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  1. Sand Men [Recruiting]

    IRP Name: Khalifa Freyrsson Taheri Ign: Fylkirate Irp race: Human - Nord-Farfolk Skype: Medz345 Time zone: CST
  2. [Contributor] _Sug's GM Contributor Application

    Hail Sug, You have my support, you deserve the spot to do great things for villainy on LoTC. From, Daekra
  3. The Agents of The Archaengul: Ascended Rewrite II

    Dear Master Sage Delaselva, Thank you to you and your peers that have invested time into this rewrite. As an Ascended rising the ranks, I appreciate the changes to come which I hope come swiftly. I've seen the project grow gradually over my many weeks of LoTC and to see it posted makes my day brighter. Ave Aeriel, may the reformation change our characters for the better. Sincerely, Daekra
  4. [Ascended] Kinre 'Serpent' Solli'gra's Student Application MC name: Daekra Character's name and age: Kinre 'Serpent' Solli'gra [18] Character’s Race: Highlander What magic(s) will you be learning?: Blue Sect Who will be teaching you (MC Name)?: Jallentime Who will be teaching you (RP Name)?: Heial Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  5. Asimulum's New Wiki App

    You deserve the position, I see a lot of potential. +1
  6. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Pandan Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Leothyn Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Cybering Character Witnesses (Name(s)): LadyMoraTheVamp Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Hello, I would like to sincerely apologise for my action which breeched the rules I agreed to follow. To summarise the situation it occurred six months ago on August 23, 2015 when my character (Daekra Solli'gra) was in a relationship with LadyMoraTheVamp's character (Aria L'amoor). Our characters met in Felsen and since then they've been close but when fading to black we ended up using explicit emotes in whisper chat. We were then caught by Pandan and required to face the consequence of being banned for three months. Soon after I talked with some friends on Skype that were apart of Lord of the Craft that explained the situation to me. It was embarrassing to talk about it and it doesn't feel much better now but I'm willing to swallow my pride if it gives me a chance to set things right with the server. Furthermore I'll admit that I was being naive at the time when I broke the rule of no forms of cybering on the server. As stated by the GM at the time Pandan handling the situation at that time I was required to wait 3 months after the incident to make an appeal. Currently I've taken approximately 6 months into waiting because of the time needed build up the confidence required to ask for forgiveness of the staff along with gaining a more mature mindset on roleplay. Thank you for considering my appeal and I wish the server the best take care. Screenshots/Vids (Link): -
  7. ⌘ Daekra Solli'gra ⌘

    Daekra Solli'gra Society: "Tell us some basic things about yourself." Society: "What would most people call you?" Me: "I use the name 'Frost' whenever I want to lie." Society: "How old are you, in terms of years?" Me: "Hmm... I existed before you were ugly which may translate to twenty one years of age." Society: "I'd hate to ask this but... are you a male or a female?" Me: "I carry a spare dagger at all times... in my back pocket, but yes I am a male." Society: "Please tell me you're not a human." Me: "I'm obviously a human, how'd you think I'm so messed up?" Society: "How's life treating you at this time?" Me: "Better than my victims." Society: "I'm afraid to see what the creator has conjured up..." Society: "How tall are you?" Me: "Tall enough to hang you from a tree." Society: "Are you fat?" Me: "I'm not your mother, am I?" Society: "Well, what does your body even look like?" Me: "I guess muscular enough to attract your mother." Society: "What do your eyes look like?" Me: "My eyes are a unique dull silver due to rotter's acid, still I'm able to see decently." Society: "What's with the long hair?" Me: "Helps me to block out society." Society: "So, how's the sun been treating you?" Me: "I guess I'm much lighter than those Caliphate guys." Society: "Have any kind of markings or tattoos?" Me: "Well... I do have quite the nice dragon tattoo on my right arm." "How healthy are you these days?" "Eh... it's not my health you should worry about." Society: "What... is wrong with you!?" Me: "I'll let you figure that out when I'm torturing you." Society: "W-What do you have in there..." Me: "Anything with the ability to cause pain or suffering to those in my way." Society: "Please... don't tell me more..." Me: "Nah... I'll just /show/ you more..." Society: "I'm not too sure if I want to know about you" Society: "I don't have to ask if your a good guy or not, do I?" Me: "I'm no good guy, that's for sure." Society: "Iblees could be the only one you worship." Me: "I'm my own God, someday all of Vailor will think so too." Society: "I hope the church could do something about you." Me: "Don't care, I'll do anything that prevents me from being flayed." Society: "Who are you loyal to?" Me: "Me, myself and I." Society: "People like you shouldn't have jobs." Me: "I know but I'm still a bounty hunter." Society: "What are you known as these days?" Me: "Pass." Society: "Have any sort of profession that doesn't include pain?" Me: "I cut down trees to recreate the feeling of splitting a skull then I shape it into something useful." Society: "Any special talents?" Me: "Playing the violin and causing mental suffering to others seems to be unique." Society: "Tell me your weaknesses." Me: "Women, alcohol and bad stamina don't mix very well." Society: "A person like you, could never be unarmed..." Society: "What's your fighting style?" Me: "I've always wanted to dual wield, makes better use of my hands." Society: "Trained in any kinds of weaponry?" Me: "Axes to chop, dagger to slit, a bow in case if I'm too lazy to walk." Society: "What is your weapon of choice?" Me:"Emotions" Society: "I wonder what's more sad... your life or me asking about it." Society: "I can only imagine how proud your parents must be." Me: "Pfft... only thing I needed them for was to have me born." Society: "I could only hope some sibling will give you proper mental guidance." Me: "If I had any, I'd kill them to erase any emotional attachments." Society: "Care to have children some day and further devalue the gene pool?" Me: "Ew." Society: "Have any pets?" Me: "I see humans, orcs, elves, you name it... is lower than me." Society: "I don't want to ask about your past..." "I'll tell you soon after I dump this body."
  8. The Bard's Guild

