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  1. Maeyr’onn Evaral’onn Talkarimar “Preservation From Valor!” The Maeyr’onns are an ancient bloodline, in fact one of the original founding bloodlines of the Silver State of Haelun’or. Starting with the founder Nelecar Maeyr’onn, the renowned Lion of Haelun’or, the family is renowned for harsh punishment of those unfaithful to the teachings of Larihei and to the State in which facilitates her ideals. As the first military leader of Haelun’or- the Okarir’Sil(Master of the Sword) he was once known to lock a Mali’aheral in a cell for a month just for refusing his stringent demands to protect the state. Their liberal use of extreme acts of protection is still even practiced today. Their motto “Preservation From Valor!” encapsulates the very being of every member that has been birthed in the bloodlines splendor. Physical Traits, Appearance: Family Tree: Beliefs: Etymology: Notable Members: Current Patriarch: Cenwall Maeyr’onn [OOC]
  2. Mariek

    The Vigil

    Lye Lent An ancient creed, rekindled. To Overgrow. As the children of Malin toil to rebuild from the desolation of Atlas, perhaps more than ever they stand divided. Gladewynn, Aegrothond, Haelun’or, Fenn, and Vira’ker. In the shadow cast by bickering and division, the Mali are made weak, and when stagnation sets in, it rots all to the very core. Monsters, beasts, and dark forces. In recent times, it was the September Prince and the Veyl Order, but the divine and ancient are not the only threats, for beasts can take many forms. Arcas is untamed, wild, and unexplored, and as the scattered Elves work to recover and spread resources thin, those who wish our kind ill-will fester. It is times such as these that our Elder-kind requires unity and strength. With these words, the Vigil of old is reformed. Come fellow Mali, and all who would be our allies. We seek the cunning, the wise, and the strong, for the evils that lurk in the deepest corners of Arcas must be brought to light. The Vigil is presently gathering its numbers in the lands Alderyn. All those would work for the betterment of all Mali should seek us out there. ~.-Our Noble Purpose-.~ The Vigil shall work to pacify the untamed wilds and forgotten threats of the world. The Vigil shall hunt those who wield the dark arts and oppose such corruption wherever it surfaces. The Vigil shall lend its strength to the defense of all Mali, for the blood of Malin is precious and our prosperity paramount. The Vigil shall study the workings of the world so that it may effectively fulfill its duties. ~.-An artist rendering of Revin a notable member of The Vigil, Circa 1559-.~ ~.-Ranks-.~ Elvalmuel - The Purple The purple is the leader of the order of The Vigil and deals mostly at an administrative level, dictating the movements and message of the order as a whole. However it is rare, the purple is a fierce opponent and can be seen fighting alongside The Vigil when duty calls them to do so. During times of peace and war it is Elvalmuel who guides, preserves and remains Vigilant in the face of any and all threats. Elvallel - The Blue The blue are the officers of the Vigil, organizing its operations when the Elvalmuel is unavailable, and they are often the ones to lead small groups warriors into battles. They are also tasked with seeking out new Mali to join the ranks of the Vigil. Elmiruel - The Red Elmiruel are considered the elite and most competent elven warriors of the Vigil. The grizzled soldier has proven themselves repeatedly in battle and hold the battle line— inspiring their fellow Vigils. When Elvalmuel and Elvallel are not in attendance the Elmiruel are expected to lead the Elibar and Eltaynei not only with fine example but also with experienced judgment to enact the goals of the order of The Vigil. Elibar - The White Elibar, The White, are the first true-members of the Order. No longer mere initiates, but not a ranking member of the Vigil, it is Elibar who heed the order of those of the upper ranks— and guide and train the initiates. Through demonstration of quick wit, able-body and dedication— it is the White who will continue to advance through the ranks of the Vigil. Eltaynei - The Green The Taynei are the elves who have first joined the Vigil. It is these elves who are considered little but initiates in the eyes of the Vigil and its members. It is through dedication, and discipline which the Taynei will make their way to the rank of Elibar. ~.-Vigil History-.~ The order of The Vigil’s history is a rather new one, being founded originally on the landmass known as Vailor. The prominent group started as a reactionary movement to the division within the Elven Realms at the time. Prominent founders were Uhier and Arche Raell, who wished to unify the elven identity with one goal in mind-- to protect the divided and weak elven states and by doing so aiding in the healing of such states though that protection. Through a massive recruitment campaign and the efforts and progress shown with the actions of the founders the numbers of the order blossomed and at its peak, The Vigil could rally 20,000 to 30,000 men alone. These numbers would be put to work in the Silver State of Haelun’or where a schism left them without a military to protect them from the rouge High Elven state of Celien. They offered to serve in place until the state could afford its own military restored. The Vigil were at the head of such projects as restoring a unified Elven state with the Wood Elves of Laureh’lin and the Dark Elves of Ker’nor known as The Dominion of Malin. They even succeeded in ending the schism that plagued the High Elves, eventually toppling Celien. However over time the order lost numbers, a clear goal and a leadership that could generate interest in the group. Eventually throughout many decades of decay, The Vigil finally departed the Silver State as the self-proclaimed Silver Exodus until ultimately disbanding on the landmass known as Axios. ~.-Vigil Code-.~ 1. A Vigil must remain loyal, without question, to the Order and its ways. 2. A Vigil must not take the life of another member. Murder is for lesser beasts such as wolves and bears. 3. A Vigil may not steal from their fellow brethren, for to do so is unbecoming of both an elf, and of any descendant. 4. A Vigil must remain stalwart in their preservation of the ways of elfkind, not perverting their ways with the influence of the other races. Interbreeding is to be avoided, for it dulls our long-lived blood. Application: *Credits for creation: DustyDune, Aviers* *art of Revin by keem, art of warrior by VCepesh, and art of Vigil flag by MagicPastry*
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  4. Sohaer Cenwall glances over the missive with a mused look upon his smug face. "Ha.. ha ha..." He'd read over once more, wiping a tear of supremacy from his superior eyelid. "Fel plague? These humans not only lack the mental capability of a pure 'thill but also thereof that of a half-breed degenerate beggar. Why ever did we grant these mongrels land when they embarrass themselves with such a spew of idiocy, that I beg to reason the whole civilized world has never seen such lunacy!" He'd show his pinky, sipping his tea and reclining back into his birch wicker chair. "More research must be had on the effects of Aengul influence on the human brain."
  5. "One thousand one hundred!" A random elf calls out
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  7. (Optional) Item of bribery: 100 extra mina. Proof of Payment: Username: DustyDune Description: A curly snow white haired high elf in fine royal purple garments. Outfit or Fullbody: Fullbody Ref:
  8. I'm trying to make a family banner and could use some help. By any chance does anyone know a good place to get one made? Preferably one that has a lot of customization.

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