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  1. grubgoth_wud

    [I] ScreamingDingo, itsjustnoone's Game Moderator Application

    nasty toxic gamer, really poor rp quality, powergames, metagames and is just a pvp goon to be honest,... -1
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    The Fat Goblin Lands on Atlas

    “Shalom, yes-yes.” Greets Falk Fatpockets.
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    Let's do this.

    can you be my gamer mommy ?
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    EU Article 13

    sub to count dankula as well
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    Governing of the State of Qin

    Mao Tse-Tung rises from his slumber.
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    [Serious Buyers Only] Legit Diamond Chestplate

    5k gamer @Harold
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    Red gets elfen malaria and retires

    falk geldmeister makes a shrine to red. his rotting jaw fell off his face in awe as he read the details of the company
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    [Serious Buyers Only] Legit Diamond Chestplate

    ((i hate you gamer
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    [Clan Raguk] THE HISTORY

    THE HISTORY ⚙-⚙-⚙ (The Raguk Tome of Barzuga) “Dem Raguks. Dey'z is tuff gitz,” - Unknown Ork Decades ago, when the Raguk name was as fresh upon the lips as morning dew upon the grass, they were feared for their sheer numbers alone. Their encampment stretched over the horizon in a broad swathe of red: an artists filbert stroke across a canvas of sand-yellow. Many thousands of them here dwelled, within the desert of Vailor, their skin red like the blood that smears their hands. Back then, they were referred to as The Vanguard, staunch supporters of worthy Rexes, protective of Krugmar and their Kin. They were the driving cogs of the War Uzg, leading by storm It’s industries and boasting an inconceivably large army. The cogs of the machine known as Raguk never faltered or ground to a halt - they were self-sufficient and well-oiled, forged from the mettle of two clans: that of Glogol and that of Garr. But whilst they were once a force to be reckoned with, overarching incompetence kicked it into the ground to be devoured by the ever-consuming sands of time. (The Planes of the Vailorian Desert) From the Deadlands of the Uzg came a new ork, a grunt by the name of Kharak. Rising the ranks, he shoved aside competition until he himself was Wargoth with now a great warband at his back. With his newfound army, he waged warfare against the High Elf colony of Fi’Ceru and gained himself a name that was respected amongst the orks. With his aptitude towards warfare, he was named Targoth under Kahn and reigned over the Krughai absolutely until the return of Ubba’Ugluk, which saw Kahn abdicate. Ubba then himself abdicated, the mantle of Rexdom passing over to Snoop’Azog with Eath’Lur as his Dominus. During Snoop’s absence, Kharak challenged Eath’Lur to a duel for his position and proved successful, ascending hence to Dominus. Here, he only took his aspiration further and challenged Snoop for the title of Rex. He bested the Azog in combat and took the throne of the Warnation. It was during this time that the Raguks were most powerful. Kharak’s ambitions only drove him further and he came to learn the shrouded practice of shamanism. In time he became a great witch doctor, and employed his power to only sate his ambitiousness further: this time he wanted the world. By convening with Orgon - Spirit of Pestilence - he spawned a great plague that swept and ravaged the land, rending it useless; defunct of life and of purpose. Vailor had ended, and the descendants needed a new home. It was this great blunder that moulded the Raguk’s disdain towards the overtly shamanic. (Rex Kharak’Raguk) With the world in tatters, the Descendants were forced to commit a great Exodus. They trawled the seas in search of a suitable home- the world powers at least for now working in unison for the betterment of their kind -and came upon Axios a lush new land. Here began the scramble for land, but the orks did not worry, for the worst region always fell upon them - and that was how they liked it. This time they took the humid jungles of Asul and they thrived. The Raguks themselves fared well, but the iron of this land was poor in quality and heavily stunted their industry. This was until the death of their liege at the hand of a malevolent spirit. Rexdom switched hands many times before falling into the hands of yet another Raguk: the unifier of Garr and Glogol himself, Malganuz’Raguk. Under Malgunuz’ reign as Rex, he ceded Wargothdom to a Raguk youngling who showed promise, Turkurz. But soon hereafter the orks saw the bloody rearing head of Oren decimate their lands and their people. Like outcasts they were thrown to each an every corner of the land until they were once more reunited