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    Ser Viktor Kovachev

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  1. "Ailred's line was once again declared legitimate by true decendants of Siegmund. Even if your false King holds the Kingdom of Ruska he has no true claim to its throne or its people and thus that sentence is false." Viktor Kovachev proclaims
  2. Ser Viktor Kovachev would tap the pommel of his black blade "House Kovachev will never swear fealty to you, nor will any true northerner. You will pay, and in time the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska will stand once again to fight you!"
  3. Good guy +1
  4. Holy Ser Viktor signs
  5. Great guy and would be a brilliant addition to the team. +1
  6. "Until we meet again Markus..." Viktor would say
  7. Ser Viktor would nod in satisfaction with the selection "Hail his Holiness the High Pontiff!"
  8. An old friend who works hard and deserves the position +1
  9. Our own administration, seriously that is messed up.
  10. "A tide may roar into the shore, it may destroy everything in its path, but eventually every tide goes out and something that once was lost resurfaces from the waves. The war is not over." Viktor would remark
  11. "Courland may like to wear a white cloak but from where I'm standing that same white cloak is stained quite heavily. The war is not over." Viktor would remark
  12. In the time I've known sky he's been nothing but helpful to me and this community as a whole. I believe he'd do a great job +1
  13. Whilst I think you're an alright person and all around friendly, I do have a few issues, some ooc and some based on what I've seen in my time rping with you. I'm not sure if you've got what it takes to be a GM yet, but I wish you luck in future. I'm going to stay neutral on this one.
  14. Ooc: MC Name: Ended_ Do you have skype?: Nah Do you have Teamspeak?: Nah Are you a GM alt spying on us? I'm totally not wearing a wire right now! IC: Name: Benkt Place of Residence: I do not identify as a citizen of any country. How many fruit carts do you squat?: Is it normal to eat 10 lemons daily? Do you have battle experience?: Once fought the sea, nearly drowned in the shallow end, I'm an experienced veteran. Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: As long as I get pixels out of it.
  15. +1 The ET should be allowed to create events with more impact and destruction, that should also mean the destruction of parts of the region. And rebuilding you capital should make rp less stale and increase activity as you're actively trying to rebuild your settlement after something like this happens.