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  1. What if people are writing on your profile instead?

    1. Jeiku


      it'd make me feel better 

  2. i wish people would stop writing on your profile 

    1. Hyena


      The red tag on a hyena just inspires status updates

  3. Fuze's Art Shop

    p good, too bad i dont have mina only moolah
  4. xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    best choice dont let it slide by again! +1
  5. LT Announcement Pt. 1

    im happy about the magic list
  6. highwaymen disposal

    good minecraft montage music
  7. Nogoths en' tel' Taure [WIP lore]

    woah there, unbaed! be careful, you might cut yourself on that edge!
  8. bye

    see ya teega
  9. [Creature Lore] Unicorns

  10. Ugandan Knuckles Art Store

    im waiting for my yuri please
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  12. Changes to Archons

  13. Afflicted - The Second Coming

    :******) +1 good read good lore
  14. Impurity amongst us

    "I've distanced myself from this city for many reasons, rightfully so." A weaver's expressionless tone released, reminding himself in his quarters.