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  1. Royal Army of Haense

    Accepted, report to Alban for further orders. -Colonel, Viktor Kovachev
  2. [Trial]StokedOff's GM Application

    I've known StokedOff for a while now, and I have to say he's good at organising and solving problems if he puts his mind towards a situation. +1
  3. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

    Kevin is a devoted member and capable manager, I have no doubt in an FM position he would be extremely beneficial to the forums. +1
  4. Wapples' app

    I have no reason to hold a grudge against Joel. I am basing my criticism off of what happened on the wiki page, which this topic is based upon. I don't think it's fair that you'd debunk a logical response based on a roleplayed conflict that happened months ago, especially one that I have no interest in bringing up on this thread.
  5. Wapples' app

    I recall the many problems the wiki-team had regarding biased or historically inaccurate articles being made on the page, by Wooden. -1
  6. Thanks making an environment worse than LOTC

  7. Your View: Techlock

    So long as progressive technology is implemented to a limited degree where it won't hurt the medieval setting of the server (i.e. bows, swords and armour) then I personally don't have too many problems with it. Steampunk war-machines would be something I'd be interested in seeing or even hot-air-balloons and steam-boats. However there does need to be a line with this, many people come to this server looking for a medieval styled environment and that is something we should not fail to deliver. There also needs to be assurance that people don't powergame these items or make them overused or mainstream as that will just ruin the tone of the server.
  8. Another Map of Axios

    I can see you put a lot of time and effort into this. The detail is excellent.
  9. Planned Changes For Energy System

    The subject is based on the implementation of this system, something which many people do not appear happy with- You are changing the subject as this is not what you're addressing.
  10. I'm not a fan when people change the subject to try and get themselves out of a bad situation.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ImperialRoyalist


      i believe the point is, @Kowaman, people don't want to see new energy updates. They want to see nexus removed.

    3. Kowaman


      We are going to be trying this new system with the hopes it works better. Nexus will be removed, but this change didn't take too long to make and hopefully it will make the current system better for the rest of the map, without entirely breaking the game. Further, it will allow us to give a trial run for some ideas we had for 6.0, when Nexus will be removed.

      And regardless, the point of the thread was energy - not that Nexus is being removed. The subject was always energy - I never changed it. Nexus will be removed, but we're not going to make such a large change partway through a map. This system will be temporary, with the hope that it makes people's gameplay easier and more enjoyable.

    4. Archipelego



      im holding you to the 'nexus will be removed' bit. im saving this. <3

  11. Planned Changes For Energy System

    I feel you should focus on your current feedback and situation rather than opening a completely different subject and doing something drastic with this system. Otherwise you might just open another can of worms.
  12. 'Energy' Removal?

    This is something the Development team should have done in the first place. We should've had the option on whether or not we wanted this update. Had they done that I doubt they'd be getting this uproar from the community.
  13. My biggest problem with this update was the fact the development team kept it a complete secret. Players did not ask for this and were not allowed to make any feedback such as criticisms or other ideas before it was finally implemented. I don't see how keeping secrets from the community makes anything better, I see this consistently happening on the server quite often these days and it makes me wonder if our voices are being heard at all?
  14. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    Way to intrude on a group's private conversations.
  15. Activity Project - 9/7-9/13

    Question, why wasn't Alban (Haense) listed in the activity check this time?