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  1. Yo, if anyone has any free character slots and is up to play a kid, hmu.

    1. DarkElfs


      Been awhile since I've spoken at all with you yikes. But what kind of kid you needing play'd? Like race and age and type of thinking?

      As I need a break from the usual magic characters I always play 98% of the time.

    2. Lil Nugget

      Lil Nugget

      Dark elf smol, male, Warhawke - I'd need a few Rp sessions before aging him up to five

    3. DarkElfs


      Ah, alright. Another dark elf then huh. Guess I can though when the kids that young be warned I'm not the best but random things will happen 

  2. Lil Nugget

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    ooo reserved
  3. Yo, if anyone needs a character played hmu

    1. sophiaa


      me, add me on discord sophia#2585 <3


  4. Lil Nugget

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    space daddy
  5. Lil Nugget

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    Hey hey I just downloaded a new art software, with a new-ish stylus, and I’m broke. So why not try to make a mina or two off of practice! I’ll do busts of your characters for 300 mina a pop, feel free to PM me any requests or just put it bellow. The bust has a flat coloring, if you want shading that’d be an extra 100. Thanks! Request Format Character Description (be as descriptive as possible!): Character Sheet: Skin Screenshot: Extra Shading: Reference(s): One of my examples is bellow, and will be added to as requests are finished.
  6. Lil Nugget

    [Denied]Th3_11th For Staff

    Haven't talked to the guy in ages, hopefully he has become more mature since the last times we have spoken. Honestly I don't know. He tends to act childish in some regards and absolutely refuses to look at things from another angle. Very stubborn, and lacks the will to listen to evidence if it collides with his personal views on a subject. Toxic in some ways, especially when he doesn't get his way. I hope that you've at least grown up in some ways and become more open minded, but at the moment since I have only the past to go by I have to give you a -1
  7. Kill me.

    1. xxx



      bon voyage ..  .

  8. Aaaaaa

    1. Fury_Fire


      are you still a cripple

    2. Lil Nugget

      Lil Nugget




      but my laptop is dead

  9. Lil Nugget

    [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    +1 Why not?
  10. Lil Nugget

    [Feedback] Ker Wolves

    I agree with this, mostly. However for some of the players- myself included, who have had some of these wolves for ages won't take lightly to a big part of their character being killed off. Now, yes some need to be killed off meaning a plague would be perfect, however not everyone. Say you only use the wolf for combat, or RP being able to command it perfectly without the wolf refusing, then yes the wolf needs to be taken away/killed. For this to work without everyone getting pissy, it'd take a lot of research to actually see about killing them off. That's just my opinion, of course.
  11. I want to try out a different type of art style, hmu if you want a sketch done. Free ofc.