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    this guy is not that bad. He's actually pretty nice
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    +1 rep, she's a great player.
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    Thanatos was born in 1628, during the month of Malin's Welcome. He was born to a small family in the seat of the kingdom of Norland, Vjorhelm. As a young child, he always looked up to his parents, his father being a member of the ruric guard and his mother being a pianist. Through his adolescence, he watched as tensions grew between the crusaders of Metz and people of his homeland. With wars raging, his father was often out of home, so he spent a great deal of time learning music from his mother. Thanatos began assisting in providing for his family early on at this point, being a bard and earning mina via impeccable use of his voice and song. Unfortunately, while he was away from the kingdom Norland was put to siege. His father was slain before the walls fell, and during the city's raze as was his mother. Now without a home, and no political ties, Thanatos fled to Haense, and it was with them he made the journey from Axios during the thanhic apocalypse. Now in Atlas, with no family, home, or real connections, Thanatos is ready to start anew, with only his song as his companion for now.