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  1. I love you all my friends of LoTC, Happy days. See ya'll soon perhaps in the future, I'll come back eventually.

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    2. PieOnBreak


      I need 1 rep pls and then I'll finally leave.

    3. Genevieveee
    4. PieOnBreak


      Thanx frend <333 :feels:

  2. PieOnBreak

    [PK] The Wind Blows. . .

    The wind blows. . . They raise a hand to the wind, high above their head. A bundle of grass falls from their fingers to drift along with the wind. “The world is a peaceful place, in the correct places that is.” Said a figure in an all black cloak, features hidden from the world. -- The frame shifts, the figure standing atop a tall hill drenched in water as it storms. “I am not sure where it all went wrong, what I did to deserve this fate, why I was sucked into all this- something that I would never have done while alive.” The figure would say while throwing a rock down the hill to splash in one of many small puddles along the base of the hill, brushing back their hood to reveal the semi-transparent face of a dark elf that was once loved by some and hated by others. “I never wanted to kill those that I did, I never wanted to do what they made me do. Never in my life did I want to willingly kill another, which is why I have decided to do this one thing.” She said to the screeching wind, face to the sky as the rain platters down against the cloak she wears. -- The scene shifts again, a blur of places that have once been. The woman in the cloak stands upon a mountain somewhere in the world, snow falling around her cloaked figure. “They say it is a blessing, the ones who do this to us. I would disagree, when put to what I- and many others- have been put to, it is soon learned that it is more of a curse than a blessing. I can’t do half the things I used to be able to do, I can’t travel the world and visit the many peoples of this land and buy and sell wares, I can’t make friends with half the people I could before because they take it upon themselves to attack me because I am.. This creature that has been changed against my will.” She would say to herself, looking down the slope of the mountain. A flash of iron could be seen in her right hand, a dagger. Her gaze shifts down to look at the dagger as she lifts it in front of her, “I believe this, is the right choice. I haven’t been alive for long, but I think it is long enough especially if I am forced to live the way I am now.” She turns the dagger in hand so that the point is pressing against her cloaked chest, “My name is Vulryn, I spent my living days as a traveling merchant and my undead days as a servant to a delusional man. I lived for nearly two-hundred thirty-eight years and spent twenty-three years (262 in all) living as an undead.” She said with a silent sigh, inhaling as she continued. “This is how I choose to end my life, I won't come back, I won’t gather the strength to manifest. I believe it is past my time to move on.” She would finish with a whistle, black birds sailing past her carrying notes addressed to those few she needed to say something to. She would stand there for minutes, even hours more. Up until the moment she had gathered the strength to end it, snow piled up around her and atop her up to her knees. “I will be buried here until the melting of snow when perhaps someone might find my cloak and my belongings. And a note addressed to a specific person whom I don’t know is living.” She plunged the knife into her chest with this, the blade tearing the fabric of the cloak and going into her chest with barely an effort. “That is how it ends,” she whispered as she began to fade, cloak and her belongings falling into the snow to soon be buried beneath it. The birds that once flew, carrying notes of great importance arrived at specific places addressed to certain people. ((You know who you are.))
  3. PieOnBreak

    ask harold one questions

    1st question, Why only one question? 2nd question, Will you give my pie a kiss so I can advertise it as Harold's favorite pie?
  4. I'm going to keep making these posts, by the way, they improve my mood by a mile.


    Hope you're having a good day LoTC, keep the happy vibes and all that. I'm doing pretty well, but the real question is, how are you doing?

    1. Jondead


      Having a mental breakdown! Yay!

  5. If you're feeling down, take a minute to stand up, walk outside and enjoy the weather. If it's hot, go to a friends place to hang out, or to the pool. Just do something, Increased feelings of sadness can really affect your health and that's not a good thing. Just know that if you're feeling down and believe you have some form of depression or anything like that. Find a good friend, perhaps a best friend. Spend some time with them, talk to them about what you're feeling. It tends to help when you talk about how you're feeling, it may sound cheesy to say this, but just have a good time LoTC, We're all here for the fun of roleplay. 


    Happy hangin', 


  6. I never fear because discord exists :3
  7. PieOnBreak

    Pie's post of creatures and oddities!

    Skins are hard mang, I can't do no skins mang
  8. How do I apply an alternate account on the new forums?:thinkplant:

  9. :feels: I am going to post this here, enjoy.

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    2. PieOnBreak


      Not sure what to do so I've just been going around doing random things

    3. Jondead


      Random things is good. Do more random stuff. 

    4. PieOnBreak
  10. My minecraft wont download, rip in peace me. If you have any ways to help please pm me on discord @Alphapie#9210


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    2. PieOnBreak


      Nevermind, I just changed a few settings on the linux file and it was able to launch!

    3. Jondead
    4. PieOnBreak


      I also just recently found out it wasn't an error on my end but instead a data cap set by Comcast.

  11. PieOnBreak

    Goodbye ~ Fly high, fly far

    You done gone burnt yourself out mate, it's not healthy to play on a community such as this as often as you did when you joined. This community will eat one alive if not treated with care, good luck Unicorn, stay edgy.
  12. PieOnBreak

    Pie's post of creatures and oddities!

    On a side note; Commissions are open for free, if you want something made just pm my discord: AlphaPie#9210 with the details of what you want/skins. If you have a specific scene you would like to have on it you can also include the world download and the location of the spot, happy hunting!
  13. PieOnBreak

    [Denied][I] Quavinir's Game Moderator Application

    I don't know Quav much, but from what I have seen he is a very nice/ well-performing person! Good luck Quav! +0
  14. PieOnBreak

    Hi, I'm old.

    You're not a new player, but I don't want to re-render a "Welcome back" loop, so just imagine it says "Welcome back!".