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  1. hi

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      joey more like


      p p puh puh man hahaha!

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      i love u bro no homeostasis ❤️

  2. beware minecraftians: zhulik dox photo is a fake weaponized ip grabber. protect your farm 

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      you shouldve stayed dead, joey

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      come back joey we miss you

    3. joey calabreeni
  3. hi

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      he dosen't like rule hardliners like you

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      4 hours ago, ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio said:

      no hi to me?? ?


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    Project Danehammer.

    hi knox give me ur phone number i don't use snap too much anymore miss u x
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    The Philosophy of a Ban

    reprimands over a cube game r silly in general
  6. i'm a okay good to see you around gl

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      give us a meme!

  7. how do you fare

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      I am good Habibi just broke my fast! I still have your autograph

       of the great cleaning man!

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      is your name Joseph 


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      I missu 4 ever joey


      gimmie your discord id

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      but what did he mean by this


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  9. what did you do to subject::alterazgohg @Malocchio

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      Yeah I miss alterazgohg we want answers

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      Miss Alty, join Adria

      DO eit


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      that jahrmann w/e isnt the real alterazhog he's a weaboo imposter

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    [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    +1 the mina wage gap needs to be stopped
  11. elves just let me rp skyrim please and thank you 

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      **no match for mere elven breath @joey calabreeni

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      joey calabreeni




      all apart of my plan to get more rep, coinciding with the release of skyrim vr, coming out this November 17th on playstation vr



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      anything for you bestie

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    [SA] [Transfiguration] BlauSchlumpf

    No lollygaggin'.
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    Forum Team New Years Update

    *winks at mitto, seductively
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    ET Update Log - December

