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  1. Ser Viktor Kovachev would express his rage, drawing his blade for future confrontation "I'll see every last Brawm in that fort spills blood into the snow!"
  2. He's perfect for the job, bring him back to the team. +1
  3. "Listen to the truth Courland else more needless blood will be spilt across these Godforsaken isles." Viktor would state "Else, are you warmongers and madmen, just as you described Emperor Philip, the one you supposedly fought to end tyranny?"
  4. "So some rouge kills a Staunton and they declare war? How delightful, they want to start a war even though a man who didn't represent Haense killed him." Viktor would frown "People of Axios, does it not strike you odd that he blames us all for the action of one man, that he would look for war when our kingdom commited no crime, I ask you to consider who is really in the right and who is the wrong."
  5. Ser Viktor remembers the time he smothered the feeble man in thanhium dust.
  6. Viktor would bow to his King and new Queen, swearing to protect them in the days to come.
  7. Definitely worthy of the position, give her a chance at the role. +1
  8. Viktor nods with approval as the Kingdom establishes a strong working and economic society.
  9. "Such great work in short time, our progress as a kingdom is excellent!" Viktor would remark
  10. Another good lore suggestion. If used by the ET correctly this could create interesting role play scenarios.
  11. I personally think this is a good idea if refined. It would make places like Haense, Urguan and other northern nations, etc, more interesting and diverse. Having to deal with these creatures if properly operated by the ET would be a fun change for the northern playerbase.
  12. They could do different chapters or series based on different time lines: Series 1: Exar kun Series 2: Mandalorian wars - birth of Darth Revan and start of the galactic civil war. Series 3: Darth Bane.
  13. That was uncalled for. As for the ET app. Immature, roleplay situations he creates are boring and the times I've come in contact with him he's had nothing but a bad attitude. -1