete Buuti’jej AGE: 32 RACE: Wonk RELIGION: Canonist REGIMENT OF CHOICE: Where needed! ((MC name)): Corporatocracy ((Time zone)): engurlond
  3. A Rexist in the Stargush cringes at the appropriation of his great nation’s slogan...
  4. “Bože, Bože – another confederation of heathens, heretics and pagans...” Muttered Stefan, reaching beneath a floorboard in his nondescript hovel – of a nondescript hamlet – to bring forth a sword wrapped in cloth. Perhaps it was time – in these trying times that Man and religion so faced – for him once more to raise arms against those who threatened the faith...
  5. Brainboila da Bluddy contemplates returning briefly from his life of vagrancy to defend his brother’s honour, “If he does anyfink dumb mi’ll boil ‘is brain.” He says, definitively.
  6. doom my child...

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      @Corporatocracy his hard abo body is all mine, angl* scum


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  7. Goldgrabba scribbles down his lines of verse with a lump of charcoal he found among his scrap heap. Indeed, his poem would take the form of a Krugmarian sonnet– fourteen lines, one octave and a sestet, and a slight spattering of blood from those naysayers who had been klomped verily for their dissatisfaction with the Rag’n’bone ork’s verse. From here the words of the romantic, orkish scrap collector were read aloud within the Uzg, carried by the wind, until to a hook nosed Hulphonite with a recognition of the profits that could be made from such wonderful material they arrived. Unto paper, printed with the milled elegance of wooden letter-blocks, were the words rendered, and for Haense – enveloped neatly – did they embark --+-- O R K I S H S O N N E T Geldmeister Publishing House Ltd. (Transcribed) Anon. To ash fe-uruk, wif love: Shall mi kompare lat to ash piece of skrap? Lat is more shiny agh in da sack less krap: Rain agh snow duz rust dat wot treasure ‘ave been found; For it too shall ash day return to da damp unda’ground; Sometimes too sharp is da edge ov trash; Agh often duz itz lustre stray; Agh soo too does shinies wear from da sedge; But da wealf ov lat byooty shall neva fade, Nor will it be misplaced, Nor shall Kor laff dat lat in ‘is shade; Not whilst orkses can breath or orkses can peep-- Mi just joking lat is aktually ugly as skah, mi much prefer to kompany of my skrap, trash, junk agh treasure. In fakt, mi is doing a massive disservice to mi skrap by comparing lat to it. Me peep’d prettier ologs. Me peep’d elves wot is less ugly. (Translated from the Blah) Shall I compare thee to a piece of scrap? Thou art more lustrous and in the sport of marriage less crap: Rain and snow does rust that what treasure has been found; For it too shall one day return thence to the damp underground; Sometimes too sharp is junk’s edge; And often does its lustre stray; And so too does gold wear from the sedge; But the wealth of thou beauty shall’t never fade, Nor shall it be misplaced, Nor shall death revel that you may wander in his shade; Not whilst men can see or men can breathe-- (Line omitted)
  8. Minecraft Obudsman Service The Minecraft Obudsman Service is an Obudsman for Lord of The Craft (TythusLTD). It was established in 2020, and given statutory powers by Directive 0231 of the Most August and Venerated Chairman Max Telanir of Silicone Valley (pbuh). It is designed to help settle disputes between players without the need of a ban report. The Obudsman makes decisions on the basis of what it believes is fair and reasonable in the particular circumstances of each case. In making decisions on individual complaints, the rules requires the ombudsman to take into account: relevant rules and regulations; regulator's rules, guidance and standards; codes of practice; and (where appropriate) what he/she considers to have been good minecraft practice at the relevant time. By making use of the Obudsman Service to levy complaints against offending minecrafters you agree not to revisit matters upon which the Obudsman has made a verdict on through a ban report or similar such mediums. Complaints Form: Plaintiff: Offending Minecrafter’s Name: Infractions of the Rules:
  9. change iron armour recipe to iron blocks + introducing shitty imbetween iron set (chain?) thoughts? create at least some supply + demand
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