in the desert of Tahn on a plot gifted to them by the Dwarven King, Torvin Grandaxe. Here a young Leydluk - then known as Kuntklobbera - challenged Turkurz in a klomp that lasted all night until he proved the victor. Kuntklobbera retained the position for a short duration before an odd infection refined him to a stooping husk and he was no longer capable of leadership. Turkurz once more attained Wargothdom. The orks were to make one more migration under Drokon’Ugluk before settling in the mesa. Drokon, corrupted by the Dark Shaman Kulgarok - who in his naivety he trusted - began culling Wargoths who disagreed with him. First Turkurz was killed, then Aukha’Raguk. After a short but bloody rule - Rexdom was passed onto Orgoth’Braduk who was expected to live up to the standards of his bygone kinsman, Kahn. Unfortunately such expectations weren’t lived up to and Orgoth abdicated to Gurak’Yar. Kuntklobbera soon after returned to the land of the living, bringing a new age of vitality to Raguk, reviving the Krugtel in the process. His reign was very successful and profits from the booming cartel brought him to ascension. Rex Gurak noticed Kuntklobera’s skill at money-making and promoted him to the position of Yazgurtan to ensure that Krugmar’s coffers were filled. Whilst in his position, Kuntklobbera noticed indiscrepancies within the Rexes policies, decisions and even his own personal living. Disdainful at the leaders lack of competence and honour, the Rex rallied a force of Raguk and like-minded orks and confronted the corrupted Rex at the table of his feast. A fight of course ensued. The Raguk, despite their name of the Vanguard, were cut down eventually by the greater force of outsiders who stood beside the false Rex. Seeing the disdain from the orks he ruled, Gurak stepped down from the mantle of Rexdom and Kulgarok took it. His tenure was short lived, however, for through the cracks of his sugar coating it was noticed that he only wished to buckle the spirits. Eath’Lur defended the orkish tradition and dueled him to death. In victory, he took Rexdom and served shortly, before Kuntklobbera himself challenged Eath and ascended to Rexdom. Whilst Rex, Leyd noticed Kuntklobbera’s advancement from afar: is rekindled clan of devout followers and their victories through dominance. In hopes of spurring more ambition from the ruler, to in turn bolster his own power in his own realm, he visits Kuntklobbera in a dream and named him his favoured son: Leydluk. After a mostly prosperous Rexdom, yet one that did not encompass his vision of conquer, he abdicated his claim and handed it to his Yazgurtan, U’la’Yar. Called to pilgrimage he leaves Krugmar and the mantle of Wargoth to Hazurk’Raguk: son of the slain Turkurz’Raguk. (Rex Leydluk’Raguk) After a successful stint of rule from Hazurk, which saw much in the likes of reform and development, he himself abdicated, called by pilgrimage. Ka’nur a prominent smith and tinkerer takes the reigns hence, but his rule doesn’t last long. Hazurk broke his own spiritual calling to meet with his old liege Leydluk and bring him to the new lands. Hereafter they separated, but Hazurk returned to the Uzg, once more taking Wargothdom. After hearing of U’la’s death at the hands of the wood elves, Leydluk returns Krugmar to take the position of Rexdom. Hazurk steps down from Wargothdom and servers a brief tenure as Rex Leydluk’s diplomat. Leydluk assumes the title of Wargoth once more and bolsters the clan to a respectable state and a public asset, to equip the armies of Krugmar with valued Bloodsteel. Angered by the Wood Elven misdeeds, Leydluk musters his army and the armies of his allies and form a war front at Fort Stronk to wage warfare upon the wood elves, confident after extensive prior victories that ground would be gained. Alas, the Dominion proved successful in this endeavour and pushed the orks back- his right hand Hazurk dying in the process -and Leydluk once more abdicates for a fresher mind to take Rexdom: Morlak’Lak. To end the conflict between elf and ork, an audience between the two nations was organized with Renatus as the mediator. Negotiations were at a stalemate and Leydluk suggested that the two leaders solve the conflict with a klomp, with repercussions not only in death. Morlak dueled the elven King in an event watched by many. . .but ultimately lost. The Capital, San’Kala, was stormed by the elven forces and the orks were once more displaced. Just as if history had repeated itself they found refuge with their dwarven allies. But the Raguks didn’t stay. By the Wargoth they were ushered away from Krugmar. Half of the clan stayed with Wargoth Nagg - an Elder of the Clan who assumed the position from Leydluk following his abdication - whilst the other half followed Leydluk to accompany him on his pilgrimage. Once more Leydluk returns, this time with hopes to cement his Clan as a significant force, much like they had been years ago. . .
  10. grubgoth_wud

