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  1. God tofuus snap the server back to existance

  2. “I don’t think they’re educated enough to understand the concept of ‘defeat’” mali’aheral mumbled underneath his breath, rolling the parchment in a ball, before throwing it away
  3. I demand space elves now grrrrrr
  4. “Nice propaganda, i’ll give you that” a random Mali’Aheral stated as he had finished scanning through the paper. Shaking his head, before throwing it into a nearby fireplace in his abode
  5. I keep getting high ass ping for some reason and it keeps disconnecting me from the server when i try to join. No idea what to do, i restarted my pc, the launcher and my router, still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  6. where’s your forum picture from? looks pretty cool

    1. Chimp


      its from the castlevania anime on netflix 

    2. Man of Respect
    3. UgBrainHurty


      Yeah, castlevania from the netflix one

  7. hippidy hoppidy time 2 fix it ^
  8. Unbreakable union of free Elven republics Welded forever great Elf Salute the creation of the people's work United, mighty the Elven Union Hail the fatherland, our free one, A reliable fortress of people's friendships! Party of Grand prince Aelthir, Faenor Sylvaeri, High Prince Valen Syllar — strength of the people, The elven union leads us to triumph! Through storms shone the light of freedom, And great Grand prince Aelthir, Faenor Sylvaeri and High Prince Valen Syllar illuminated our path, To the right cause, they raised up the people, He inspired us to work and progress! With the victory of immortal Elven union ideals We see the future of our country, To the red banner of our sacred fatherland, We will forever be wholeheartedly true! (not the actual anthem)
  9. When I look you in the eyes you already know what’s up I could tell you a hundred lies you’d just soak 'em all up
  10. Flemish...... you might be one of the smartest E girls i know
  11. much, much better than the old one. I agree with this
  12. UgBrainHurty

    The Huntsmen

    Roleplay Name: Nilth Race: High elf Age: 157 Desired role: Slayer Reason for enlistment: The main reason is that Nilth admires the cause, and wishes to assist it. The creatures in Atlas have been terrorizing innocents for far too long, this cannot repeat the same way in Arcas. OOC Username: PotNoodleSnow Discord Tag (Example#3333): Snowtard#7181 Timezone: Easter european time
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