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  1. smooches ✧*・゚✧

  2. I am of the firm believe that if you cannot separate rp from ooc you should avoid romance rp at all costs. That being said many people know how to do just that. I am not saying one needs romance rp to develop as a character. I am just saying it is a nice thing to have on the side. It offers a different side to the character and not all romance is warm and fuzzy. I personally see necro romance as hilarious due to how dark it can be.
  3. I think the idea that necro's must be dark and spooky at all times to be just. . . Edgy. I've been on the server since 2015 and have hung out with fellow necro's in the past. Whilst they obviously need to be on the evil scale of alignment chart and are in fact deplorable beings I do think some don't see themselves as such. Having all necromancers be unromanceable dark people who hate anything nice, only wear dark colors and go "gahh! No! Feelins bad" is rather one dimensional. It doesn't allow for character growth and gives you a small amount of ways you can actually rp on that character. I personally don't see limiting ones self to such a degree necessary. So unfortunately I am going to -1 this.
  4. Atryak Spirit of the North Star [Lesser of Aztran] Have you struck your true path? *:・゚✧*:・゚ Deep within the Delevoye home, while many lay in bed to sleep, four individuals set out for the unknown. Upon chanting together and preparing the youngest for what lay ahead, they all fell into a state of unconsciousness within the meditation room. Once awakened, they found themselves within a star filled land, one where the sky and the ground met, dusted with glowing stars that danced around them. This ethereal land only brought a sense of comfort to the sky loving individuals, most especially the one be speckled in stars herself. A calming voice spoke to her, “Due North.” While the others looked at one another in confusion, this only seemed to further comfort the eldest Maehr. Suddenly she felt like a child once more, listening to stories of when her family owned a boat. Of how they sailed and of their adventures, how they lived on it too. Eventually a gaseous form which would later be identified as a variable star, one who spoke with glee and cheer, led them to where said calming voice came from. Thus, Atryak was found, upon a hill made of stars, the gaseous form melded into it, disappearing without a trace. This otherworldly being descended from her hill, her own body made of the very stars around them. Luscious long hair trailed down her back and when she moved the surrounding stars would briefly dissipate. And so a deal was struck, Nova would build a shrine in the name of Atryak, the spirit of the Northern Star. She would spread her word, her guidance, and continue to find comfort and safety under her twinkling light. *:・゚✧*:・゚
  5. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
  6. MC Name: cheshiregayming Discord: cheshiregayming Image: Description of Image: charcoal drawing of my character holding her baby while smiling Dimensions: 2 wide, 2 high
  7. I know of someone you banned without telling them the reason. They messaged you for days before you replied. You tried to strong arm a certain response out of them that they obviously weren't going to give and would not listen to a word they had to say. On top of such, how long did it take for Nor'asaths mines to work? I know quite a lot of time went by and I heard that they kept reaching out to you just for nothing to happen. I hope if you reply you can do such without any passive agressiveness that you seem to be famous for.
  8. Community safety — promote a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding, where all players are safe to engage in the game and the community, free from harassment, discrimination, and harm I think the post sparked by my ban report against pcswift and termss speaks volumes on how this is not being followed. The fact that said ban was basically swept under the rug and treated rather dismissively. Which after seeing this it doesn't shock me. It also instills a hopeless feeling of how nothing will change. A vast majority (not all) of the mod team are all part of the same community or similar ones, and definitely show bias towards said groups. There needs to be a massive change if this place is going to be as enjoyable as it once was. As an old time player I came back with an excited pep in my step that has since died out after seeing what this server has been reduced too. After the big post I'm debating leaving again because all it's done is pit everyone against each other and put a target on my back. It shouldn't be so controversial to have a slur removed from the server. I once jokingly said "y'all ftbing?" in looc and pinged a mod who threatened to temp ban me for using said word, even when I expressed how it was a joke. I was in vc with said people, they were rping alone in their chars home. If I can ping a mod for saying that and get threatened then told never to do that again and how I wasted his time then it makes ZERO sense why a slur is allowed.
  9. I agree darkie has been used for dark elves for years. I was under the impression that back when there became a larger social presence online about racism and what consists as such that lotc realized how racist said term is. Lotc in the past used, said and did lots of things. To say there can't be change due to its usage in the past is defeatist and shows that perhaps you aren't realizing how offensive a slur it is in the irl world. There was a black person in our vc when it was used, they had heard stories of the racism on lotc but had never experienced it until they heard what was going on. They are still disgusted and angry, this place is meant to be an escape from the harsh realities of the irl world. To use irl slurs is not only offensive but ruins that escape for so many people. Just because the term doesn't offend you doesn't make it any less offensive.
