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Grubgoth Wud

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    privelaged cis-white male of the uzg

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    Swimming in my jewry.
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    Wud4Rex, Grubgoth_Wud, Chef_Wud
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    Kriz'Raguk, Pohtaytoh

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  1. Wud, from Stargush'stroh, wails with rigorous sadness - he was devastated that he could not provide his excellent cuisine for the event. Sad Wud.
  2. yes +1
  3. "Ye ye, whatever, this bloke is obviously the real deal. You're just a phoney." Remarks a peasant to Horace, "My vote is going to James." He continues, to no one in particular.
  4. Lol)) "haha dont worry, when oren reforms they'll leave" remarks a particular red ork to his good friend vagud
  6. Application IGN: IC NAME: SKYPE Y/N: CLAN BORN Y/N: “Angh Gund Grizh”
  7. i take priority over both those bundles of sticks
  8. Kuntklobbera scowls, "scowl"
  9. Wud wonders if this a new propaganda technique
  10. ****wud grunts hungrily
  11. "Orkz duz nub lern t'ru 'zkool', dey lern frum deyr own mizduings, agh wagh agh da miztaykz ub deyr kin, oar frum ztoriz blah'd ruwnd azh fiya." Says a very disgruntled Kuntklobbera .
  12. Haha u joker U literally have a new unoriginal character like every week, big man
  13. Kuntklobbera pffs.
  14. Duff McDuff signs.
  15. name 2 wud_is_a_stud and i will idk make u a cool skin worth 2 pounds :)