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  1. Add addiction now so that People are forced to continuously buy green from me thank you
  2. "Sorry excuse for a being?" Inquires an unimportant ghostly man to Balduul, "You're the sorry excuse.. you're DEAD!"
  3. 5/10 emperor something or other
  4. Some similar **** has happened to me in th past. I went raiding with Valmir, the situation went to Pvp after a sirame mysteriously turned up (this is beyond the point but whatever) and the situation soured. Wretched (who I think was a wonderful gm) asked us (both parties) to stop and go our seperate ways. The situation is resolved right? Wrong. SupremacyOps takes it as upon himself to rummage through logs and then ban me thereafter, despite Wretched sorting and dismissing the altercation.
  5. Throm’ka, The Warhawkes, yourselves, have been brothers-in-arms to the uruk nation for interminable generations, uncountable years. You have done us great services at times, and adhered to our laws or demands. And your respect is so great as to adopt the religion we so fervently follow as your own - which appeases both us and the spirits almighty akin. It is with due merit and great pleasure, therefore, that I ask that you dwell within our lands as an oblast to the War Nation, sup with us after battle, hunt with our greatest, share green, and sip grog from the same cup, and most importantly praise the spirits. Pen a reply, and we can talk further on the matter. Signed, Kuntklobbera’Raguk, Wargoth of the Vanguard and Targoth of the Krughai. Orgoth’Braduk, Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Supreme Commander of the Keshig and Krughai alike, and protector of the Krug.
  6. its not that is moreso when u ******* try 2 auc it man
  7. no, no and NO! some edgy goblin tried this. dont follow in his footsteps
  8. *blushes i got a mention
  9. Kuntklobbera, clad in stoic suit of black-enamelled blood steel, marched. His destination was the smoke den, for he was to amass a congregation of uruks before himself and the company of the Yazgurtan and Rex akin. The orks wished to be heard, and heard they shall be, for a thousand voices are ultimately greater than one. The hardy, grizzled Targoth raised a ornately decorated Myrzym tusk turned-warhorn to his deep crimson lips. The sigh of him taking in breath briefly resounded throughout the obsoleteness, but this timid noise was quickly deluged; for he thereafter blew the implement. The clangor of the great, sonorous halloo rung out. No sooner had the alarum sounded, Orks arrived and gathered themselves before the redskin. “Come, brothers, share green and grog with your superiors and allow us to hear your qualms.” OOC: This shall be a medium for orks to rply push forth ideas for change without the convoluted nature of large congregations, or awkward times and time zone constraints. Orks of any rank may post, but make sure to keep posts in rp. Any stupid or shitty or smart or clever replies will be swiftly removed as they have no place here. Also sorry for blandness I had to do this on my phone.
  10. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. The formal hierarchy and social ladder of what is known as the War Nation. Every Uruk, Goblin and Olog is expected to be a part of the Krughai in some form or another. The Krughai determines their place in society, and through feats of exceptional strength, intelligence or honor, they will ascend it. Ranks: Notable REX: Orgoth’Braduk Supreme leader of the Keshig and Krug-hai alike. Targoth: Kuntklobbera’Raguk General, and main overseer of the Krughai; this uruk has proven himself physically and strategically on the field of war, rising above all in ability. His role is to aid the Rex in tactical matters and command troops during Wagh. Occasionally, the Targoth also takes charge of drills and military exercises, though these are often undertaken by his closest: the warboss’. Waghboss: Vagud’Gorkil, Zlazh’Yar, Schreck’Lak, Bashkuga’Raguk The waghboss’ responsibilities lie mostly in training and in drills. They coordinate raids, and referee sparring to ensure that a murderous outcome does not occur. Discipline also remains in the grasp of Waghbosses; they have the ability to dole out punishment as they deem fit. Ranks: Lesser Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz are the primary brunt of the Krughai - the cavalry, infantrymen and archers of the Uzg’s military. After years of hardy service they - if the Rex decrees it - may be granted the opportunity of succeeding to Waghboss Aapskut Translating literally to ‘meatshield’ these orks are initiates of the Krughai, whether they be orks returning from displacement, orks being reintegrated after realizing the dishonour of whitewashism, or orks who have just reached maturity, they all begin as the rank of Aapskut. Ranks: Dishonorable Pug Pugs* are orks who have dishonoured themselves and their clans akin, whom with their newly acquired status are not granted the privileges of the common orkish military. They are not equipped with Zkahiron plate, and instead don boiled leather armour to signify their misdeeds. Typically pugs are returning whitewashes. (*To ascend the Krughai ladder, Pugs must be active within and amongst the goi for three Cactus Days, and endure any abuse that their rank entails.) The Keshig Protectors of the Rex Keshigboss: Overseer of the Keshig force, responsible for adjudicating the trial required to become a keshig. Keshig: The keshig, as Krughai elite, must maintain themselves physically and mentally. Any weaknesses are removed immediately by the Keshigboss. To become a keshig, one must attain the rank of Flatta, Rida, Shoota or above, and display before the Keshigboss three items: I. The heart of a shara II. The ears of an albai III. The beard of a stout As Decreed by: Orgoth’Braduk Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Supreme Commander of the Krughai and Keshig alike, and protector of the Krug. Kuntklobbera’Raguk, Targoth of the Krughai and Wargoth of the Unbroken. OOC: All orks that are in the ork chat/region as of present are Flattaz, ridaz or shootaz depending on their preferred combat style. All new orks will begin as 'aapskut' All orks are in the krughai from maturity - it is compulsory. Shamans are an exception, but if they wanna fight/attend drills they can do.
  11. An aviary plugin would also make more role play. (A courier could be payed to take the message from the aviary and ferry it to somebody)
  12. dr fate is my best friend
  13. was that a good joke.. made by pando??????? its a ******* miracle
  14. the ghost of wud can be spotted every now and then
  15. I think ur lost friend