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  1. Wanted: Cult members, and any others associated with these rumors, dead or alive payment is the same. Threat level: Extreme/Very High Suggested party number: 8-15 Description of beast(s): Unknown, the members of this cult may be skilled warriors or mages, the variables are quite random and cannot be confirmed to any degree. Location: Outside the Golden Chalice, speak with the Warden Rewards: Whatever you find in the location where the cult worships, additionally a crate of gold will be given as a gift for removing this vile existance Message Lukariatias to schedule this event.
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  3. Minecraft Name: LukariatiasDiscord: You have meTime-zone: ESTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions? Please mention if you are intending on applying for GM as an ET: ET-Manager, ET-Builder & Actor, Wiki Moderator. I have a sitting app for LT.Where do you grab inspiration from?: Mostly literature, otherwise RPG's(tabletop and video games) and my imaginationWhat are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any?: Yes of course, and I currently have two active characters, Sylas and IdolomWhat race, or group, do your events best cater to?: Anything, I have no strong preferenceWhat do you believe are the key factors for a successful event?: Proper playing of the creature/character, a developing rp experience for those involved (It doesn't have to go their way(i.e. death)), lore appropriateWhat strengths would you bring to the team?: Knowledgeable in lore, prior experience, enjoys doing eventsWhy do you want to be part of the team?: With summer fast approaching I will have a lot more time to run events, which is something I've always enjoyedCreate three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Solitary Bryophites: An event scenario similar to one that I worked on when I was previously a member of the team, located in a somewhat difficult to reach area, a player or players would encounter a sealed or open cave populated with a mass of flora, small animals, mushrooms and the like. Within would live one or multiple of the bryophite creatures with whom they would interact, learn of their workings and assist the creatures in their current time of need, as their existence is dwindling the characters involved of course are welcome to simply slaughter them, or otherwise follow along with possible quests or simple tasks they may be set off to complete. Due to these creatures affinity with nature and knowledge over plant-life, if found by the dwarves for example, they might work with the Bryophites in developing a means of improving the air quality within the deep coal/etc mines of the dwarven people. Additionally aside from peaceful creatures, those who come accross the Bryphites might find themselves faced again ts an aggressive group of beings who fear and quite reasonably hate the descendants/otherwise for past slights upon them or their kin. Such would lead to events such as combat, or possible seeking of peacemaking with the bryophites so a proper relationship might develop. Random Encounters A series of previously created events that may be randomly spawned upon any traveling or unmoving players on the server, or otherwise placed along the roadways and cities for one-time runs. Such would include occurrences such as traveling merchants/peddlers on foot or by cart along the roads that may be interacted with, items purchased or possibly robbed depending on who interacts with them. Lost/wandering children or otherwise homeless folk, encounters with specific creatures dependent upon the climate/area that the players are in at the time of the encounter, such may include leaf apes, lur wolves, necrolytes, sprites, trolls, and etc(A huge variety of beings to choose from on the creatures list), attempted thievery by wandering bandits and otherwise rough individuals, overturned or damaged carts in need of repair by different NPC's, mysterious items or scenes alluding to different event-areas or future plots, or simply nothing that leaves a player wondering, small lore/map based events that allude to specific server lore or modern occurances such as items involving Malin and the isle's origins. Ruin Delving Exploration by a player or players of archaic ruins/areas of the world that existed long before the arrival of the descendants. Such would be usually if not most often based around specific sections of the map's lore, involving the gaining of knowledge that is not in any form wholesum, henceforth leaving the players wanting as it would sate only a small portion of their potential intrest in the server's prior happenings. As they explore the remains of some antediluvian structure they may find the capability to sojourn deeper, uncovering hidden passageways, tunnels and the like leading to hidden archives of knowledge, old housing structures, prisons, cultural points, and etc. Within and around such sights the players might encounter the spirits of those who once built such structures, or mayhap adventures like them that perished in some unknown or hinted-at manner. They may provide subtle hints or allude to further lore not directly included in what they'll find in/around the ruin/dungeon site.How long do you plan to be able to work on the team?: As long as I canTell me a joke: Find your own damn joke, here is a good song:
  4. MC Name: Current = Lukariatias, prior = Luka_Shashavani, Luka_Shashteegah, Luka_ShashHelios List in Question: Magic List Error in Question: Both shades and my Dreadknight were PK'd, I believe I reported it to the MT but they are still on the list Link to Magic Application (If Relevant): N/A
  5. Seeking a Voidal Feeling teacher, send a letter by bird or courier to the Library of Dragur addressed to Tej'i.
  6. Given Name: Luka Years of Age: 231 Race: Elf Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: Free 75k for whatever Reason for interest: A twisted enjoyment and willingness to aid the dark. -OOC- MC name: Lukariatias Skype ID: You have it.
  7. RP Information Name: [Redacted] Age: Four hundred and sixty eight Race: Elf Title and topic of book for application: Yellow, a writing on the meaning of the colour yellow.
  8. Minecraft Account Name(s): Lukariatias Skype: PM for my Skype How long have you played on LotC?: Almost a year now, maybeeeeee more? Time zone and availability: Eastern Standard, with summer coming up I will be free often about the week and especially on the weekends for hours upon end. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: Dark magics, specifically Shade and Dreadknights with a hint of blood magic. I am versed on the workings of constructs/Golems as well as contemporary history coupled with a basic understanding of the daemons and anguels and the triumvirate. Additionally I am versed on nation-specific histories, such as the Hou-zi, as well as knowldge on the workings of the races and their origins. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: ET-Manager (General and Build) as well as an ET Builder and Actor, member of the Wiki Team and a Trial-GM (Stepped down for personal reasons before my trial ended) Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Yes once, Lycanthropic Affliction lore, it was denied. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: No. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: No one that I know of.