  10. I think many will agree that at least pcswifts apology was not sincere at all. Instead of going "my bad dude I didn't know. I won't use it again," (which was the response I got from a player 20 mins later who used the same slur) he instead went "so can I not say tree fucker then too???? Where's the line then?" Tree fucker is not a racial or ethnic slur. He used darkie twice and yes I will admit I should have probably messaged him but I was honestly just so shocked with that blatantly racist interaction. I messaged the player after him and they were far more understanding then him, they even asked me what would be an appropriate remark to make that isn't an irl slur. He then again showed zero remorse when his response to my own response was simply 'roleplay'. Both examples you provided were you with people you knew. The bank one while I agree was not bad from the sounds of it, at least would have been at least part of your own ethnicity if it had been bad. By that (I am getting tired so my thoughts are getting a bit blurred) I mean you specified you are jewish and got infractions for being antiemetic. The other was you with itdontmatta who is someone you know. Pcswift did not know us, we did not know him. Neither of the two groups that interacted last night were friends, this was not us joking around so I find your examples to be invalid and not relative to the argument at hand.
  11. I know that a new target has been placed on my back due to my report and with how it was handled. This discussion will only make said target bigger. I came back to lotc because I thought all the people from my past who once treated me with malice either outgrew this place or were finally tos'd. To come back and see that racist slurs are allowed and are being compared to a (yes still offensive and should not have been used by any means) moderately smaller slur (which originally wasn't a problem and has only been brought up to say 'look! They did a bad too!') is just disheartening. To see mods (and an admin!) backing up the other side does instill a lack of faith within this servers moderation system. When I was younger I went to a mod with an incredibly sensitive report, one someone pushed me into making (which I needed) and was basically told that player was to popular and learn to get over it. That player (the one i tried to make the report about) is now tos'd. This lack of seriousness is beginning to remind me of such, especially since it shows that numerous players are agreeing that this slur should not be allowed. I'll say this, if I suddenly start getting bandited when I never have before, or targeted by certain groups, I think we can all agree why that is suddenly occurring. Opening this discussion is just a way to try and not take accountability by hoping we all get too distracted tearing each other apart in these comments. It's putting an even bigger target on my back. I've been on here long enough to know nothing is going to change, nothing positive at least.
  12. This I feel like would be a great alternative to both the slurs used in rp last night! Still a bit weird to feel the need to be racist towards people of darker skin tones but I guess if someone feels like their character must then this would not cause any uncomfortable feelings!
  13. MC Name: cheshiregayming Discord: cheshiregayming Image: Description of Image: Art of my character with her two daughters when they were little. Dimensions: 2 wide, 2 high
  14. After fully settling into our beloved city, we wish to host a celebration of our most glorious moon. A festival will be hosted in her honor, which will feature various games and competitions, which will be listed down below. Stalls will be set up for people to sell their items, if you wish to rent a stall please contact Nova Maiheiuh-Delevoye. http://pixelartmaker-data-78746291193.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/image/b14cf8bbef6f5f5.png *:・゚✧*:・゚*:・゚✧*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚ * The Great Nor’asath Bake off - Cooking stations will be erected within the area of the festival. Competitors will need to make a moon themed baked good within the allotted time. Two judges will eat said baked goods and the winner will be given a one of kind prize! Ring Toss Dunk Tank Bucket Ball Stargazing - To close the festival, mats will be laid out for all to lay down. Everyone will be able to gaze at the beautiful stars that grace our skies. *:・゚✧*:・゚*:・゚✧*:・゚*:・゚✧**:・゚✧*:・゚:・゚ Everyone is invited to this festival, but most especially the nations of the Sol Entente and their citizens. We invite you to come and take a look inside our city, and perhaps learn about our most beloved Velulaei whilst also having a grand time.
  15. To those of the Sol Entente and their citizens! Fliers would be spread in each nation that is part of the Sol Entente pact, depicting a dirtied white ball with black stitches across it along with elegant calligraphy below it There was a game once held infrequently within the walls of Khel'seth, an old warhawkian city that sat as the nation for 'ker kind in Atlas. Soon this game will be brought back! Held within the festival grounds will be a jolly game of stickball. The rules will be explained prior to the game and two teams will be made up of all who partake. If you do not wish to be a part of the game worry not! There will be snacks and a stand to sit at so you may cheer your favorite players on.
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