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    I can vouch for this, I was in the store trying to buy a Soda Pop.
  3. Gives the magic more spice, since it is a magic that currently does one thing and one thing only.
  4. [ST][Arcane] Liu Zao Hong

    I am overseeing him should this be accepted.
  5. Surprised they'd make you put up an app He's the REAL DEAL
  6. Night of the Red Widow

    (If your character was not at the event please do not respond to such as if they were. Simply wrote this because I haven’t written anything in quite some time.The spoilers include scene setting music I really thought helped set the mood. Enjoy!) [!] Deep within the forest on the outskirts of Haelun’or, the Silver City, a large mansion would rest easy. Beautiful brick and an apple orchard surrounding it on all ends, in proper Celeinite style. Rose bushes filled the gardens that reside directly behind the home, the only flowers that could be found in the entire garden. The hedges of these plant were about 9 feet tall that appeared to be a maze that led out to the orchards. However, our story is not about the house itself, it’s about what resides within. Numerous voices echoed throughout the halls of the enormous estate. Many mali’aheral and a few various paler humans. All the people within the estate looked rather wealthy, however, their physical complexion was poor. Bags under the eyes and very little light in the eyes. A few darker skinned, assuming Farfolk, moved about the home offering wine and horderves to the guests. It’s safe to assume this was a dinner party of sorts. The furniture of the house was exquisite, scarlet and black tones filled the home of the otherwise dark oak flooring. A chandelier hung in the foyer and many pieces of art depicting the same bloodline littered the walls of the castle. Two painting, in particular, stuck out, unlike the rest. Unlike the rest of the women that were either blonde or silver-haired, these two women had white hair. Their skin grey toned and their eyes a haunting blue. The paintings gave off an actual blue glow from their eyes on the portraits. One woman appeared happy and smiled, she looked younger and much more full of joy. The other looked much more serious and uptight, her posture perfect and her smile simple. In the farthest corner, of a side room, a younger looking blonde woman with dazzling violet pupils would be conversing with another blonde man. She’d take a sip of her wine as he spoke, her eyes scanned the room, however. It seemed she had little interest in what the man was actually saying. She wore a purple posh fur top that was rather form-fitting, showing off a little more than she should. A long floor length black skirt that rested above her midsection was the finishing piece of the outfit. The skirt was simple, as was the top, but her hair was perfectly straight down her back. Not a hair out of place. Her elongated ears would have two dangling earrings each, think Swarovski crystals. Within another room, assumingly the dining room, a woman that looked similar in style to the strange paintings. She wore a blue shoulderless dress that had sleeves much longer than the woman’s arms. Her teeth razor sharp as she laughed at a joke a pale red-haired man said to her. The two conversed in the dining room, sat directly beside each other. The witch drew some hair behind her elven ear as she moved in to whisper to him, raising her hair to cover the space between her lips and his ear. Outside was a crystal clear pool before the rose garden. A bar rested right by the door to this outside scene. At the bar sat a silver-haired woman, another elfess. Multiple shot glasses sat before her, all empty. The woman was rather loud in her demands for the bartender to hook her up with another drink. She wore a black leather trench coat and her hair was back in a ponytail, her eyes were a deep sea blue and her face had not a stitch of makeup, strange considering the rest of the women present at the party. [!] Upstairs, laid a beautifully decorated master bedroom. A bed far too big for one person layed against the wall in the middle of the room, a window directly behind it that allowed the moonlight to be one of the few sources of light in the room. A candelabrum with three lit black candles would rest beside the mirror of the vanity in which a blonde woman sat, her hair in luscious curls and she wore a silken red nightgown, the initials K.S embroidered into the upper right part of the torso. She’d be applying a seductive shade of red lipstick to her puckered lips, her eyeliner in iconic cat-eye style, and her lashes looked like the plucked spider legs - long and luscious. From within the closest would escape another blonde girl, her facial structure would be similar to that of the infamous Kypris’dionne, who prepped herself for the party. The other blonde held a red lace dress, short, semi-see-through, and tight, definitely not for the one holding it. She’d drop it and the black silk wrapped hanger onto the bed before her, smiling to Kypris. “You look beautiful… even for a widow.” The blonde muttered, her eyes scanning the blonde as she moved closer to stand behind her, placing her own well-pampered hands onto Kypris’ shoulders. “Not the first time I’ve played this part, however, this will be the last. Cece, care to fetch my boots?” Kypris would say with a smile as she’d turn back to, assumingly Cecily Lalaurie. Cecily moved across the room and back for the closet pulling a pair of leather thigh high boots, heeled. The bottoms were red to match the dress to perfection. She brought them to Kypris and handed them off, watching her put them on one by one. “Thank god I don’t look like what I’ve been through, Cece. I’m lucky to have a friend as faithful as you.” She’d smirk, rising now standing roughly an inch above the woman. She’d step over the stool and move towards the bed, picking up the dress and looking at it. “And as bad as all those things were, I felt so good through it all; because of you.” Cecily smiled to Kypris rather sheepishly, moving closer to her as she’d flip some of her curly hair over her shoulder. “You’ve been there for me, I can’t help but do the same for you.” Kypris turned away, her face stretching sour. She’d move behind the byōbu, upon the screen depicted two star-crossed lovers, the man offering the woman a bouquet of roses. Once she was done changing and moved back from behind the wall, her sleeveless red lace dress fit her frame perfectly. Upon her neck was a black choker with a silver pendant hanging from it, a red rune carved into the metal. Cecily lifted a brow as she saw Kypris’ face, gulping as she did her eyes could not be ripped from the medallion. “What’s wrong, llir?” Kypris moved quickly over to Cecily, grasping her face. She’d brush her cheek with her