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  1. I've not played on this server for about 5-6 years... 

    Be honest, is it realistic I could ever rejoin the server without being SEVERELY behind?

    I like the gameplay but med school applications and jobs and relationships limit me from immersing myself in the lore of this server as heavily as I did before HA. 

    1. DesiredBreakfast


      Short answer, No. As long as your goals don’t require a extreme amount of play time then you can roleplay however much you wish.


      The only time I’d say that a lack of time would be a serious issue would be if you are trying to play a person of power or importance just because of the amount of time you have in invest into the server. It could also make learning Magic difficult if you don’t have enough time to interact with teachers.


      If you end up coming back it’d probably be best to play an elf(or basically anything other than a human) for the long life due to your lack of time to RP regularly.

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