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  1. u guys r mad about something staff does every day just quit omg y stay if the server so ****

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    2. AGiantPie
    3. EmbryoGod


      Server **** 

    4. xxx


      no. don't defend your community. that's just spiting the ppl who declared war on you. give in to entropy. leave


      (wtf I can't post two consecutive status replies now)

      Edited by xxx
  2. devvy

    Admin Censorship

    omg maybe you snapped
  3. die of thirst

    1. StarGazzer


      or die of hydration 

  4. It’s alright. Shitty that’s what they choose to associate my name with in his mention but whatever.
  5. I agree pedophiles should be banned and all that but levirad and I never cybered, he never asked me for nudes, we never messaged except me joking around asking him to be friends, we never even interacted on the server. I DON’T cyber and never will so don’t include me in this, thanks. Also, the **** does ‘imibee tier’ mean? Whoever said that can man up and say it to my face explaining what that even is.
  6. devvy

    Worn Down

    you were too good for lotc anyways
  7. yes!! fawb should’ve received gm long ago. team’s seriously missing out without him, give him a damn shot.
  8. **** happens WHATS GOOD PARTY PEOPLE!!

  9. devvy

    [Denied] [Pending] Take on me II

    not sure why he didn’t receive it the first time? +1
  10. devvy

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    Okay if you're going to say they automatically connect with the void then where did that come from? How come "Snow Dwarves" are all assumed to use magic and what kind? What do they use it for? From what I've seen, you can't try to make an entire new subrace and also use it as an excuse to stack all these cool magics under your belt. Also, if you're going to say that these Snow Dwarves will learn magic and runesmithing, that won't add anything new to the overall race whatsoever. Plenty of dwarves practice that already without being this new special snowflake-y subrace. So, once again, this would literally add nothing to dwarves.
  11. devvy

    Poor Leadership

    While it's good that the community is discovering the truth, it's unfortunate as we all know the chances of anything actually been done about it are very slim.
  12. and the word of the day for monday is YIKES! 

    1. ThumperJack


      Major YIKES

  13. devvy

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    Thanks for this Sky, you said everything I would've. By the way, before anyone says anything, I didn't send Sky to make this post. He did it at his own free will
  14. sometimes i look at the fm team and i just.. shed a tear, look out the window in deep thought, and wonder how different things could’ve been


    (pls dont remove in actual tears rn)

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    2. Imi


      Am I complaining on status though? Nah 

    3. Dewper



    4. Raomir


      Creamiest for FM? @Algoda

  15. devvy

    [Denied]GusanoArentonio's Game Moderator Application

    are you sure he’s relevant enough for gm? ( jk +1 )