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  1. I’ll be the queeeeeen!!!! White Castle!!!! +1
  2. Elle Laraethryn’s brow slowly arched upwards as she stood and read the missive with her arms crossed loosely and lazily. “I have faith in our Sohaer, as much as tbe next, but seriously? Pick me! Pick me!” She’d mockingly chime before tossing the document into a waste bin.
  3. All jokes aside, red’s your color.

  4. Skin: Legally Blonde Bid: 125 mina Skin: Kitty Bid: 100 mina
  5. Anyone getting upset with them for their reaction has no right to comment as who are you police someone who is in a state of distress? Their team lead gave them the go ahead, by the way to make the action they did pertaining to the Wiki. Secondly, @JokerLowI’m sorry that you’re going through all of this and that there are members of the community that took this as an opportunity to poke fun, directly or not, at you.
  6. Lexicons are not new to LoTC, @ Kalameet Izalith, and I fully support its reimplementation. +5
  7. To be honest, neither of us are very smart at all... just very loud.

  8. Princess Estelle Ruric de Frey spits her tea across the starch white tablecloth that covered the dinning room table which she, and her “sister from another mister”, sat at. A symphony of laughter escaped her form as she’d bring her right hand down hard upon the wooden surface with a bang! After a few moments of struggling to collect her composure, and a few supporting snickers from other witch, the witch would finally vocalize her thoughts; “Oh, how pathetic! Not only is a, supposed, ‘official document’ from the Kingdom of Norland published by someone who isn’t King; but, someone who clearly c
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