  9. Aerial is neat, sometimes rude but I've known him as a pretty cool dude +1
  10. (( Not when you're in High School
  11. ~ Nationalism, and the Strength of a Canonist Kingdom ~ A world in ruin, mere rubble where once stood grandiose creations of man. Amidts this depression sit few and far between remnants of our greatness as a people, of Humankind's superior capability and power. These last remaining bastions of the Canonist faith, locations in which the people who live their lives within are joyous and proud to call themselves a member of that state, and faithful to God through the church and their hearts. Their willingness to fight and die for every inch of the soil of their homeland is beyond commendable, their honour is held in high regard, their faith supreme for their willingness to die for God stands equal to their willingness to lay down life and fortune on behalf of their benevolent leader. It is baffling to the eyes of many when they witness this fearsome willingness of the people, wondering "How are mere men capable of such a feat?", why you may inquire as to how the faithful Canonists find this paramount courage? It is a gift from God, from the teachings of their parents, of the church and of the good influences about their home. The Canonist Nationalist attitude is one that all should admire, and all should know they too are welcome to participate, to learn, and to share. We comprehend that it is pleasurable to God to see his flock worship daily, to live pious and peaceful lives. However it is understood, accepted and watched with a careful eye that at times in this world we must draw the blood of those who's wishes are to ruin our carefully maintained nations. Their interests are that of pure chaos, their drive to try and disrupt the flow of our existences proves that they seek sadness and death. The True Faith, the Orthodox faith, all a farce in which those who follow want you, me, all about our beings to see dread and destruction of the existences that we all love. Yet they will not win, but look, first look to the Kingdoms about our world that remain wholefully Canonist, one might note that they are strong, beyond first assumptions, their equipment is supreme, masterfully forged, their training rigorous and proves successful, armies of prestige and unchallenged might. Their is a reason, an additional reason beyond the people's faith and resistance that the Church itself survives, it is Nationalism, in the name of God, Church, and State. One's willingness to purge the xeno filth from their homes, and to welcome those into their communities who will bring positive change, or those who will contribute to the happy status quo. It is understood that those of false faiths, whatever their race might be are to be offered a chance at redemption, less their faith is one of disgusting cult worship or heresy of the highest degree. Our walls will grow stronger for each member welcomed in, our homes safer, and lives happier as the flock of the faithful expands outward, know this, our people, the Canonist people will forever be in existence, we will forever be mighty, for we are by nature Nationalistic towards that which we hold close to our hearts. We know what is right, we know the xeno heretics will never pierce our boarders with any form of success, and if ever a time comes when we suffer a setback, a city falls, a nation capitulates, we will always rebuild, bigger, and better. Father Cristobal d'Romari 10th of the Sun's Smile, 1610
  12. ~ A Writing on Triumph ~ It is man's nature to stray from the path of righteousness when faced with an obstacle they believe too great to overcome. One sees acceptance of failure as a far more reasonable option when paired off with the grand task of finding victory over this dampening obstacle. In our beloved world today, we Canonists find ourselves facing such a very obstacle, one which dares to destory our very livelihoods, the safety of our beings, our holdings, and the future of our children. It is within the minds of many to stray from the path of light and enter into the murky waters of darkness, a betrayal of God and their own kin, these people who find themselves so like the sheeple of the damned, minds weak and reasonable thought long ago having fled their beings. Their ilk dominating the landscape, and proclaiming themselves essentially to be just and true in their murderous intent. A classic demonstration of evil's rise to fame, and then declaration of their way of life being good, a proclamation that is in nature, a farce. This rouse they seek to impose upon the innocent is an obstacle that we must resist, no matter how lavish and pleasurable the picture may be made to appear, acceptance of this so called 'True Faith' will leave you sickened and depressed. Find it in your minds a willingness to pray more often than one might on a regular basis, for our loving people require as much assistance as our God is willing to give. Triumph over pure evil is never a simple task, never something one might complete in a day, or even a year, for such requires dedication to the highest degree, to achieve salvation one must even be willing to lay down their life for what is right. Oren, oh Holy Oren has fallen to the rebellion, and this fragile land that we have been left with found itself taken by the foul and damned that crawled from within their mountain caves to reap and pillage what was left over. Within this expanding chaos, the faithful too found their minds beaten and the walls of their knowing of justice cracked and crumbling. Sadly our brothers and sisters, even those once believed quite holy, with a resistance to even the most tempting of sins fall prey to this rouse. However as the smoke clears, as time passes and Holy Oren once again might see the light of day, those who abandoned us have realized that merely because of the loss of our grand empire, we have not capitulated. We stand together, and we stand strong alongside those states who still support this solely truthful faith. Such is not the first time the Church of the Canon has stood the test of time, numerous wars, schisms and betrayals have scarred the church's being, however in the end we always stand on top. A Canonist at their prime is a benevolent creature, beloved by those around them, holding on to positive family values, ruling over successful and glorious nations, and living enjoyable lives filled with prayer and goodness. You, my brothers and sisters know that we will once again spread this welcoming faith onto those who deserve a chance at salvation, for any loyal follower of God and this church knows their afterlife will be a glorious one, so long as they stay true to justice and never betray the right law of the land. However even those who have left us for trickery like that of Iblees might find themselves forgiven, if their crimes are not too great, and their willingness to repent remains true. We would welcome any who sought to Triumph over the farce they have fallen into, and those who stand aside us, throughout the whole of this atrocity will indubitably see a happier future for us all. Father Cristobal d'Romari 15th of the First Seed, 1610
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