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  1. RESUME: Discord : bisnitch#6499 MC Name : disco_reggae RP Name : James RP Race : Man Timezone : PST
  2. He had suffered too many afternoons in the Isles of Men, Elf, Orc, and Dwarf and retreated himself to solitude; these ones were not fond of his word for they had not his ear, and so the Minister desired to be only with himself. In his time of isolation he pondered over and stared into the many abysses which lied within. These ravines ran deep -- far deeper than the Minister was prepared for. His time amongst the rabble had let his judgement and vision fog, though Hadrian could very well sense this. For what other reason does a Man retreat to himself, indulge in his own solitude? To rediscover the spirit is the greatest feat, the feat of a Man who wishes not contentment but to rise high out of one’s deepest depths. Hadrian had touched the heavens before, glimpsed the GOD, though only to be struck down amongst small men once more. This was not his purpose, not the purpose for which his spirit strived. He lusted to be near heaven and sky! Not surrounded by rabble and false virtues. Robed and unkempt, the Minister Hadrian arose from his prostration. His joints and bones creaked, for all but his mind had gone to rest. And once the Minister emerged he was surrounded by his GOD and His Chance, if but only for a moment. His spirit was renewed, and he sought those who too knew their own spirit: the Aemesh! And he sought once more those who did not wish for his word nor would listen to it. “My brothers and sisters, I return to you!” He proclaimed upon emerging from his cave. He was weary but it bothered him not. His weariness was hunger, a hunger for greater truth amongst the world's dim flames. And when he returned to his kin he knew their spirits would feel the same.
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      The cycle never stops. Woe.

  4. Process of Ordination What is your birth-name? Hadrian de Bole To whom do you vow foremost fealty? GOD and His Chosen Exalted To whom else do you owe allegiance? The Living Apostle What is the purpsoe you regard most cardinal to the continuity of mankind and all mortal-being? To shepherd Men away from iniquity Unto what form are apostates returned on death? Ash What ought men remain wary of? Elven Magicks Who is he that merits your spiritual faith and devotion? The One True GOD and all His Flock
  5. Hadrian prays before one of the town’s shrines.
  6. legend has it hes live on fleep theater but will u find the link?

  7. dont do this to yourself seanathan

  8. big gains bro?

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  9. what happened to the kool_kid_56789 vlogging channel pal i really missed ur content

  10. A nice strong man who could work for hours without stop.

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      A knock at the door, Voron snarled, he was near finished unfurling the hat.

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