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  1. Give me your love!
  2. (RP) Name: Mongo Foxburr Race (No Bigguns!): Halfling Weapon of choice: Fish'n Pole or Slingshot Experience: Caught sum pretty good sized fish. Why do you want to join?: Tuh follow Rudigar (OOC) MC Name: Mrlollytime Skype: You have it :)
  3. No worries mine's not on the list either!
  4. (Do you do assassinations or hits?)
  5. +1 for that skype id and for the Sutican style that isn't so lick and stick like some other nations. Pick this ***** since he likes building and sometimes designing stuff. (When I'm not involved)
  6. ((Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.- Some dead person))
  7. +1 Good all around person, and always very helpful!
  8. +1, Oath good sir
  9. The head curator would find the parchment while closing the atheneum, luckily he would review it before throwing it away as trash. Upon finding the important well written theory he would close the gates and proceed to put the parchment in the hidden atheneum vaults to be saved for safe keeping.
  10. As Fenwick and Mongo run baskets full of food to the feasting area, more and more start to arrive!
  11. My attempt at some skins so far. I'll add more if I get more done in time! (Vaynth is killing it!) Please don't be to harsh, I'm always looking for how to detail skins better.
  12. Mongo would push the last bits of burnt wood into the ocean before returning to his freshly finished burrow where he would hear about the festival and pie baking contest on the way.. "O' I'm going to bake the most amazin' pie they 'ave ever seen!" he would then run into his burrow and pull out all his pots and pans!
  13. Your avatar is way to cute to not at least try @Jaeden!
  14. BASIC INFORMATION « OUT OF CHARACTER NAME » Mrlollytime « IN CHARACTER NAME » Shynys Itesti « SURNAME » « NAME » Shynys Itesti « CLASS » C1 PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION « DATE OF BIRTH » 12th Amber Cold, 1448 « HEIGHT & WEIGHT » 6ft., 165 « EYE, SKIN & HAIR COLOR » Icy Blue Eyes, Tanned Skin, Brown Hair « CULTURE » Sutican, Elf « MARKINGS » none PERSONAL INFORMATION « HOME ADDRESS » Sutican Athenaeum Sutica, Ceru « PROVINCE » None « OCCUPATION » Sutican Curator Conservatoire Student CITIZEN'S OATH « ALL CITIZENS » I, Shynys Itesti, hereby swear my loyalty the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire entirely by my free will. I swear to read and obey the laws of the Empire and understand the punishments and penalties that will be incurred should I violate the law.