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  1. “Alhamdulillah.” Says Leydluk Farouk Ali Abu Mahmoud al-Raguki.
  2. grubgoth_wud

    The Summoning

    “Inshallah.” Says Leydluk al-Mahmoudi recent convert to Imam Rashidun bearing his standard, ready to fight and die for Clive the Jester.
  3. “TAXATION IS THEFT!” Screams a member of the Anti-Sanoist League in Libertarian.
  4. Leydluk begins funding Anti-Sanoist parties...
  5. grubgoth_wud


    “Dis is gettin boring.” Says Leydluk, snoozing in the sun.
  6. “We get it lat ‘powaful’” Says Leydluk annoyed that Jan Ritter von Alstreim has to keep reminding us that he is powerful.
  7. grubgoth_wud

    Skins XD

    add me on discord dog we can negotiate pepperoni_nip#8956
  8. grubgoth_wud

    Skins XD

    SKINS Hey gamers, I’ve got some epic skins to sell. Three pre-made, each for 750, and the opportunity for 1 epic gamer (thats 1 gamer) to order a custom skin for 3000 minas. Sidenote: I don’t do things mega fantasy. Speciality is medievalesque humans and orks obviously, but I’m open to everything provided it fits the criteria of not being high-high fantasy. Troubadour: Dwarf Merc: Peasant: Keep an eye on this page. I may release some more epic offers for skins if I’m feeling up to it / this is received well.
  9. The Raguk camp was quiet for a few days. News had reached Leydluk at the behest of the all-hearing Imp’Raguk; news had reached all corners of the known world it had seemed, too, and many lamented and many celebrated. To this aged Warlord, the news came as both saddening and joyous, for despite the betrayal Shagarath was still an old friend: a friend bound by blood. After reflection on the matter, he roused from his tent and greeted his red-skinned brethren, but not before muttering a short few words for Shagarath the Old. “Rest easy Shagarath my brother, I hope the spirits have mercy.”
  10. “Shiiiiiiiiiiimke khazer iz keyn Haria geforn...” Pipik the Hulphonite sang, with complimentary strums of Cedarwood lute, as he bustled in and amongst the bloody corpses, “Er hot gevolt zikh falengern di yorn...” With each prancing step he stopped to either pick up something of worth or toss whatever trash he couldn’t make use of into the ichorous river, “Er hot gevolt dos lebn makhn beser. . .hot men im arayngelegt a zagranitshne meser.” He twittered in his trembling voice. As his most sombre song came to a diminished end he gave an imperial head a percussive kick with his steel capped boot, “Damned dogs.”
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