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  1. Moonman

    Imperial Proclamation

    Ayo as of today i proclaim myself Tyrone 1st of his name, Super Kangz and achieve the supreme position of the super kang of the Glorious nation of Zimbabwe, furthermore i proclaim the creation of a new state in which everyone is kangz but i'm the super kang, These are the territorial boundaries of the Supreme State, if you are apart of a political entity which is located within the following boundaries, you have 7 saint days to bend the knees and kiss the Imperial ring on Tyrone's hand or you will be forcefully evicted. All loyal subjects will be wholesomely rewarded, Dominion elves will be captured and hung on the spot. Everyone else is allowed as long as they bend the knee to the supreme kang. - Signed by Super supreme kangz Tyrone I -
  2. Moonman

    Is this a roleplay server?

    all these freebuild nations r starting to make my head spin, what lands does she own?
  3. Moonman


    "Four shall wake him, and four shall see, an ending for serenity. Four brother’s blood, here is the key, unlocking death's eternity."
  4. Moonman

    Pact of Kangz

    ooga booga we are kangz and we wanna be recognized Signed by Irrelevant Kang #1 Signed by Irrelevant Kang #2
  5. Moonman

    20k x 20k Map for Server

    20 by 20k though.. people already think rp is decentralised in atlas and atlas is like a 10th of this map there is no way to cut the map and make it look good with the way it is designed, nobody likes random invisible walls which is why we almost always had water around.
  6. Moonman

    20k x 20k Map for Server

    thing is theres probably already a map planned for 7.0, it wouldnt make sense lore wise to scrap it altogether.
  7. Moonman

    20k x 20k Map for Server

    the current map is 8x5k and people still find it too big and complain about rp being too decentralised, i doubt getting a 20k x 20k map would do that any good lol
  8. Moonman

    Magic of the Oblivion

    meh there's enough dark edgy magics as there is, i wouldn't mind more light ones tbhé
  9. Moonman

    Introduction and Advice

    idk i think its pretty rare for established noble families to just accept some random new guy that they dont know into their families, Infact most people will never give you a rank that high without knowing you personally. The best way to reach a position is to start at the bottom and work your way up, making yourself known, showing others that you are here to stay and that you want to become big. There is also the option to start a family but usually no one will take you seriously until you reach a certain amount of power and influence which becomes a hard thing to do if you are practically new to the whole game of politics in the human realms. You could also try to become a vassal of some big human nation and build your way up that way, but i wouldn't recommend making your own settlement unless you have friends to play with, because otherwise you'll feel as though your village or town is always deserted and you'll feel like you dont want to play. So my biggest suggestion would be to join one of the big human settlements and just start out as someone small, like a guard or a soldier or a merchant, and build your influence up until you can be recognized as more than that. It's rare for people to just join up and suddenly become nobles, this only happens if you have ooc influence on the server like for example vege, he can make any random character and he will always be able to build him into some sort of leader because people know him ooc and will be willing to join him which bolster his claims of power, this is simply not possible with someone new who knows no other players.
  10. that title sounds wrong though
  11. Moonman

    Lotc Live: Meeting father!

    Damn i guess amias is gonna have competition now.
  12. Moonman

    The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition

    ((ayo cmonbruh why u using the KKK cross we cool?))
  13. Moonman

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    ok well i'm angry because my free food got snatched from me, i gotta vote for it now cmonbruh.
  14. Moonman

    [Bounty] [Unique] [Very Hard] Khurmt

    Almisael heads for the wonkawoods (1 idol)
  15. Moonman

    Looking for a Updated Map (Paying)

    I would like to purchase a custom made map of the current world of atlas with it's constituant nations and their borders updated as of today. I'll pay even higher if the map contains the location and names at least 2 cities per nation (Capital and second biggest city, if there is one, if the nation only has a capital then just it) Prices can be negotiated via PMs First come first served.