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Grubgoth Wud

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  1. "i agree. i also like shekels. lets wagh?" says a gobo
  2. AcK hUnGh RrG AHuuKhuf that was me having an aneurysm
  4. "250 + some bubhosh green" says cool cat kuntklobbera
  5. Wud scrutinised the application from the spirit realm, having written that book himself!
  6. **marvels at the pictured man's egg head**
  7. im glad we actually came to agree in the end +1 and on a somewhat ironic note, im going have to disagree w/ song choice this is better
  8. clean ur monitor wtf its dirtier than a mexicans shoe
  10. yub +1 very responsible, been on other teams so he knows what hes doing + great rper and guy overall
  11. reserved
  12. nathan barnett is a [censored] [censored] [censored] tbh but he didnt do anything lmao so unban him
  13. guten morgen can a free fm hmu on skype @hungry_sumo2 i need ur assistance rulg 

  14. TUSKED TALES AND FANTASTIC FABLES: AN ORKISH COMPENDIUM By Ulwaen Rosesky, Chronicler, Author and writer of the bestseller: “1000 ways to use a wood stave in questionable acts”, of Linandria. IMP’RAGUK PUBLISHING™ PREFACE I for one am an avid searcher, a so-called excavator of life, someone who wishes to discover the gems of it and anything that they may entail. One lesser known diamond of our existence is the urukish lore, and their tales- the fantastic stories they tell around firepits and at shamanic gatherings. They speak of lost uruks slaying forgotten foes, goblins and their magnificent inventions, ologs and their ruthlessness, shamans and their uncanny feats, and the dark undead that linger continuously in the shadows, leaping out to s n a t c h young! This book serves one purpose- to show all that urukish words are as good as urukish steel, to induce in all the same passion that I have for this excellence. OOC -THIS IS AN AREA FOR ALL TO SUBMIT THEIR STORIES- ORK RELATED - WHETHER FICTION OR TRUE ACCOUNTS. THIS IS SO THEY MAY BE EASILY ACCESSED. -ANY OTHER POSTS OTHER THAN STORIES WILL BE REMOVED. -MAKE ‘EM GOOD!