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  1. thought there be more screeching
  2. Lyulen bows in respect "Your ancestors will honor you for millenniums to come in the seven, Ser James Montoya."
  3. Lyulen would finish burying his old trusty steed "Donkey the Donkey Jr." By the original Donkey the Donkey "I have avenged both of you..." He'd shed a tear as he walks away from his most trusted steeds.
  4. Let Kukiii be freeeee!

  5. MMA -kickboxing -Judo -Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  6. Good person to be around +1
  7. I am TheSilentBeast

    1. Vege


      this is your new name

  8. Sitting down, Lyulen seemingly annoyed cleaning the head of his warhammer. "****! That bannerman was right...Haense blood is sticky." Still trying to wipe off the blood, scrubbing down hard.
  9. Only mod I was not scared to try to talk to..
  10. ehh hey! You tried to make a son at 16!
  11. lol, sure I have one more slot to use
  12. ehh bleach but try to drown most of it with chocolate mix.. or dip chocolate chip cookies in that hardcore bleach and eat it
  13. Lyulen signs
  14. Find rp when im actually really awake? Hell yes!