    I) Full Name: Daekra Solli'gra II) Any existing ties, worth notice: Squire of the Lancers of Dour Watch. III) Place of origin: Northern Mountains. IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, music or literature) for specialism: Music V) Current status of Citizenship (Salvian, or otherwise): Salvian. VI) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: Enlightenment and to express myself in the musical arts. VII) Potential projects you may aspire to do: Anything from plays, balls or weddings would be early ambitions. VIII) Does Salvus represent peace, or war? Peace. IX) Where is the Republic located, currently? Capital of Leon, Northern Vailor. X) Which holds more heavier punishment: Racism or Anti-Enlightenment? Anti-Enlightenment XII) Which body holds highest power within the Republic? Guilds. XII) How often may the Curator of the Bards be changed, and what does this coincide with? Sixteen years with an election. OOC Section: I) Do you have Skype, for contact and general purposes? If so, what is your Skype name? Medz345 II) Do you have any questions, thoughts or confusions about what the Bards are, or what they do: or even, just wanting to challenge its existence? None.
  9. Out-Of-Character Information What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: Leothyn How old are you?: 16 years of age Are you aware the server is PG-13?: Quite Have you applied to this server before?: Negative Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Indeed What’s the rule you agree with the most?: I see all rules to be equal in importance. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?: I'm capable of reading, but I'd prefer to have . How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: Through the power of the internet (Google, to be specific) Definitions What is roleplaying?: It is a... erm... *flips through notebook* It is a gathering of literal minds to act as a character created by them in universe guided by simple laws to allow for a smooth experience of creating stories and plots. What is metagaming? Well, it is the indecent act of knowing 'unknown' information to which your character has not been exposed to, such as knowing a stranger's name, what they had for breakfast, their secret collection of female fragrances. What is powergaming?: A simple explanation is Ciri from Witcher 3, a reasonable explanation is the player's bubbling adrenaline to override all common laws of nature and physics in which he/she would be able to impossible stunts such as twer... *cough cough* I mean doing backflips, having eyes in the back of their head (not literal) or double jumping. In-Character Information Name: Daekra Solli'gra Gender: Male Race: Human Age: 18 years old Biography "A wolf that never hunts, is a wolf that never eats." It was cold, the firsts wisps of air that touched my fragile body as I was born in a world of pain and suffering but one of magnificence and wonder. As I began to walk, talk and act like those who surrounded me in the small village I grew up in, I was sent on a journey at the age of sixteen to find my own fortune. I was skeptical at first, thinking of all the horrible possibilities that could lead to my death, but then a spark of curiosity was felt as I exited the walls that protected me from the war that ravaged the land between the Reformed Kingdom of Oren and the Silver Enclave of Haelun'or. I foraged, fished, hunted and did my best to survive my early days as a free man, traveling throughout the 'Northern Mountains' as I and many others landed in the 'Isles of Vailor' which further enticed my lust of knowledge as new mysteries surrounded the new frontier. As I became the age of eighteen I started to travel to cities, exploring the expansive streets hugged by stone walls and the bustling populace that aimed to gain profit. I studied different forms of culture through books as I strived to fit in with the common folk, I was ample in blending in with the common crowd which would prove useful, now I must continue my pursuit of power so that I may become more than I am now. Personality Traits Psychopath Charismatic Manipulative Calm Intelligent Polite Charming Kind Ambitions Learn violin Become a bard Train with axes Train with bows Train with daggers Train with mental magic Find a lover Become married Become a father Become a witcher Create a settlement Strengths/Talents Agile Recovery Perception Stealth Weaknesses/Inabilities Women Alcohol Stamina Appearance Daekra is 6'1 in height, 173 lbs. He has mild muscular features with an agile fit as he is of a lean mesomorph build. His hair is wavy when long but more straight when cut short, at this time it is long and wavy. He has a dragon tattoo on his right arm, his skin is pale like most northerners. He has his 'canine' teeth sharpened and he has numerous deep but healed scratch marks on his back from multiple animal attacks during his time surviving in the northern mountains.