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  1. KaceCuddlebug

    Amonia Vanayaviel Haglinadal

    I do know that this is not an actual RP character, but if you were interested in Eryn's life and her family, I will be making a profile for Limdur, and Glanar too. If you want to check out Eryniel's profile here is the link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/135741-eryniel-valanae-gwaloth/
  2. KaceCuddlebug

    Amonia Vanayaviel Haglinadal

    *Note: This is not an actual RP character (Don't play her either!)* (Amonia Haglinadal) Name: Amonia Vanayaviel Haglinadal Nick Names: Vana Meaning for her name: She does not have an actual meaning for her name, but her nickname is from her middle name. Gender: Female Age: Unknown Race: Wood Elf Traits: She is very kind to others and protects those in need. She does not judge by their looks or race. She loves to spend time with her friends and can be serious at times. Abilities: She is very skilled with the bow and can run very fast. She can also speak to animals. Disabilities: She does do well in close-combat, she can wield a sword, but is not that well. Likes: She likes to explore and be away from other people in the woods with the animals, where she thinks it is peaceful and quiet. Dislikes: She doesn't like someone being treated wrong, because she believes everyone is the same and deserves to have a fair life. Appearance: She has natural long red hair and dark green eyes. She never puts her hair up. Tattoos/Scars: She has a big scar on her chest that she got when she was a little younger. Ambitions: To have a big family Religion: N/A ================ Family ================ Parents: Unknown Husband: Limdur Erusirdil Gwaloth (Dead) Daughter: Eryniel Valanae Gwaloth (CuddlebugYT) Brother: Glanar Thalion Haglinadal (Dead) ================ Pets ================ She has many animal friends in the forest in Laurelin. She even named some of her closest animal friends. ================ Bio ================ Amonia was the youngest of her family with a brother, Glanar, who was about two years older than her. She was very skilled with the bow and always had to use a used and worn bow. She did not have any parents for her whole life, and never knew she had any. She got the scar on her chest by protecting her brother from a man swinging his sword at him, hitting her chest instead. Amonia was very nice when she was little and as she got older, she met a Wood Elf man named, Limdur, who was a big jerk at first, but Amonia saw something in him. Soon he changed and they chose to marry each other. He made her a well made bow that she called 'Lucky Bow' because she would always make bulls eyes with it. When Limdur proposed to her, he gave her a green opal, just like the color of her eyes. Soon she gave birth to a girl, Eryniel, who looked a lot like her mother and had many of her traits as well. No one knows at all happened to Amonia or Limdur but a few say they were murdered by assassins. Her daughter then lived with her brother. Later, Glanar died from a fire set upon his house by the same assassins. Eryniel got a burn scar from the burn, but lived.
  3. KaceCuddlebug

    Tauriel Storm

    Good job! I really like it. Also, nice job on the art for Tauriel, it looks exactly like her!
  4. KaceCuddlebug

    Eryniel Valanae Gwaloth

    IMPROTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT metagame ANY of this information! Thanks!
  5. KaceCuddlebug