thumbnail, painted red as well. “Don’t **** this up tonight, got it?” [!] Kypris’dionne moved down the grand staircase into the foyer. Cecily followed shortly behind in a long cerulean dress with no sleeves and a low cut v-neck. All eyes were on her as the people watched her move down the steps, most eyes on her pendant around her neck. As she moved down the steps she was greeted with smiles and empathetic hugs or hand gestures. Cecily stayed closed behind Kypris, remaining silent. After a few seconds with each person, Cecily would place her hand on Kypris’ back and lead her along to the next person. The people were gathered to be there for Kypris’dionne, the new widow of the Sintels. The saddest part of it all, she carried a child, something she was certain would never happen again, but it did. Soon they reached the corner room, the blonde from earlier ran to Kypris and embraced her tightly. Kypris, despite everything, did not shed a single tear. The blonde woman whispered into Kypris’ ear as they embraced. “Why are you wearing that?” The woman ushered into Kypris’ clipped and scarred ear. “He gave it to me.” It appeared like Kypris forcefully ripped herself free from the woman’s embrace, looking at her with a forced smile. She’d move further into the home the main room, where a grand fireplace rested. A gold sign rested on the wall before the room, warning the maidens of ice to refrain from this room. Kypris entered with a bright white smile, moving directly for another woman standing with, presumably, her husband. The two redheads dressed head to toe in black and they both looked rather haunting, their features sickly. The woman extended a hand onto Kypris’ and gave it a tight squeeze as tears rolled down her cheeks. Cecily followed shortly behind but kept her distance as the trio spoke. The ginger woman would seemingly be squeezing Kypris’ hand rather tightly before she forced the girl closer. Her free hand reaching for the medallion around Kypris’ neck. “No wonder he put a leash on a girl like you.” The woman would hiss to Kypris, her green snake-like eyes looking directly at Kypris now, her face showing nothing but disgust. “Release me now, before I make a scene.” Kypris would retort, her face showing obvious aggression that also lingered in her tone of voice. “You think even half these people are here for you? No, you’re sadly mistaken, little girl. They either are here to show respects for your mis- dead husband or they want to see if it’s true. If you carry Adorellan’s seed. Not! Because they care about you or that baby, but because they want to place bets on which of them will slit your throat first.” The woman violently dug her nails into Kypris’ skin before she’d rip them free, drawing blood. Cecily moved swiftly behind Kypris, placing her hand on her right shoulder to fully push her away from the duo, who watched as the blondes made their way out of the room. At that point, everyone was watching the two escape, but none of them said a word or followed. The elderly ginger woman moved into the center of the room, placing her hands on the back of the sofa with a devilish grin, she looked around the room of similar sickly house guests. She looked to one, in particular, a white-haired man with sunken in cheeks. “How doth the little crocodile, improve her shining tail, and pour water from the fountain of youth on every shining scale! How cheerfully she seems to grin, how neatly spread her claws, and welcomes little fish in with gently smiling jaws. Remember why we’re here.” [!] Kypris’dionne rushed past groups of people who tried to get her attention, tears rushing down her cheeks in black droplets. Cecily did her best to follow Kypris, however she was much quicker to get outside into the cold. The woman in the leather trench coat turned and rose from her seat as Kypris rushed into the rose garden hedge maze. Cecily stopped at the entrance with a heavy sigh, turning back to the house to see all of the guests either looking through windows of the various floors or outside watching, the majority had an unsettling smile on their lips. The trench coat elfess moved through the crowd from inside where she had gone to retrieve a lavender-haired girl, she looked similar to the happy one in the portraits, except she lost the traits of the curse. The two women ran to Cecily’s side and began to whisper to her as the witch from earlier, the one in the blue dress, moved outside as well and up to the trio before the hedge maze. “I’ll go get her.” The witch made haste through the wonderful smelling maze after the running blonde, the sounds of her sobs lead the witch easily to her. The maze led to a statue of Adorellan and Kypris locked in a kiss, a fountain piece. Kypris would be sobbing on her knees against the fountain. The witch approached slowly, a sharp frown forming on her face as she grew closer to the blonde. “To think it wouldn’t be your beauty that grabbed the attention of everyone here tonight.” The witch chuckled free to Kypris, moving to bend down beside her, wobbling a bit on her heels. Kypris looked back to the witch, smiling a bit as she’d run her nailed digits under both her eyes to wipe away the smudged makeup. “Svette, my house is full of people with the powers of gods and monsters scarier than the ones that haunt my darkest thoughts. None of which I can trust.” Svette, presumingly, would sigh heavily and move to help the maiden to her feet. As the two rose they’d look to the fountain. “Adorellan would want you to be strong, he’d want you to show them the queen you are. He loved you for more than your beauty, he loved you because he knew what you were capable of, and how you did it with a smile.” Kypris whimpered as she looked at Svette, clenching her fists as she moved away from the woman. “Maybe he would’ve stuck around for me if I had been baptized in ice, like you.” Svette stormed after the woman, turning her forcefully around by her shoulder. “Enough of that, you know my fate isn’t something you would ever want, even if it would’ve kept him around.” Kypris sighs heavily as she faced Svette head on. “I would do anything to see him again. Without him Svette, I long for death, but because of him I can never have it.” Svette reached a hand up to touch Kypris’ cheek as she’d struggle for the words to speak. “Kypris...” Kypris reached a hand up to press Svette’s cold hand against her face, squeezing it a bit. She’d choke out a few words, slowly. “Do you still feel for me?” Svette lowered her gaze to look at the woman before her. Using the hand Kypris held to brush away another black tear. “What happened to that? You chose him.” Slowly the two women moved away from one another, Kypris moving back for the home with a frenzy of muttered curses, this time leaving Svette alone in the snow.
  7. To Gwyneth, The Golden

