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  1. Tyrone1


    laughing out loud
  2. wish for lotc to be an interesting rp server
  3. i miss middle ages oren instead of the current goober colonialism
  4. Cool aesthetic. Seems like paladins but better if executed correctly.
  5. t’is just a ploy to advertise ur clan everyone dont readit dont read it
  6. alt f4’ing instantly if anyone calls roll crp on me just saying in advance.

  7. snow elves rly out here becoming falmer huh 

  8. It’s the fact that there’s not much to gain from this 5 slot magic. The Devil is more tempting than this. There is hardly any incentive to accept such a largely cursed magic with so little to gain. There just needs to be more fat to it, the downsides are more than fine and I think people are kind of missing the point of what others are saying here... The people who are asking for more abilities like the new downsides & consequences, there just isn’t enough abilities. The point about the slots is that this would be the equivalent of a lower slot magic, not a 5 slot. I don’t mind it being 5 slot, but people just need more to this in order to want it, unless, again, you had no other plans with the magic route accept making shadow puppets and giving people bad vibes the rest of your now, eternally darkened, tainted, and cursed life. Again, yes absolutely, it is a curse, and curses aren’t suppose to be pretty. Also, yes, you totally shouldn’t be allowed any other magics for such a severe curse. They ARE afflictions. However, to be frank, I don’t see a point in willingly seeking this out. This is my understanding on the situation. Again, if anyone would like to explain or correct me, feel free too! Or if anyone would like me to elaborate on a detail, feel free to ask! i’d like to assume the fine roleplayers of the world’s #1 minecraft rp server would take upon such curse, nonetheless their dislike for it oocly just for the sake of the RP (if it was good of course) and not some gehenna tier shade rp. Though i’m certain the lore is yet to be refined, for it isn’t yet – few more additions are surely going to be implemented in due time, at least that’s what archpelego said
  9. who cares about the slots. If ur going to have ur character get affected by this curse just stick with that aesthetic, and that aesthetic only instead of stacking other **** ontop
  10. Tbf it is p baller..... made my old 1 when i was like 6 yrs old O_O
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