    Eryniel Valanae Gwaloth

    (Eryn Gwaloth as a child) Name: Eryniel Valanae Gwaloth Nick Names: Eryn Meaning for her Name: Eryniel came fom her father's middle name, Erusirdil, and Valanae came from her mother's middle name, Vanayaviel. Gender: Female Age: 20 Race: Wood Elf Traits: She is very kind toward others, along as they are kind back. She is a tomboy at heart and does not like to be treated as if she cannot take care of herself. She is also very good at hiding her feelings from others. Abilities: She is very skilled with the bow, as well as having amazing eyesight, which helps when she is hunting animals. She can as well as run really fast. Disabilities: N/M Likes: She likes to explore and enjoy the scenery, as long as she is aware where she is and has her animal friends with her. Dislikes: She does not like people who are mean and hurt others, or even slavery. It is hard to gain her trust, and if you lose that trust, it will be especially difficult to gain it again. Appearance: She has natural long red hair that is pulled to the front. She has dark brown eyes and may sometimes wear a hood. Tattoos/Scars: She has a big burn scar on her face. Ambitions: To learn more about her dead parents. Religon: n/a ================ Family ================ Mother: Amonia Vanayaviel Haglinadal (Dead) Father: Limdur Erusirdil Gwaloth (Dead) Uncle: Glanar Thalion Haglinadal (Dead) =============== Pets =============== She has an eagle named Wingspan and a baby fox named Hunter (which is the sibling of Abigail Heart's baby fox, Robin. Both of the two foxes are female) =============== Bio (Sorry if its too long, but its all that happened to Eryniel so far) =============== Eryniel's parents were killed when she was born, so she was cared by her uncle and stayed with him for most of her childhood. Eryn never knew much about her parents and who their names were, so she never really knew her full name, because her Uncle never mentioned them much. As she got older, she helped tend the farms with her Uncle, but in her free time, she would practice shooting arrows with her 'Lucky Bow' that she got from her Uncle. One day she noticed her Uncle was panicking and she wondered why. That night, the cottage was set alight and collapsed on top of Eryn and her Uncle. She managed to get out of the rubble and ran for help in the nearest town. When she returned the fire died down and she searched through the rubble and found him dead as she cried and held his hand. She also had got a bad burn scar on her face from that night. She left Laurelin and stayed away from civilization. To keep herself alive, she would use her bow to hunt animals, even though she hated it she knew she needed the food to survive. From her long years in the woods, she was able to gain better eyesight and could see an animal from quite a distance away, along with her running abilities. Soon when she was about eight, she returned to visiting towns and cities along with meeting new people. She went to the docks and met a girl her age named, Abigail and they agreed to travel together. Later she meet a boy about an age or two older than her named, Lylion Khainlen, who was Abigail's adopted father's servant. They lived in Abigail's adopted father's hold but was soon taken down by Dwarves (after all, the hold was located in Dwarf territory). Eryn was very upset now that this was the second time she lost her home. So she remained homeless along with her two friends. The three were really great friends, even though Lylion would continuously get himself into trouble. Soon Lylion had feelings for Eryn, but Eryn did not feel the same way back, but Abigail liked Lylion. Lylion would be 'insane' every now and then and attack the two girls, but they would end up forgiving him. A few years passed and she met a new friend, a High Elf named, Ariselle and treated her as if she was a little sister to Eryn. Later, they couldn't see one another no more, for it would make Ariselle 'unpure' and they were devastated. A while passes and Eryn chose to live with Abigail in a small town they call Peremont, along with Lylion living in the same town, but not house. After a little while settling there, Abigail forgot her memory and Lylion forced her to be his slave and wife. Later, Eryn was taken to his basement and was forced to be his slave and future wife (but she did not forgot her memory as Abigail did). Lylion would abuse Eryn by kicking her, punching her with his golden hand (which his real hand was ripped of by an orc), and even chocking her. Soon after being a slave for a little while, Abigail and Eryn made a plan to escape by knocking him out and running for it, but instead Abigail pinned him against the wall and Eryn stole his sword, pointing it at him, demanding to be let free and they were. Lylion had lost Eryn's trust and Abigail's as well. Eryn and Abigail decide to move out of Peremont, so they packed up their stuff and left. Later, Eryn met a Human boy named Aldred, who became another one of her close friends. Abi and Eryn soon moved to a small house in Riga, but sadly the city was being moved. They packed up their items and left, where Abigail soon joined a guild, and Eryn stayed with her in her home. They Guild's leader was wanted and was put to death, so there was no one to lead the guild. Eryniel decided that she would hold on looking for a home to stay in, because she knew she was capable of surviving by herself. A little bit after, Aldred had to leave due to helping a friend from death, and he was not heard from. Eryniel was very upset, for she was starting to like him. Many years later, when she was eighteen, she went missing and none of her friends had heard from her in two years. She soon returned, amazed about how much the docks, and all the other cities she loved, completely changed, even the weather, for it was snowing. With her friends very relieved, she continues to wander around the lands, looking for adventure, and an answer about who her parents are and why they died.