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  1. A grizzled dwarf would stand and gaze in wonder at the gates of Kal’Evraal. The City of Steel would provide him many memories of Kal’Akash, amongst those would be one of a trade gone wrong, which had resulted in the burn marks which still blemished his skin. He would be bejewelled from head to toe with profits from his travels, it is clear he is an elder of the Goldhand clan. Notably, a finely decorated sheath would be visible on both his left and right hip. Perhaps resting inside these would be the much speculated, legendary twin daggers of the Goldhand Clan – Parathak and Krest. ~ ‘The Age of History’ ushered in by Clanlord Finnian, where the Goldhand clan turned from merchanting to treasure hunting had proved to be very profitable for this dwarf. He had left behind his position as Clanlord and Grand Champion of Urguan, in order to find great treasure abroad. Despite the riches this brought him, he was still susceptible to time. He was now old, grey, and tired of the life of a treasure hunter. With a full belly, and even fuller pockets, it was now time for Conan Goldhand to return home. ~ Knowing very little of the current affairs, he would ask the grunt on gate duty to pass on the message that Conan Goldhand has returned and wishes to meet whoever is now at the helm of the Goldhand Clan, and whoever is now Grand King.
  2. @Space Baldur posts underneath "Selling wool for 8 minas per 64, send a bird for details." (Redmayne IGN)
  3. WOOL FOR SALE "64 Strips of t'eh finest Grimlee wool fer sale fer just 25 10 minas!" "If you wish to place an order, jus' send a note to me, Baldur Grimlee ((Redmayne)) , or visit our race course located just off the southern road. ((400,400))"
  4. y keyboard's so broke 

  5. Hey, sorry for only just getting around to asking about this, but if possible please could you pm me the reasons my first AT app got denied, thanks a lot.

  6. Ah, you watch preacher too? ;)

  7. Hey. Could I get a ts ban? I regret asking for one. :/

  8. I got the two swords renamed in blue and gold and bold, both wish sharp 1 unb1 on! :)


  9. -=+=- Maquatil -=+=- The Red Crow, Symbol of the Maquatils Maquatil, formed on the Amber Cold, 1547, by Rolf Leavy. Is a mercenary group, loyal to the coin. Currently, they've swore their blades to the dwarves, and are based Nordland. Plans for a fort have been approved, however is yet to be built. They currently have 2 loyal men, and are greatly expanding each day. Rolf Leavy, Founder and current owner. -=+=- Formations -=+=- Due to first fighting with the dwarves, they've adopted their formations. For those unaware, these are: Vel Vel is the dwarven command for "Vertical line" often the most used of the main three commands, a vel is most commonly used for marching, and/or for an intimidation factor. The leader always stands at the front. Aemiz Aemiz is the dwarven command for "Horizontal line" used for many a cause, but never marching. Once again, it always has the leader in front. Tekom Tekom, is a box, with the leader in the middle, and those of importance inside. The line must not pass the leader, or break formation during a march. It is rarely used for marching, and when it is, only the best soldiers use it, due to it's difficulty to maintain. -=+=- Payment -=+=- Payment is dependant on who's side they're fighting on. Unlike other mercenary group, Maquatil pays without failure. Payments can range from 10 - 1000 minas. The large range is simply an educated guess, due to many a nation willing to pay large quantities of money. -=+=- Armour -=+=- Every Maquatil member is forced to wear the armour. Talk to Rolf if you wish to have your armour adapted so you can remove your helmet easily. ((Pm and I'll edit the skin and put your head on. http://imgur.com/pqJNNc -=+=- Members -=+=- Rolf Leavy - Founder, Alive and well. Vulen - Recruit, Alive and well. -=+=- Joining -=+=- Joining is extremely simple! Just fill out this form and you can sign up today. MC Name : RP Name: Timezone (Gmt, Est, etc.): Do you have Teamspeak?: Why do you wish to join Maquatil?: Do you swear your loyalty to Rolf Leavy?:
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