    The young Izalith presenting woman paced in her home as she'd pinch the bridge of her nose, having heard the news. She'd sigh heavily as she'd reach the window, looking over towards the Council Halls. "Oh, my dear Gwyneth, what have you done?"
  8. how ya doin girl

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  9. The Tailor

    Give me a skin ***** Minecraft username: Whispess Character race (N/A if not applicable to the skin): N/A Type of skin you're after (Armour/Clothing/Other): Clothing LINK to possible artwork to base skin off of: I sent you it Intended use for skin (Personal/ Guild/ Event/ Other): Personal Offered price: How much do you want?
  10. Anyone interested in playing a Golem?

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  11. MC Name: Whispess Character's Name: Eileen Character's Age: 50-60? Character's Race: Fjarriauga, formerly Human What magic(s) will you be learning?: Conjuration Teacher's MC Name: DevBug Teacher's RP Name: Lenniel Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do
  12. A Cowboy Rides Away

    Going to miss you so much...
  13. Slaying the Serpent 18th of Sun’s Smile, 1637 Within the Silver City of Haelun’or, judgment has been made. The snake he was, Cinh’llytn has been executed and branded impure for his crimes against the Silver City and its inhabitants. Countless strikes of impurity and malicious intent were portrayed by the late, Cinh’llytn. Even in his dying breaths he chose to lie and manipulate his way out, an attempt to slither his way out of judgement. With his demise, we can already see a brighter future for elchihi. A blossoming rose in the garden of life. The loss of one shall bring the life of many. Should he return by means of resurrection, he is to be banished and removed on sight. Ay’Larihei MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Maheral, Cenwall Maeyr’onn Okarir’maehr, Loin’Gale Tilruir’maehr, Arelion Laurir’ante Okarir’thilln Ralnor Kelyarus Secretary, Lelien Adil