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    Oops, I accidentally copy pasted my bio for my roleplay scenario. Here’s the appropriate description for the roleplay. “Here’s a question for you – tell me, what brings about wealth and prominence for an individual?”, said Muireal, with visible confidence and determination, “That’s right, adventure! Adventure in one way or another, be it within the walls of this grand city or outside the expanses of this empire, always guarantees reward, and that reward is bountiful fame! As for my case, being a proud Elven scholar, I would most certainly say I have come here for the pursuit of knowledge, one encompassing the innerworkings of this world, with the ultimate goal of consolidate and developing our understanding of the natural world. Only then, after I complete this adventure, not necessarily one that is explorative in nature, will I be able to attain my ambitions.”
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    Born a bastard to the now fallen house of Aedonin, Muireal had always contemplated his purpose in the land of Arcas, being one entitled to no heritage, no family and no homeland. Even with these hindrances, it did not deter his unassailable determination to realise his own greatness, for he desires to usher in a new era of prominence to his family name. Though he was a bastard, Muireal was incorporated to the Aedonin household as a result of his remarkable talent in the Arcane, which was recognized by his father, who was an aficionado for all things mystical. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm for the mystical also included that which was taboo in nature, thus causing the house’s damnation and ultimate downfall, as its estate was razed and its residents slaughtered, all under the grounds of high treason. In merit to his personal wit, Muireal, aged 16, managed to escape on that fateful day, though he was essentially nameless in society, only possessing his expansive knowledge of his household and of the obsolete Arcane, taught to him only during his youth. Thus, he embarked for the land of Arcas, where he began his climb back up the ladder of social status, beginning as an apprentice of a lumberjack in a rather unknown village, gradually culminating a fancy reputation through his in-depth cognizance of magic, not necessarily how to use it, but only what it was. Over the years, he saved up money periodically to expand on his knowledge of magic by attempting to self-learn the art without any form of instruction, much to no avail. However, he became adept in the politics and history of the land of Arcas, channeling his talent for the Arcane for more... mundane activities. Nonetheless, he still had an innate, burning desire to master the arts, with a particular interest in Evocation, of which he suppressed in favour of impressing with his simple, cheap Arcane tricks. This continued for over 20 years, until one day, he was summoned to the Silver State of Haelun’or for studies in Arcane magic, in recognition of his dormant talent that he now plans to nurture into fruition. Now, finally being given the chance to realise his ambitions, Muireal is certainly set on walking his path to greatness, which, to him, is one a providence, bestowed upon him by the benevolence of fate and destiny.
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