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Grubgoth Wud

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  1. The Kōkuaʻia

    Cool ****
  2. WE Want Nazdus Back, #NotMyWarTeam

    courtesy of wuds refined retardation corporation
  3. Magic powered waffle press

    stop please
  4. The Wardens

    A letter finds its way to the headmistress written in shoddy common, upon what appeared to be some ilk of magical scroll... with the magic word scribbled out, "I want tu speek wif you in privait abowt introdusin a new fakulty."
  5. [Actor] Bad_Medicine69

    what...... what does this even mean?? anyway, i gotta agree w/ jandy, his rp is pretty enjoyable, and i trust he would be able to create some quality events +1
  6. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    Thanks man, I appreciate the outlook. I understand that not everyone agrees with me but I gotta pipe up and say something when some says something so far from the truth. Also ye, my bad, substance- It was half seven in the morning when I typed it out haha
  7. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    I hope you realize I asked goosey to tp him out my friend... and I saw the error in naming myself something SO PROFANE such as kuntklobbera and promptly changed it through a pretty serious rp manner of convening with Leyd. Your argument therefore has little more sustenance and so I hereby renounce that -1 for +1 :*
  8. Current Usernames: Morning_Wud, FalkGhoulmeister, ROMANSALUTE Discord: wud // falk // β cuck#8126 Time-Zone: bst Have you held past Staff positions?: no Do you plan on applying for other Staff Teams?: no Where do you find inspiration?: • Oblivion • Skyrim • Witcher games • Literature such as a Song of Ice and Fire • dark souls • 40k ork lore etc • Can't really list anything else off the top of my head haha • oh fallout too. .. ... basically most bethesda games and **** Which race/group do you believe your events might best cater to?: Any and all, but particularly: significant events for Orcs and Humans mainly. What do you believe the key factors of a successful event are?: Challenge: An event to be enjoyable, and more importantly successful, it must be a challenge. Particularly if it is combat oriented, an event must possesses some difficulty to ensure the players utilise some technique and strategy instead of the usual hack-and-slash nature of combat oriented events. Of course this would change with events of a more passive or calm nature. What strengths do you bring to the team?: My ability to focus on smaller projects and finer details. I would excel at "off-the-bat" and spontaneous encounters that add general spice to the wilderness and the flow of rp. Why do you wish to become an ET?: Why else? To abuse the pex and and get myself banned from the server once and for all duh. To provide enjoyment for others. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I like to think I have already created some fairly unique scenarios of a more mundane sort for the Orenians / Orenian constabulary (@TheWitherKingHD) on my 'kinpin' character Falk Geldmeister when he was alive. . .through his undeath I like to sell random trinkets to passerbys (and maybe attempt to scam a few of them) on the road and the like, to create friendly dynamic rp encounters. The halflings can attest! Please create three unique event scenarios based on server lore: ik it says three but i couldnt resist including the hookah djin Any size - The Hookah Djin Between 5 - 10 - The Aggrieved Army 10-15 - The Blooming of the World Cactus 15-20+ - Aarshob matûrz uruk Send me a song you enjoy:
  9. Put a lock on the orcish race

    good one guy
  10. -= War Has Changed. =-

    Falk Geldmeister, war profiteer extraordinaire, broadens his horizons from the petty shovel merchantry he had found himself in throughout the recent years. He cackled, and got his coin purse ready.
  11. Looking for Girlfriend

    Falk Geldmeister looks at the notice, "Is do for sheqelim." He chuckled, rubbing his hands together.
  12. The Gates Of The Wronged

    "Not really relevant though. Is it?" Said Duff the Frostbeard spy.
  13. [feat] Bloodsteel

    Student Application format: Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: Morning_Wud Character's Name: Leydluk'Raguk Character's Age: 100 ish Character's Race: Orc What magic(s) will you be learning?: Bloodsteel Teacher's MC Name: HedgeHug Teacher's RP Name: Shagarath'Yar Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A