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  1. can u stop pooping on my friends??

    1. Tsuyose
    2. Jeiku


      everyone that's not you

    3. Tsuyose


      i don't know what ur talking about

  2. Creative Wizard Tag

    let the creative wizard choose the color they want i mean they are the creative wizard here
  3. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  4. Forum Moderator Update Log - March 2018

    i hate GMs
  5. A thorn in our sides.

    "Ha! Good luck with that, Cahir." Commented the blonde Meliodas.
  6. Creamiest's Event Team Actor application

    i tried to help u last time idk about this one
  7. yeah nah

    send me some snaps sam
  8. [Denied]Lumiin's Game Moderator Application

    they're ight
  9. Automatons, Animii

    hell yeah
  10. A Farewell to a Family

    yo **** funny tho
  11. A Farewell to a Family

    you guys aren't serious right?
  12. [Accepted] Beam Me Up Scotty

    "eventually" ya sure come back
  13. [Trial]SpiffyTaylor's GM Application

    Taylor is an amazing man and deserves the best, I love him a lot and I have a great deal of trust in him, I support him 220%. +1
  14. [Trial]Frott's Game Moderator Application

    An amazing man that deserves a position on the GM team, has my full support +1
  15. [Denied][GM] Hex

    I miss your sister could I ask for your permission to ask her for her hand in marriage? +1 btw but a serious question.