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  1. time for a reword i meant that the players will do the erp with the spiders, and that saying that the spiders shouldn’t be able to do such a thing would be useless apology ! !
  2. i would say bringing up something disavowing spider-fucky would be good but like players’ll do that anyway so i mean anyways good work dunstan i like +1
  3. kpop? more like kpoop 😂

  4. I’m so proud of you Claire, you did something amazing.
  5. lmao whats this stuff about ioannis
    greek economy bad lmao

  6. I’m a ******* waste
  7. bro no thank u bro bro bro bro
  8. lotc lotc lotc

    i forgot what iw as about to say
    oh right

    1. TheAlphaMoist


      lotc lotc lotc

  9. bro bro bro thank u lotc bro lmao bro
  10. that’s all. thanks guys : )
  11. Alexandra rolls her eyes. Those parasites did a number on her. ”Another day in paradise.”
  12. so you can upvote people without actually giving them rep i’m imagining that it’ll have some effect in the future because why add useless features ( o wait ) but like why?
  13. after all 5 stages of grief i have one thing to say

    pls bring back auto-punctuation i don’t want to look like a goober who doesn’t put periods at the end of sentences

  14. I’m not the biggest fan of this update on the virtue that everything is now overcomplicated. After RPing on LOTC for an extended period of time, the use of stuff like /w and /s are muscle-memory, and now I have to do SHIFT-3 just to change my chat channel. That, mixed with the abhorrently awful chatstyle system (Why change that in the first place?) makes this update just a clunky mess. I’m not sure ANYONE asked for improvements to the chat system. It was very clearly in an alright spot before the update, so why change it?
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