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    2. _Grease_Bxby_


      I've been busy lmao I'm so sorry. My laptop broke and we got it fixed recently and I've been busy with school


    3. Karimir
    4. _Grease_Bxby_


      I'm gonna be online in like 3 mins w/ a fresh new character

  2. _Grease_Bxby_

    [Sprite][CA] Cecil

    MC Name: xXKoreyXxIC Name: EvangelineOriginal Race (n/a if not applicable): HumanTransformed Form: ..? I don't believe this applies for sprites, though, I'm not sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong.Creator (MCname and RP name, n/a if not applicable): Acerfolia FlowerBriefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Sprites are Fae that are born from Acerfolia Flowers in remote parts of forests. They can be different colors, and release toxins (or spores) at will (often when threatened).Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope!Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope!
  3. Come back please? 

    1. _Grease_Bxby_


      I apologize deeply for being offline for so very long. I'll be coming back soon with a friend, a new character, and a brand new username. :)

    2. Karimir


      OMG YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only vergil was still alive.

    3. _Grease_Bxby_
  4. _Grease_Bxby_

    The Gentlemen's Club! [Hiring Servants, Guards and Entertainers]

    OOC MC name: LunarRider Skype: Sadly, don't have one Timezone: Pacific RP Name: Luna R. Rider Age: 24 Race: Human Gender: Female Job applying for: Bouncer Any interesting skills?: Great singer, blacksmithing Any reason you wish to work at this fine establishment?: Needed a job, friend told me about this place
  5. _Grease_Bxby_

    Nexus Inventory Wipe

  6. I almost dropped my chocolate chip muffin reading your signature this morning ~Luna

  7. _Grease_Bxby_

    New Species?

    Ah...I get what you're all saying. This was just a simple idea.
  8. _Grease_Bxby_

    New Species?

    I was thinking of some new races/species for the server, here are their names, and I'll create detailed specifics of them at school, when I'm bored, or when I have some free time: Tear-Blood, a made up race that I created in my own random role-play shenanigans off of the server; they are as if your tears and blood were switched around in your body, but they have wings that can be retracted and disappear, as if into thin air. Possessed, a simple race of humans possessed by demons; in other words, it's a demon spirit in a human body with their own respective powers- take Bill Cipher when he possessed Dipper in Gravity Falls as an example-, you would have to consult the forum about unusual Possessed powers, though. This is all I have for now on this matter. The details and specific features of these two new races will be finished soon. Your welcome and goodnight. I'll be here all week. :D
  9. _Grease_Bxby_

    Nexus Broke

    ah, alright
  10. _Grease_Bxby_

    Nexus Broke

    Er...my nexus menu broke...I can't do any commands, not even /msg, /bl, /money, or /me. I was trying to make a new character and now I can't do jack sh~t with it.
  11. _Grease_Bxby_

    [Denied] AT Application, Sp00k3d/Virgil

    Good luck~!! :3333
  12. ((In reply to ShameJax: Ah, ok, I already know a friend who is an illusionist magic user, but he's never on and I can never usually get a hold of him, so I thought Hey, maybe if I make a forum post of flyers being passed out/posted, maybe I can find a teacher So, yeah :3