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  1. The Jungle Man let his head hang low, upon hearing his former Chieftain had fallen. “Jungle Man no longer see Wild Man...”
  2. Xiahou lit a candle by the hut’s bedside, in memorial of his lost friend. “Xiahou remembers his friend, the leader of the West Lands. Hunting elves together... a shame he is no longer with us.”
  3. Slothtastic

    Lur Updates!

    “Da zkah? Deyr kannub be ah Chieftain AGH a Wagh’goff. Deyr’z ash ur da udda.” Growls a Braduk.
  4. “Diz am da **** wuntin’ tuu zayl wiv mi?” Vruk, the captain of the White Rhino, grunted.
  5. Oh hey that’s the next Hou place
  6. I had in no way liked that the tab system was overhauled. Yet I endured. I ******* hated the chat system. Yet I endured. But now, you have had the balls to get rid of MOTHERFUCKIN SIT?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

    1. Tofuus


      Sit was bugged. It has since been fixed. Please put down the pitchforks.



  7. The Fall of The Golden One The Hou-Zi council made it’s conclusion. The people would evacuate, to save themselves from the rule of Cao Cao who had believed himself to be much like the God King Hou-Shen. As they gathered little of their belongings, and prepared to set sail they heard a voice behind them. “Why are you leaving?” Xiahou recognized the voice of his old friend, Shen-Li. Arguably, Li was one of if not the oldest Hou he knew. And yet, he still possessed the grace of his youth. Xiahou turned to him, as the people made the excuse of a fishing trip. Deep down, Xiahou knew it would not work. Shen-Li knew, the Hei-Zhu knew that from his expression. “This is no fishing trip, you are all bringing your belongings.” And Li was right, as the Emperor Cao Cao and an unknown Hei-Zhu backed Li. The Emperor was fat and lazy, that was easy to tell. And yet he drew his club, ready to fight. In response, Li drew his sword. Xiahou knew that he would not survive the upcoming battle. The citizens were not trained soldiers, and only three of the people there, including Xiahou, were able-bodied combatants. Those that remained were made up of women and healers. “Li, you would draw your weapon on your kin?” Xiahou asked, with pleading eyes. He did not want the bloodshed to come to the citizens. If it did, he was sure they would all die. The Hei-Zhu put a hand upon his kanabo, and puffed his chest out towards the trio in an attempt to intimidate them. Yet it did not work. “Yes.” Li lunged towards Xiahou in an attempt to pierce his armor, and it struck true underneath his heart.. It had begun. The other two fighters charged forth, as the Lang Patriarch gave a mighty roar and unearthed the Kanabo he had and charged along with them. And yet, two others attacked Xiahou. He was pierced with multiple arrows, and just as he had gotten a strike on one of them, he fell. Four arrows. Four arrows had pierced his armor, all in his front chestplate along with the sword strike. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the other warriors fall along with him. As he crashed down to the ground on the end of the dock, Li and the other followed the citizens who had dived off the boat. While the repulsively fat Cao Cao stood over Liao-Chen. And with three club strikes, he had broken his head in. The Hei-Zhu felt his vision dimming. Blood poured from him, and from most likely Cao Cao, the Hei-Zhu fell from the docks and into the sea water below. And as his vision turned to black, he felt at peace. He had died trying to protect those that he cared for. Xiahou realized that he might not go down in the history books, but he did not want to be. Xiahou did not wish for fame. And when he opened his eyes again, he saw a beautiful paradise. Jiang-Taiyun, the Golden City. And yet, as he took one last glance upon the beautiful city he wanted nothing more than to visit, he drifted off into the empty void that filled his vision now. And once more, all he saw was black. Beneath the waves of the sea, the Hei-Zhu’s body lay. Quietly floating away from the city, and off to the deep blue ocean. OOC: A fun time I had RPing this boy. And yet, everything has to come to an end. Though this is no PK, as it is a shelf. I might bring him back a bit later, with some explanation behind that don’t worry. But that will not be for a long time. I had some great RP on him, and I still think the 1st Gen Hou-Zi was arguably the most fun I had on the server. Being a new race, that had barely been discovered by others was awesome. It inspired great things, and the most fun RP I had on Xiahou was in the Westerlands where he made friends playing music and trading.
  8. Jekyll and Hyde In the fabled Fae Realm a broken and fractured minded Satyr sits around a campfire. The sounds of the night all around him, along with the crackling fire. He argued to himself, his hands wrapped around his fur covered legs. He quietly rocked himself, back and forth. “We didn’t mean to do it, we thought it was for the best…” He spoke in a softer tone, his eyes darting rapidly. “No!” The Satyr’s tone changed rapidly, becoming harsh and brutal. “We know what we did, and we enjoyed every second of it! The blood, their guts in our hands!” The Thorn laughed maniacally. “No, no. It was bad, and we never should’ve done it. We’re sorry, we’re sorry!” He apologized frantically, as his tone changed back to the softer side. “NO! NO WE ARE NOT!” The Satyr shouted to no one, and the forest quieted. “BLOOD IS THE ONLY WAY TO SALVATION!” Oliver jumped to his feet, “Blood is needed to be spilled! September will end the descendants, and bring their reign of terror to an end!” For a second, the man stood proudly. Shoulders squared, chest out. But it ended in an instant, his shoulder slumped and he began to twiddle his fingers nervously. “No, no. September is gone, he is not coming back. They brought him to an end…” “BAH! You are weak! You should NEVER have tried to cure yourself of me. Look at what has happened! You are a shell of your former self. Do you forget the days of me? The days of Ghorros?! When we would slaughter ANY that dared to oppose us?!” “We killed so many… children too. That was not what anyone would have wanted…” It was now, that the Satyr smiled with true madness, a smile to strike fear into the heart of any mortal man. “Do you remember the taste of their flesh? Savory, sweet, and tender.” After this was spoken, Oliver’s eyes widened. “NO! No! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” He covered his ears, collapsing back to the ground in a fetal state. “Not listening! Not listening!” “YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM YOURSELF, COWARD!” He boomed suddenly. “Truly, you have forgotten the taste of raw flesh. The fresh blood that poured down our throat as we crunched their bones open and sucked out the marrow. Their screams, as they were slaughtered like lambs.” “Not listening! Not listening! I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t hurt anyone that didn’t try to hurt us first!” He cried fearfully. “BAH! This is why your wives left you, why your children abandoned you! You are nothing.” He stood and seemingly walked off, before yelling out again. “YOU ARE WHY WE ARE ALONE! YOU KILLED AND CONSUMED EVERYTHING! YOU ARE WHY THEY LEFT US! YOU ARE WHY!” After this, the Satyr fell silent. After a few moments, he collapsed to the ground in tears. “Why did they all have to leave us?” He asked through the sobs. And at that moment, the campfire went out. The crackling stopped, along with the noises of the night. All that could be heard was a sad, broken man sobbing to himself. OOC: This is a sort of epilogue to Oliver, and his character as Satyrs most likely will not be brought back. If I am to be honest here, I might just try to write a book about him and his adventures. He was truly a fun character, and I had put many hours into him. I know it’s a bit late to be reminiscing, but if anyone has any screenshots of RP with him or any Satyrs that y’all saved go ahead and share em in the comments. Or just discuss some memories y’all have in general.
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    Sinful Thing

