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  1. Petyr, after riding out to Reza and discussing terms with the Regent, signs the document, excited to lower tension and work towards a more prosperous Haense.
  2. Petyr Baruch looks around at the gathered lords, raising a glass of Carrion Black from his dais “Today, we take a great stride forward. The future of our glorious Dual-Monarchy will only benefit from our mutual declaration of friendship and cooperation. AVE HAENSE! AVE BARBANOV!” The man would shout with great vigor and enthusiasm, a look of determination plastered across his face.
  3. Imagine pruning the wiki to make it better for new players but at the same time deleting pages of current nation leaders and some of the biggest names in lotc history

  4. I want to download it too!
  5. Joren Gant sighs as word of the two knights death reaches Valwyck, “Now the Kortrevich clan can finally put this destructive feud behind them. It feels as though a chapter of their story has just concluded. Rest in peace”
  6. Captain Haense doesn’t care
  7. Captain Stephen Haense spits on the rotting corpse of the adultress-queen, before quickly flexing Haesenily!
  8. Joren thinks it’s convenient Robert died right before his planned execution... Fitting
  9. Joren Gant smiles faintly, justice finally arriving for his late friend.
  10. Captain Haense flexes Haesenily!
  11. “Dang bro that sucks” The girls father would state
  12. Joren wonders why Duke Karl of Carnatia isn’t also on this list
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