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  1. the NAP is inalienable until it comes to LOTC admins

    1. LithiumSedai


      2emps peace treaty was staff-enforced until it wasn’t 😄

    2. Llir


      roger that, preparing to strike accordingly 

  2. A GENEALOGY OF CLAN RAGUK’S SIGNIFICANT LINEAGES || Spluttertongue: OTOGAIMAG AKH RAGUK || LINE OF MALGUNUZ [ x ] No known recognised offspring LINE OF NAGG [ ♂ ] Glottgut’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Klatus’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Groggnar’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Brainboila’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Skalpboila’Raguk - Deceased [ ♀ ] Nakita’Lur - Alive, Non-biological [ ♂ ] Eyeboila’Raguk - Deceased Alongside much other unrecognised offspring. LINE OF KHARAK [ ♂ ] Gijaak’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Gahnaak’Raguk - Alive [ x ] No known other offspring LINE OF TURKURZ [ ♂ ] Paniik’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Hazurk’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Brazurk’Raguk - Alive LINE OF LEYDLUK [ ♂ ] Megaflat’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Krukleyd’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Morgoth’Raguk - Deceased [ ♂ ] Goldgrabba’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Kwikfinga’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Kuntkrimpa’Raguk - Alive [ ♂ ] Zkrew-luz’Raguk – Alive Alongside much other unrecognised offspring.
  3. __________________________________ There within the cold, stone halls of Urguan did Brainboila meet his bloody end. To the Stargush, alongside his brothers and by the guiding hand of Kor did he ascend, to now sup and fight and drink for the rest of eternity. Yet another great lineage of Clan Raguk had ended, but their eternal mark on history would never fade. ANG GUND GRIISH.
  4. A Raguk ork roman salutes, but then takes a massive slimy disgusting **** on Fiil’Yar’s front door.
  5. lotc has been an interesting experience – lots of good memories, lots of friends, (lots of enemies) and i can basically owe my ability to write well to minecraft roleplay lmfao. never posted a leaving post in the past for my other departures but i intend on making this departure permanent so here we are. server is stale and boring and the staff just seem deadset on continuing to implement rules that stifle creativity, freedom and enjoyment for the sake of preserving the fee fees of a few minecrafters? like have we forgotten this is a game... who cares if yo city gets gassed; its happened to orks a thousand times and i wouldnt change a thing bc genuinely even though we lost (or were wrongfully jewed – literally and figuratively ;^) – out of opportunities) its been fun. plus im banned and i have more self respect than to please minecraft bureaucrat egos for the umpteenth time. Best memory of the server was during 1bows rexdom, orks versus snow elf siege and being set upon by 50 or so mounted dwarves / snelves – for a noob it was just awe inspiring. Anyway, its been good guys. See you hopefully never again – it’ll just speak measures of my fortitude if you do see me again lol.
  6. All the best, AlmondTree.
  7. season 3 is IMMINENT

    1. gone_to_the_store


      shut up stupid nick of war alt -_-

  8. Biglipz II says a prayer to King John. ☩
  9. ok so if magic isnt nearly as effective make guns the same l0l as far as i can see humans just want guns for asthetic reasons + duels which is cool and valid
  10. just make guns reskinned earth evocation l0l if u scared
  11. ((rp responses only please, this is a serious rp project stop your trolling -_-
  12. ya allah u just need to relax and embrace it alhamdulillah i will make an orkish caliphate
  13. AL-KHALIFA KARUGHMARI الخلافة في كروغمار “In the name of Allah and the Holy Prophet Krug.” ー Gugrad Al-Raguki ibn Mahmoudou ibn Abdullah ibn Malik Many moons ago, Gugrad Al-Raguki - son of a Qualasheen merchant and a Raguk ork wench - went into the desert. Through the shifting sands of the desert, the rustle of palm leaves and the whisper of the cool night wind, the words of Almighty Allah spoke to him eternal truths of the world. From this knowledge did the half-ork forge his path: to follow the Almighty Creator Allah, his angels and the Holy Prophet Krug. EMIR Principal officer of the Al-Khalifa Karughmari. A provisional rank to lead orks enlightened by Allah’s truths before the formation of the Caliphate. ____________________ Emir Gugrad Al-Raguki ibn Mahmoudou ibn Abdullah ibn Malik, c. 1760 ____________________ BEY Lieutenants of the Emir. MUJAHIDEEN The rank-in-file of the Al-Khalifa Karughmari. MAMLUK Non-ork auxiliaries or soldier-slaves. ((OOC: Not directly affiliated with Krugmar)) If you wanna join, my discord in da signature ?
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