    Pond__'s GM app

    CASE STUDY NO.1 - PATIENT: MR PONDER (THE) TUMBLER A patient was sent to us ~27th August 2018 seemingly senile and maddened by an event of great strife in his lifetime, a Mr Ponder the Tumbler. According to those who found him, he was shaking with his last hit of heroin clenched firmly in hand; reduced to a skinny husk and screaming incoherently at first. He wasn't initially violent, but was showing the behaviour of a schizophrenic: muttering over and over again the phrase "The Dominion will soon fall" among other similar phrases. What or where this Dominion is, we're not yet sure. Patient will be questioned more. A picture of Mr Tumbler where he was found.
  11. grubgoth_wud


    RAGUK NAMES AND NAMESAKES ⚙-⚙-⚙ Warriors of Clan Raguk surging forth in a bloodlust fueled frenzy. “Evr’y git gotz ta’ ‘ave dere own name, ya peep? If a brudda does real good at smashin’ twiggy nogginz den he’s ta’ be called Headsmasha, lat gruk? If a bruddaz rite ‘hosh at kickin’ teef den he’s ta be called Teefkicka. Ya get da picture?” - Imp’Raguk Some names are allotted at birth, some from work or feats or because of character traits. Though amongst the most unique of Krug’s kin comes from those of Redskinned stock. They are particularly primitive in nature, simple too, yet descriptive enough and relatively utilitarian - as per the unspoken creeds of Clan Raguk. ORK NAMES: Usually takes a body part and then a violent action. Sometimes a name is earned, though more often than not its allotted at birth. In other instances, they are named based on a peculiar trait, feature or mannerism. Some Raguks do boast names that do not fit the above criteria, but this is less common. They are particularly crude in comparison to other ork names, using more K’s and less ‘soft’ vowels. EG: Megaflat, Skullchoppa, Headsmasha, Teefkicka, Bigtuzk, Longnose, Ash-Eye, Morkar, Nagg, Zult-Arm, Gutpuncha etc. GOBLIN NAMES: Goblins take on names that somehow relate to their craft, a tool directly related therein, some kind of mechanism or a work process. EG: Spanna’Raguk, Kog’Raguk, Skrew’Raguk, Pikk’Raguk, Hamma’Raguk, Smiff’Raguk, Nut’Raguk, Bolt’Raguk, Mill’Raguk etc. OLOG NAMES: Olog names remain relatively unchanged. Three-letter names with simple sounds or the first thing that the olog in question eats is still the norm. EG: Pohtaytoh, Tomaytoh, Wud, Bud, Mud, Oob, B’oob, M’oob, Huk, Guhrub, Fik, Gut, Zlop etc. NAMESAKES: Namesakes are titular names granted to an uruk by the Wargoth for a great deed, feat of combat or test of mettle. They usually are written in the form of Old Blah and take a greater meaning than the regular names of Clan Raguk. It is an honour to receive a namesake, much like it is an honour to receive the title of ‘Ser’ amongst human holds. EG: Leydluk [Leyds-Son], Turkurz [Valuable], Dhurburz [Strong] etc.
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    Ideas for a character

    Imp II'Raguk
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    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    gamer ur too funny
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    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

  15. grubgoth_wud

    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    he's right im afraid i can only remember things being less toxic and more fun when the restrictions werent so damn heavy handed, @drfate786 can surely attest im sure its not about the rules being hard to follow, because they're really not - but when you have 1 billion do's and don'ts you kill any prospect for meaningful and consequential rp, especially in times of conflict (a lot of these restrictions are oriented towards conflict)