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  1. Song down below what once was, what will never be One, Two, Three, Four… the rows went on and on until the room seemed to long to be real. Perhaps that was the half-empty bottle of alcohol clutched tightly in her grasp, or perhaps that was just the harsh reality of her life. Everyone who died, everyone, she loved that didn’t make it to this very day, all reduced to ashes and sat in this room as a cruel reminder of what she’ll never have again. Suicide, murder, accidental, disease… It struck them down like a sword and left a gaping hole in her heart where her love for them was once stored. There wasn’t much left of it. Arabella once believed that she could patch it up like putty to a wall with the constant presence of others or work. Both were scarce these days, all her friends scattered and gone and all of her children off being their own person, no longer needing her to take care of them like she once did. Her tavern was gone, the city she once put her blood, sweat, and tears gone with it. No one needed her, and that left a suffocating feeling of dread and loneliness in its wake. The Warhawkes were gone again, much like when she had first met them. All scattered about and lost touch with one another. They had given her a sense of purpose during her time with them, whether it be going on crazy adventures or manning the tavern they always brought joy to her life. She didn’t even know where most of them went off into the shadows to live on their own and that beautiful sense of community that she loved oh so much went with them. She was reduced to feeling useless and spent, her time was up. The clock had stopped ticking, and maybe that's because no one was around to put in the work to fix it or maybe that was because Ara knew that there was nothing left for her. She had raised her family to live without her, they’ll protect one another like always, Luna or Lyra would probably take in her youngest, who were old enough to live on their own but had never left home before. They’d watch out for them, surely they would. A Delevoye always chooses family above everything. She’d seen where she’d go after death, Dak’ir had briefly taken her there on a spirit walk once, and she knew she’d finally feel the happiness that once filled her up to the brim, left her smiling and dazed with a carefree sense of fulfillment with the life she led. At times things got dark and scary, she lost a lot and saw too many awful things for her to count. But she’d let it all go once she was finally surrounded by her old relatives and loved ones once more. The love of her life would be there, and her parents, children of hers that broke her in half upon their deaths. She’d see them all again, and more. Arabella thought of all the dinners and parties hosted for the family. How every year in Axios on their boat Ara would put together something on their main deck for anyone to attend. Her favorite party will always be the krugsmas one when Lyra was just a little girl, she ate all the cookies meant for decorating and everyone was basking in the holiday spirit, smiling. Kalvo was there, alive and that realization just seemed to deepen her need for what she was currently doing. He was gone, and so many others went with him. A few years later went her granddaughter, weak and sickly she was but full of spirit and love. She hopes that all her children look back fondly on their memories with her, that Luna remembers their afternoons spent doll making in the windmill and Lyra remembers being in the kitchen with her mom. That Nerrin won’t forget that she raised him, that Luna might be his mother but she put in the hard work when it came to parenting her grandson. She doesn’t know what she wants Atlas to remember, just something pleasant, something good that wasn’t tainted by his father or that dark time when things went awry. Maybe Astrid, Aries, and Nova will really only remember her funeral, they are old enough to hold their own but everyone else got decades upon decades with her. She feels selfish for a moment, thinking about them, but one last glance at all the urns lined up in this room full of grief just solidifies her plan. Ara left her shrine room, knowing soon she’d see the people whose ashes took up the space of such a winding and dark place. Maybe she’d finally get to apologize to her cousin and hug her father. The once clear alcohol swished around the bottle as she swayed, it had been tinted a light golden hue upon her adding in the necessary amount of the poison. She was slowly starting to feel it, constricting her airways and making her light headed. She dropped the bottle at the foot of her bed, the glass shattering and embedding itself into her feet and legs. But with the light and airy feeling that enveloped Ara, she did not react and simply fell down onto her bed, slowly turning onto her back and staring up at the light purple canopy of her bed. She knew it was finally coming, her end. All life was slipping away from her, all her woes and worries floating off into the stiff air of the room and despite herself and her predicament, a giggle escaped her as she drew her last breath. The following letters would be for the selected people. The letters would be found stacked neatly upon her vanity To Luna To Lyra To Atlas To Astrid & Aries To Nova To Nerrin


    bunemma here. took me ages to finally pony up and message you on here. tried having someone else message you on discord, then I tried joining the lotc discord, which still isn’t working because y’know, gotta authenticate my account. hopped onto lotc, had to do /auth for some reason, didn’t work, hopped onto my alt, wandering soul, no one knew anything about my problems, couldn’t message in the discord, new player discord isn’t working. long story short, been trying to add you on discord. Bunemma#9308 . miss you, dude. 



  3. This is not a permanent goodbye, that much I'm aware of. But right now I look at my distance from lotc and most chats pertaining to said community and feel like I need to explain my absence and further reason for staying gone. First and foremost I don't want to spend this post calling out others or listing off lotc's flaws and I don't want the comments on this post to be malicious or negative. If you don't have anything nice to say then please refrain from commenting. I disappear a lot, I know that for anyone who's stuck by my side for a while on lotc has seen me pull away from the community at least once. I suffer from bad anxiety and depression. I have my happy moments where I can pull through tough **** and dust it off my shoulders as if nothing has happened, which is usually when I'm active on lotc. But others it's relatively hard to find motivation to do much, including load up my computer. Due to my anxiety, I get overwhelmed easily and because of this when I'm going through tough or busy periods of my life I really can't get myself to go on lotc or play video games in general. I'm moving early next year, I don't have a specific date and thankfully my amazing parents are helping with the flight costs and such. But they aren't ready for me to leave so it's an ongoing battle of getting details out of them (which has caused me immense stress) and simply getting them to talk to me about it. I'm moving back to America which means I'll be doing an international move as my first ever adult (solo) move. It's terrifying and exhausting and right now I'm spending my time trying to figure out every last detail. Unfortunately moving is nothing like breaking some blocks from underneath a tent like I do on lotc. There are a few other major things that are keeping me from logging on or engaging with posts on the forums or lotc related discords but they are personal and therefore I won't go into details. This is not a permanent goodbye as I said in the beginning. I try not to view most things as permanent because really they aren't. Moving? I might hate the place and move within a year or two. Cutting my hair? I can grow it back out. And leaving lotc? Well, I can always go back to it and I know one day in a few months or so I'll give into my wondering about how the server is doing and load up minecraft. So please don't see this post as the last word from me. I'll be back to continue on the Delevoye legacy once more or let out my inner hippie with Kehlani, but I don't know when and I don't expect it to be soon. If you want to keep in contact with me my discord is Cheshire#7410. See you later alligator.
  4. really? adding a limit on how many images you have in a signature? 

    1. J


      That's a good thing. Otherwise it would break people's internet just loading up a thread

    2. Vaynth


      *glances at the 100+ screenshots I have in my signature spoiler*

  5. anyone have the axios map for download?

    1. Its_Just_Leap


      I've been looking for a long time and still haven't found it.

  6. If you would like to play a child and be part of the warhawke community, two Delevoye characters are up for grabs!

    1. Adelemphii


      Hnnnn, I just unshelved my dwarf



      more lines

      moms spaghetti

  7. anyone else having trouble getting on lotc atm? 

    1. Adelemphii


      Mmmmm, Occasionally. Many people are actually having said issue.

  8. Anyone want to play a warhawke!? My character needs someone to play her son, pm me if your interested!

  9. Does anyone do full body skins? Pm me on discord if so!

  10. when you've got like 80 posts to work on but your mom keeps handing you alcohol 

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