    (Yo wtf bro you tryna say something)
  10. A Satyr with a fractured mind argues with himself in the Fae Realm about the topic. “Much death, much destruction we had caused to folks.” ”And yet we enjoyed it nonetheless.”
  11. “So, tha’ boy tried ta kill em by runnin’ em through wit’ ah spear. But when Jorvin actually kills em after smashin’ ‘is head with a hammer, it’s ‘is fault?” Thorgrimm asked.
  12. The Lang Family The Lang Family are an ancient Hei-Zhu clan, going back to the first days of the Hou-Zi upon their uplifting. The family was started back when a warrior in the Hou-Zi army, known as Juexin, retired from years of dedicated service. He settled down with another Hei-Zhu woman, and together they produced many sons. Each of which went on to be known for great things. And from the sons, they made bloodlines. Each of which were unique to the house. Bloodlines There are three bloodlines of the Lang family. Each described by a certain feeling, or emotion. Each of these are all descendants of Juexin, mostly consisting of his sons. There is one bloodline to date, that is not descended from him. Anger Those descended of the Anger bloodline come from Zhao, the Golden Fist. A near legendary general dating back to the first Jade Empire, the eldest son of Juexin. He got his title, the Golden Fist, for his rule as the Patriarch of the Lang Family and also because of his golden armor. Those of the Anger bloodline are bigger than the rest, and have a small temper. They wear armor dipped in gold in honor of the first Zhao and often wield a Dao or Nodachi. Those that do not partake in the tradition of dipping their armor in gold often wield armor akin to the Samurai. Ambition The Ambition bloodline are truly a marvel to behold, known for their unrelenting willpower and unmatched pride in everything they achieve. They have become known as traders, beast tamers, and a near perfect cavalry bloodline. They reached fame when their founder, Zhong the Black Rider, ambushed an attacking Elven army. Zhong is the third son of Juexin, and yet arguably one of the most famous after Zhao. Fear Those of the Fear bloodline do not hail from Juexin, but their founder, Jianhong, was adopted by Juexin. Jianhong was a Laobai-Zhu, who was mixed with a Hei-Zhu of the Ambition bloodline. Because of this, Jianhong was left as an outcast from the other children for obvious reasons. He was an example of the shame they bore for the mixing of blood. Jianhong earned his fame, and respect of the Lang Family when he assassinated a rival Hei-Zhu family whom at the time were causing problems. From this, the Fear bloodline sprouted. A mutt bloodline, whose inhabitants learned to be silent and practiced the way of stealth. They learned to blend with the shadows, and wielded many weapons. Including but not limited to the Katar, Kitana, and bows of various kinds. Religion The Lang Family are devout worshippers of Hou-Shen, the God-King. They take this a bit to the extreme, as they often try to kill and purge any Elf or Kharajyr due to past transgressions. With the Elves taking their home, and the Kharajyr being worshippers of the Doombringer Metztli. This has of course sparked many controversies with the current Hou-Zi population, but the Lang Family survives. Traditions and Rituals Weddings The Lang Family has adopted a strange way of becoming wed. The man will offer the woman a golden armband, if she is to accept they will be wed. It will be most like a human wedding, but the cake is always Red Velvet cake. No other cake is to be had. At the ending of the ceremony, offerings are given to a shrine or idol of Hou-Shen, so that he might bless whatever gifts are to be given to the wedded couple. Red Velvet Cake A strange tradition that Xiahou, the current Patriarch, picked up when he visited the Westerlands for the first time. He found he was addicted to Red Velvet cake, and as a tradition was formed, the only cake to be had by anyone of the Lang family is to be Red Velvet. Initiation Initiating an outsider into the Lang Family is a tough challenge to complete, lest it be through marriage. Those that wish to join the family, must complete three different tasks issued by the Patriarch of the family. After that, they are bound by blood to an existing member of the family. Hierarchy The Hierarchy of the Lang Family is simple. It is run by a Patriarch, or Matriarch. Generally being the eldest or most fit of the family. The current Patriarch is Xiahou. OOC To become a Lang, fill out this application or seek out Lang-Xiahou (Slothman85) IG: IG Name: IRL Timezone: RP Name: RP Age: RP Bloodline:
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