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  1. I hate you puffables, i hate you with all my heart. In my humble opinion, the player with the IGN of puffables is a heathenous bastard with no emotion or compassion. They are a heartless beast whom must be reported at once. Like i said, i will, in my humble opinion, tell Puffables this; i wish you never came to this server, please leave. Yours truly, TheMissleKnowsWhereItIs
  2. i meant the romance part, lol. I was being sarcastic
  3. Why did wood elf players transfer into orc personas what.............?????
  4. This.... this does bring a smile to my face.
  5. thursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursdaythursday i hate you thamystery man day
  6. The young Runtwig, sullied, scarred and bloodied – reentered Krugmar, upon hearing the newfangled news of the courageous duel between Skalpboila and the prominent rex; Korgahk. His oft dull, and un-amused expression forthwith swapping into that of a pleasant smile – knowing the future was vivid under the anew Rex.
  7. I hate you lots of dragons i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you
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