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  1. leydluk thanks the spirits for doc uradir and his epic contraceptive solution, “now mi wont father so many bastardz”
  2. grubgoth_wud

    A Tired Orc

    Little did Bogrum know, Wud was watching from far, far away: a place so far away that only death could grant access. Here the Grubgoth was to spend eternity - until the very last descendant died and even longer – preparing sweet ambrosia for the other felled uruks who basked in it’s violent embrace. He stirred his pot in long anticipation. Perhaps he would wait for a century, perhaps a dozen. But nonetheless, he waited... waiting for Bogrum.
  3. you ******* lied to me and rin about becoming schekle lawyer bastard

    1. grubgoth_wud


      sry cant hear u got my airpods in 

  4. “laugh extremely loudly” says heradotus the historian brandishing his big DANGEROUS book entitled ‘a history of renatus and the pontificate and their extra marital affair within the chambers of hedonism ('In Pontificatus historia et eorum extra maritali rem renatus, et in abscondito cubiculi voluptatum prosecutionem).’
  5. “Alhamdulillah.” Says Leydluk Farouk Ali Abu Mahmoud al-Raguki.
  6. “TAXATION IS THEFT!” Screams a member of the Anti-Sanoist League in Libertarian.
  7. Leydluk begins funding Anti-Sanoist parties...
  8. grubgoth_wud


    “Dis is gettin boring.” Says Leydluk, snoozing in the sun.
  9. “We get it lat ‘powaful’” Says Leydluk annoyed that Jan Ritter von Alstreim has to keep reminding us that he is powerful.
  10. grubgoth_wud

    Skins XD

    add me on discord dog we can negotiate pepperoni_nip#8956
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