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  1. "Thanks for the invite." says yet another Colborn
  2. Escutcheon Confederacy Goal of the Alliance: To maintain peace in the realm, guarantee a prosperous and economically sound future, and work to ensure that each nation within stands the test of time. The confederacy’s goal is not of conquest nor damnation of the innocent, but for the assurance of a future in which those welcomed survive to see a lasting golden age. Members: - Grand Kingdom of Urguan - War Nation of Krugmar Terms of Membership: - Member nations of the alliance agree to a formal defensive alliance between said member nations, pledging the full of their military and industrial might in protection of their fellow alliance-members if they are ever threatened with war. If a member of the alliance is ever faced with major internal conflicts, such as a civil war or powerful revolts, the members of the alliance agree to, in all cases just or not, side with the original leader of the nation whom they reside in the alliance with, never to aide the rebellious individuals in any manner whatsoever. - Member nations agree to a pact of nonaggression between their fellow alliance-members, solving all issues, trivial or major diplomatically or in their nation’s respective courts, and allowing the accused if found guilty to receive the nation’s granted punishment without backlash or refusal. - Trade and travel between member nations will flow freely and without any form of tariff. This right shall never be infringed upon less one nation chooses to lock its borders due to internal or external threats to said nation’s integrity. - Member nations of the alliance will be forced to re-sign the agreement at the death of their nation's leader, if the newly crowned leader of said nation chooses not to sign they will be removed from the alliance. If all members leave, or one remains the alliance will be dismantled. When a nation is in a position in which they are required to re-sign the agreement, they must do so with not only the signature of the nation’s leader, but with the signature of at least two additional governmental officials, if none are available they must receive at least three signatures from one of the following: Powerful nobility/gentry, courtiers, respected elders, religious leaders, clan leaders. - Travelers to any nation within the alliance agree to respect the nation of which they travel to’s culture, religious practice and law. If they violate any such laws within the nation they are visiting they are subject to said nation's courts and punishments. Any major issues, or law violations from visiting governmental officials, or ambassadors will be handled between the nation’s leaders or diplomatic officials rather than said nations standard court systems/law enforcement systems. (See term two) - Any new members seeking induction into the alliance must receive unanimous approval from those who are already members. Nations must be a member of the alliance for upwards of three years before being allowed to vote on new members, original members of the alliance do not abide by this. - Members of the alliance may not leave the alliance if the membership count exceeds five members due to the possibility to doing so disrupting the balance or integrity of the other alliance-members. To leave the nation will require the support of at least two additional nations, valid reasoning is not required, merely support. However, if a member nation wishes to oust another member they must make a case before all other nation leaders and officials explaining in detail why they seek this to occur, for the nation to be removed the vote must be unanimous. Only nation leaders themselves may vote, if a nation is a council the entire council, or at least two thirds must vote. The two founding nations (Being Urguan and Krugmar) may overrule a tie if both agree - When members of the alliance engage in foreign wars, their fellow alliance-members are not obligated to partake, however if they choose to do so they are obligated to participate in full for the duration of the war. If a member of the alliance’s foreign war is seen as pointlessly aggressive and dangerous to the integrity of the alliance, a vote for their removal may be held, the required count for said removal would be two thirds. Signatures: - Bastion Ireheart, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan - Samsung II Irongrinder, High Consul of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan - Gror Ireheart, Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan - Orgoth’Braduk, Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Defender of the Krug, Vanquisher of Dissenters, Vanquisher of Whitewash - Vagud’Gorkil, Wargoth of Clan Gorkil, Yazgurten of Krugmar - Gurak’Yar, Targoth of the War Nation of Krugmar, Former Keshig’Nob Amendments: (Any and all changes/additions to the Confederacy's Terms will be placed here)
  3. 350 on Heavy Leather Treads of Dark Illusions
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