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  1. When they talk about Oren you expect them to reference more than just Mardon.
  2. Definitely, Kevin is one of the most mature and hard working people I know. He'd be a great addition to the GM team. +1
  3. "Can we have one rational day when people don't make false claims and pittiful jokes?" Viktor would remark
  4. Let him have the job +1
  5. I'm going to miss talking to you dablius, see you around.
  6. Flame is a productive and mature person. He has good roleplay skills and knows how to speak effectively. I have no doubt he would be friendly and providing to new applicants. +1
  7. Viktor would wonder what they meant by this as the Empire is made up of land that is his own.
  8. Maybe we should look at what WE did wrong rather than blaming the gear for everything?

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    2. Ended


      Having been on this server for about two years I myself haven't seen much change in the roleplay surrounding vanilla and nexus items as they have very little impact when I roleplay, I think RP flourishes more in more centralised spaces if anything but that's another topic.


      I think it's the players choice if they really want to invest in getting powerful items or not, that's what makes the game interesting. Making items more simple could be a step forward but there shouldn't be an absence of certain nexus items especially considering their uses. At the end of the day there's a lot wrong with nexus and I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of it either. There is a constant idea of nerfing and buffing items in a continuous circle, it's happened with horses and diamond armour and weapons before. I'd say the best solution to this is making a system where vanilla and the nexus can work together, not through restrictions, buffs or debuffs.

    3. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      Maybe we should look at what WE did wrong rather than blaming the Russians for everything?



    4. GavinTheViking


      Nexus does have its benefits and I do enjoy the rewarding system of better gear through higher levels. I get pretty nostalgic whenever issues with Nexus PvP come up. Looking back at the old days, vanilla PvP was very fun. That's not saying that Nexus isn't, but it's be fun in different ways. I believe it does indeed need changes, but overall Nexus is enjoyable. A mix of vanilla and Nexus is probably the most realistic solution to the overall issues with current PvP.


      Also, nah not Russians, but sexism, Macedonian message boards, and Internet trolls lost us the battle. 

  9. In all seriousness, being one of the people on the defenders side I really don't see a problem with the gear, it's not the other sides fault if said team is not fully prepared for the fight, they had the gear and we didn't, I don't think a fuss should be made out of this and I think gear is fine the way it is.
  10. There was more to losing that siege than just gear, complaining in this way doesn't help the argument you're presenting.
  11. "I mean, you could've just reformed the Nauzica but okay..." a northerner would mutter
  12. I don't think anything else needs to be said. +1
  13. hiring!

    "So my borsa adopted tavern work?" Viktor would chuckle, meaning to pay his kin a visit
  14. Viktor would wonder why a Blackwood, a northerner and staunch loyalist to Haense in the past would be making poor propaganda for Courland?
  15. Viktor would submit his vote to the Duma