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  1. do not understand magics pushing for disconnection stuff when it takes MONTHS of real life time to learn the magic to begin with rituals like this would make more sense and congeal better if you didn’t have to spend half an irl year learning something a crossbow could do better irp
  2. [!] This is a lore-compliant Prophecy, and as such only users with accepted Mysticism, Vivification, Farseer, Naztherak, or Seer applications may bear witness to it. Two piercing eyes meet your gaze as the smell of iron fills your nostrils, a pounding headache rattles your brain as you stare up against a fleshy mountain. Your left eye fades in and out, near blind. You try to stand, but your legs give out from under you. You are a sorry, filthy pile of pulp. The eyes of the betrayer and gnarled teeth curled in every which way gawk at your disheveled position. Around you, the coarse sensation of gravel and sand meets your digits. Blood drips free from your chin, staining the earth below a shade of crimson. That pounding headache is near rhythmic as those piercing eyes stare at you. Around you, an audience cheers maniacally but their faces and shapes are blurs. Your eyes avert from the mountain before you, staring down at the ichor that met sand... Words scrawled by your own essence. I want to taste defeat.
  3. IBLEES. 

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    2. ClassyDryad


      It's always Iblees... she spilt my orange juice this morning :(

    3. Yagi_Kamisama


      finally iblees

    4. Shorsand
  4. what is ur favorite classical fantasy monster faction


    im talkin kobolds, goblins, gnolls what do we like bros 

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    2. Your Favorite Impure

      Your Favorite Impure

      I've always thought minotaurs were cool

    3. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      @Your Favorite Impureive always wanted to run a Minotaur labyrinth it’s hard to put faith players won’t cheat w a map mod tho 

    4. Turbo_Dog


      Put me in coach

  5. [!] A Prophecy would envelope the mind of the infamous M̵̮͑ ̶̖̋I̷̥͛ ̵̨̿L̵͉̆ ̵̣̽Ḱ̶̥ ̶̙̂M̴͚̕ ̵̗͂A̷̭̅ ̸͍̀N̴̫͐, his eyes glossed over in pearly essence that is both pale and pristine. Stained with the broth of life's sustenance.... A cow grazes in a field, turning directly to face the ethereal form that has overtaken you with a deadpan stare. Tufts of grass fall from its maw. "Kill Aleksandr II." The aforementioned prophecy is an official ST Event™ sponsored prophetic vision, only visible to the chosen and maybe those other guys, I guess. Do what you will with this information.
  6. no du loc who wants a pocket ET?

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    2. Tabby64


      Hello there du locian screecher. You will inhabit my pocket now

    3. Sean_VEVO


      It's okay we will simply make it better than before.

    4. Shorsand


      what do you MEAN no du loc?

  7. everyone scream “no event where event” but when I roll up to ur city and break one block for event you get mad and say I can’t do that. awkward. 

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    2. monkeypoacher
    3. Adelemphii


      I love fishing

    4. Hunnic


      you don't gotta make a gaping voidal hole in a city for it to be a cool event. Could be a bear waiting to attack travelers :o that would be pretty fun

  8. im back on ET so the quality of everything will go up (for my friends)
  9. This ^^ in elder scrolls dark elves are also referred to as grey skins which is infinitely more appropriate than others
  10. idk man seeing a Kani user toss their coin pouch to the ground, pull off their jewelry and beat the shit out of someone is a pretty cool scenario
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