  15. The Breeni Event Team Dream Current Username: calabreeni Discord: calabreeni#9104 Timezone(s) you mainly play: Central Standard Time (CST) What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: The Apostolistic Kingdom of Marna, Humans in general. Have you held a staff position before?: Negative. Do you currently hold a staff position?: Negative. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: Negative. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason?: I’ve been banned twice, once for X Raying back in Vailor and once over the summer for reaching ten warning points on the forums. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): With events you are required to have variety. Every single one of my events can’t be a tongue in cheek World of Warcraft parody, else it’d get old fast. You have to be on your feet and cater to the group that you want to entertain and provide development for. Style wise, I can range from the tongue in cheek exclamation mark above the head farmer asking for boar hide, or a mysterious and mystical story revolving around an unknown stranger. I like continuation, direct or not, so events that I create will likely criss cross with others; or be related in someway. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them: Big Money- Make each event feel exclusive. You want to help these players develop their characters and tell stories. Make each event a VIP, suit and tie, event that forces players to bring their A game (Even if that VIP event has more than you expected attending! RSVPS begone!) Big Women- An event really has to wow you, right out the gates. Be it a surprise start that really grabs the player, or a suspenseful build up: If you don’t get a players attention and you make them feel forced to take part in your event, rather than organically participating, then you’re failing in your role as an event team member. Big Fun- Have fun with it. The moment the Event Team Member begins to think of an event as a chore is the moment they’ve failed. Both sides need to be enjoying themselves, win or lose. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why?: Don’t really want to emulate anyone, copy catting is no fun. I do look up to several members however. Skylez- Extremely professional individual who knows how to alter his event style to fit the needs of a certain group. From light hearted to epics, Skylez is versatile and ready to change his events at a moments notice to allow for breathing room. I really enjoyed every event he held for us at Clownetkoski and know him to be a great writer. Ang- Ang was one of the largest help to me when I was running the Westerlands. He allowed for my ideas to be expanded on and even tried out (along with Skylez!). Despite any rough bumps, we always worked through it and he really offered a helping hand to a nation that wanted to try something new. Drfate- I genuinely enjoy reading his various ideas and threads. Some might be absurd but at least its fresh and new. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: A gambler that shows his hand is a loser. I’ll provide some brief event ideas for ya, everything I said about the intricacies can be seen above. The Atlas Wrestling Federation Fliers, posted across the new world of Atlas: A band of alleged Sports Entertainers that mean to appeal to the masses through a championship tournament. Advertised as pure and vintage Vandorian Wrestling, the AWF means to test the mettle of contestants in the most natural of combat: Inside the Squared Circle. Players would be allowed to participate or watch in an absurd wrestling competition. A recurring event with a variety of strange characters, who will truly be the AWF Champion? Manbrick’s Wife A lone Orc stands silently outside his home, a small hut surrounded by similar small huts. A bright yellow exclamation mark appears above his head: He is nonetheless ignorant of it. Upon walking up to him, the player is handed a book with predetermined text. From then, they are to accept or deny the quest. They will be led on a cross Atlas quest for Manbrick’s Wife: With some gold or even a new pair of boots at the end! The Bardic Knight A peculiar knight donning the tabard of a music note rests in a tavern. He says he requires a “band” of individuals for the ultimate quest of Rock and Roll. Should an acceptable band audition for Sir Rocksalot, he will lead them on a tour of Atlas to eventually uncover the sacred shredding Axe of Ibless: A lute so powerful it can melt the faces off any fan. The group will be given several choices throughout the journey, should they wish to aid the knight further. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: I’ve really always wanted to become an ET but my staff blacklist kinda stifled it. With that being lifted, I don’t really see any reason why not to pursue the role. I’ve plenty of ideas to work with. The new map coming out has added twenty more to the bag. What strengths would you bring to the team?: If you want a creative individual who summoned an entire nation eventline from his pockets, you’ve got your guy. I’ve been on the server for quite a bit now and generally now how things work. I’ve also made quite a bit of acquaintances on the server. Besides that, I have a knack for coming up with a variety of ideas quick. Improvisation is key. What are your weaknesses?: My forum history and blatant disregard for a filter concerning the forum space. Despite a brief beef with a player which resulted in my content moderation (which has thus been lifted), I’ve been pretty tame on what I post. Aside from the occasional clownpost, I think I’ve improved. Besides that, I like to run at my own pace. I’m not on the server every single day and don’t plan to be. I’m not gonna make this a job without pay. I’m doing this to provide fun for the players on the server and myself, not volunteer for a roleplay shelter. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: Despite work, social gatherings, and school: I find a lot of downtime still. I’ll apply myself when I can, and provide writing material for other event team members if I can’t get online.
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    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    T̞̪̭͍͢ͅo e҉v̨̰e͓̗̥̯͖̥͙r͠yt͍̮̥͙́h͎̻̯̤̼i͈̲͓̪͚͞ṋ̲̻͢ͅg̮̺͔̮̯̲ ̱̭̠̳͍̝͠y̸̼͙̜o̻͇̞̯̯u͇͓̳ ̙͉̟w̢̭a̜̰̱n̥̹̟͖͇̜̬͞t̨̹,̠͇̩͈͘ e̶͈̗̘̳̦v̗̠̣̳̣̫e҉̯͍̹̘̼̩r͔̣̝͈̦ͅ ͏̱d͇͡i̩̪͍̼͕͠d̟͍ ̼̠̫͚͚͈ͅw̱̼̮͚̣̜͟a͏̙̪̞͙n̠̹̥̦͟ͅt̟́ ͍̙̺̺͚͎ͅ ͚̹̙̖͍͎W͔̼͡e͖̗ ̭̜͔͔̗͚̙g̺͚͇̙o̬̜͈t̢̯̰͈͎̤ ̮̩͉̞͎̘̙i̖̫̮̕t̨ ̞̭͈̤̣̭w̠͎͚̘̫̬͢hy̖̲͚̱͢ ̰̤̳̝̬̮͡ͅn̜o̖̜̜t̳̺̝͝ ̛̪̘̮̫̙̩̮c̞̰̰̳̬͟o҉̫̘̟̰͍͙m̵e̷͙͚͕ ̥̳g͖̯̳̪͔̞̪e̤͓ţ͉ i҉t̝͕͉̩̙,̢̻̮ ̗͓̝s̫̰̘͓̺t̡̰̤i̭̩̲̱͎c̺̣̖̜k ̛̲͕y̝ơ̼ù̟̯̖͔̝̫ͅr̴͖͙̥ ̕h̜̰̮̥͉ȩ̞̞̪͍̞͕̯à̺̼̜̤̳̻̻d̹͔̱͎̙͜ ̰͉͍̀i̙͙̳̞n̮̝̫̗ ͘th̗͎̹͘ḁ̙t̖̳̻̱͠ͅ ͚̳̣̼͉͟h̥͕̹̘̝͙̗ol̞͓̪͉͚e͍ ͍̻͖̠̬̹̦ ̟̤͚̠̤A͎̪͉̯̳̬̱n͍͎̲͎̤d͕̙̭ͅ ̻͇̲̞͈w̺̹͙̘̞̠̮͘a̫̱̣̯͝t͚͍͈c̲̜͇ẖ̣͇̭͎̦ ̟͍̫m̟e̻̭̼̻̣͜ ͙̼d͎r̵͖̻̰o̙̠͎̳̟p ͟t͞hi̤̜̠s̷͙̳̯̼̗͚̰ ̻̲̖̼̲͕̤c̯̀ọ̗̘̜l̫͓̺̩͜d ̢̞͖g̬ṵ̵̱͙̖͖̰il҉̺̦̗̪͔l̦͢o̤̩̫͕̥̬̟t̗̻̹̩i̱̝n̷̰̮̥e͘ ̜̳ḍ̭͖̹ͅͅe̬a͇͟t̵̤̳͈͓̠̹h̟ ̪̯̥͙͓̞s҉͓͔͔͉̙e̞̦̘̝̙n͔̝̦̫͕͉͚t̥̫̮̜̘̫͞e͙n̰͇̙̺͕̰c̝̼̤͔̹̣ͅe͍̯̕ ̟̤͜-̨͙͖ ͅy̕a̶̯͓h̡̗