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  1. From somewhere along the grapevine, those two men's words had made it to he who was most holy and true. The quarters of Bishop C sounded out with the pious scribing of a priest, as a reply was given henceforth to those that littered the thesis with commentary. A monk scribe delivered such, peaceful in nature, and fat in posture. TO the dullard Heinrich Lothar, who could not for but a moment cease his lock-step marching to guage the error of his realm, failing entirely both in reading and heeding of this rebuke, I attest: I would not for a moment hesitate to ask on that most noble of Kings whos service to the Church was an unquestionable good his mind on the nation once his possession siding with the forces of the obscene. The laurels of that late virtuous man and King is no defense to you now, who in this moment are in error for your dealings with the enemy; a nation in league with the deceiver, and enemy to God's Church. I PRAY FOR YOU, BISHOP C BROTHER, no matter the time, to align oneself not only militarily, but in full consent of foreign paynim law is an affront to the faith. I care not who has been guilty in ages past of this offense, nor think it any less the crime for the great host of offenders that a mind attunted to history may conjure forth, the fact remains, there is no purpose to such an agreement but to wage war against Canonist princes, fearing Canonist princes- from the perspective of Aaun. This repulsive Sutican nation, that has found itself AT WAR with Holy Mother Church for decades has much to gain, it is certain, defense from the faithful who rightfully aggress them for their harboring and perpetrating of evils. THERE is a sickly pride among the men of Aaun, and of Stassion, who would think that any and all criticism, however righteous or true, is the work of the enemy and must be wholly and entirely neglected, willfully ignored. It is a poison. No man aligned with God, with his Church, or with his Virtue must blind himself to the greatness of the men who have led him, or have led him in ages past- it is the attraction of the Godwinites, their temptation, the heresy that has prevailed among their people since the passing of Godwin himself, and such a heresy threatens still to take hold over the hearts of these people. This is true, and has always been known, and comes only to light now that they find themselves in abject error, but one must be all the more mindful and attentive to this FACT as the Kingdom turns deeper down this path of support of the reprobates. I PRAY FOR YOU, BISHOP C
  2. Fear me. I will teleport behind you and instantly kill you in a hardcore event. You will be PK’d and all that effort spent to get your precious MA and CA will be for naught. Just your very application on the server leaves you susceptible to the consequences of living in a world which I will torment. This post is meaningless because you can hide from PVP, you can hide from CRP, but you cannot hide from my events.
  3. applauding how succinct this is and easy to read if every magic was written in this style the server would be more new-player friendly death to esoterica hot topic rpers
  4. I think you gave me forum warns at one point so I have to disagree with you
  5. "I hate those screeching would-be Samurai more than anyone on this continent. They shamed my Cohort, abandoned their flame to eat ramen and sprint around in the woods wearing headbands and throwing up daemonic symbols with their hands... But they know how to fight. These worms make every excuse in the book, claiming balance when they have hovels dedicated to the undead beneath their feet. Nothing makes me angrier than a coward. Stand and fight for your pride." CRACK! The resounding sonic boom of a tree being smashed between the massive hands of Kappa the Titan as he mused over current events send a shockwave throughout the village of Cherry Blossoms, sending delicate pastel leaves falling towards the ground ever gently.
  6. @Islamadonis current oyashima man and should be consulted as there were some pretty significant changes w/ oyashima as it pertains to aeldin
  7. The Eyes of the Betrayer sculpted into the back of that beast glared fervently as the Olog conducted some light stretching. Something in the wind changed that day, and all was clear with a crack of the neck. The Synchronicity of Power was upon us, and the leylines pulsed with energy across Aevos from the highs of the Mountain to the lows of the Divide. "Gashadokuro. . ." "I WANT TO TASTE DEFEAT."
  8. DUDE I slaughtered the druids in BG3 helves and orcs just like me frrrrr 

    1. Neviah


      brooo at least you didnt kill the tieflings

    2. Morigung-oog


      The correct choice.

  9. Description: JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY.... [In perpetuity]... Type: Psychic Location: N/A WANTED: ALIVE, good luck! Rank S shū 秀 - 2000+ Points EXTREME High level dangers. HIGHLY recommended to assault in large group. [!] A mysterious law-bringer posts a new bounty and has placed it onto the bounty board. 9/29
  10. how are you friendo?

    1. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      good balthy how are you bro 

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      good, good. enjoying that oil money :) - how's the family?

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