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  1. MC name: Luka_Shashva and UltiTechnoKing (Alt) What group are you from: Nothing major aside from ET-Manager, General Helper and Undead What can you do to help new players: A lot, from lore to magic to races to etc etc, mechanics and all that How much time can you set for helping new players: Multiple Hours How Active can you be on the New Player Discord: Almost all day, I have discord on my phone
  2. Accepted. You'll receive a letter soon.
  3. Accepted. You will receive a letter soon.
  4. Accepted. You will be contacted shortly.
  5. Accepted. You will be contacted shortly.
  6. hello darkness my old friend

  7. @Chorale_ I have seen some of the content that you have posted on your snapchat and for the greater part as far as I can tell it tends to be religious and anti-gay/LGBT etc, which can prove rather disgruntling and offensive to those who view it and may be gay/bi or otherwise. You should take into consideration the reality that large amounts of people may hold views contradictory or somewhat different to yours, and better moderate who you have on your friend's list to avoid dealing with people who respond to your possibly offensive content.
  8. To gather and share player's views on what happened. I will not share my thoughts on Pyro, as I merely created the poll for others to do so.
  9. Good Viking Lad, Strong Raider +1
  10. What do YOU think of Pyro's unban?
  11. Post below using the above mentioned format to join the Veris guard, your application will be reviewed by myself as soon as possible.
  12. + 1 From what I can tell he seems quite capable.
  13. Yes, that means he is claiming it to run it
  14. Wanted: Cult members, and any others associated with these rumors, dead or alive payment is the same. Threat level: Medium Suggested party number: 2-5 Description of beast(s): Unknown, investigating strange sounds Location: Swamps around Mardon, speak to the Hunter near Mardon first Rewards: Whatever you find through investigating, additionally a crate of gold will be given as a gift for finding out what is causing these sounds Message Lukariatias to schedule this even
  15. Wanted: Cult members, and any others associated with these rumors, dead or alive payment is the same. Threat level: Extreme/Very High Suggested party number: 8-15 Description of beast(s): Unknown, the members of this cult may be skilled warriors or mages, the variables are quite random and cannot be confirmed to any degree. Location: Outside the Golden Chalice, speak with the Warden Rewards: Whatever you find in the location where the cult worships, additionally a crate of gold will be given as a gift for removing this vile existance Message Lukariatias to schedule this event.