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    Daeberos, a name of an elven lad. Born in a small, hidden village, he was known as a bored child; always venturing off to see the things he loved, the things he adored, cherished in the moments of grace. Being a wood-elf, he loved the beauty of nature, the saturation of plants and fruits, the tastes of vegetations. The life was a peaceful one, as a century had yet not to pass. Living outwards, on the trees, looking and scanning the horizon. He adored the forest, and the forest was more of a home to him than the village which he resided in. Like solid to gas, sublimation, the elf went from child to man. A great turn, and hoping to see a century pass, to be declared an adult. After the century had passed, due to his longevity in life, he was eventually brought up into the culture of his family. Even though he had adapted for this later, put into the perceptions of Aspectism, something forced onto him. He did not hate it, nor did he like it. However, it was something he could follow, and it gave him a purpose in life. However, Daeberos always wished to venture out into the forest. Delicate pieces of nature, flourishing flowers and blooming purple petals. But what was beyond? It was a known culture within his forest to learn the arts of combat, nothing too harsh, from childhood to adulthood until it was a sense of nature; like touch, like smell, like hearing and seeing, reflexes were to catch on. Eventually, Daeberos was given the opportunity to spread himself out from the forest. He left to see beyond, first finding a long stream, before making way to the mainland. Going pass, fields and fields, day in and out of feeding and survival. Eventually, he met a pack of elves. The elves whom seemed interesting, all into different hobbies, some of magic, some of guidance, loyalty, leadership, strength. And so, he was inspected in as a fellow elf, someone who could help the pack achieve their goals. Now, he found true purpose: not to just serve, but to learn. After joining the pack to achieve their goals Daeberos moved into Linandria waiting for his pack to start their journey.
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