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  1. Viktor would wonder why a Blackwood, a northerner and staunch loyalist to Haense in the past would be making poor propaganda for Courland?
  2. Viktor would submit his vote to the Duma
  3. Major Courat removal
  4. "Primo Victoria!" Viktor Kovachev proclaims
  5. No, infinite hunger just means infinite regeneration which will make war claims even more of an issue, keep hunger the way it is.
  6. Daily reminder Kovachev's made Barbanov's kings

    1. Oodles


      Daily reminder, Carrions made Kovachevs dukes

  7. Free my man @Gridlock, he served his time!

  8. "If they were so worried about the Mordring they wouldn't have pushed one of their vassals into rebellion." Viktor remarks
  9. Count me in
  10. "As I recall Courland kidnapped Lady Tatiana Vanir during the Haense-Courland war, and how are you any better?" A raevir man comments
  11. Viktor Kovachev would look for Owyn's banners with approval, adding to the forces of the rebellion.
  12. Absolutely, topple is one of the smartest and most mature players I know, he'd be brilliant GM material and is exactly what LOTC needs +1
  13. Go ahead, Max would be a great fm +1
  14. "Perhaps the dwarves should have done the same with the Northern Union pact, hmm?" Viktor remarks
  15. "The hypocrisy of these 'oath keepers', did Courland not betray the trust of Emperor John II, who even married one of his relatives off to th in good faith, yet they still rebelled?" Viktor remarks