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  1. It’s the fact that there’s not much to gain from this 5 slot magic. The Devil is more tempting than this. There is hardly any incentive to accept such a largely cursed magic with so little to gain. There just needs to be more fat to it, the downsides are more than fine and I think people are kind of missing the point of what others are saying here... The people who are asking for more abilities like the new downsides & consequences, there just isn’t enough abilities. The point about the slots is that this would be the equivalent of a lower slot magic, not a 5 slot. I don’t mind it being 5 slot, but people just need more to this in order to want it, unless, again, you had no other plans with the magic route accept making shadow puppets and giving people bad vibes the rest of your now, eternally darkened, tainted, and cursed life. Again, yes absolutely, it is a curse, and curses aren’t suppose to be pretty. Also, yes, you totally shouldn’t be allowed any other magics for such a severe curse. They ARE afflictions. However, to be frank, I don’t see a point in willingly seeking this out. This is my understanding on the situation. Again, if anyone would like to explain or correct me, feel free too! Or if anyone would like me to elaborate on a detail, feel free to ask!
  2. A 5 slot magic... To manipulate shadows & give people bad vibes..? o.O I could understand if this was a one slot, or even two slot but.. It costs so much to gain so little. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Shade needs a rewrite, but I frankly don’t think this is the answer to it. Shade magic really could be something cool, uncringe, and have better downsides. However, this seems like a way to inadvertently “shelf” the magic, by making people not particularly want to play it. Even if I were into dark magic, I really wouldn’t see a point in pursuing this unless I was very very into shadow puppets. I do like the more permanent cursing effect to it however! The corruption sort of thing is a cool aspect and I think a far better downside than the current one. My advice would be to add a few more upsides & abilities on the other hand! Things that give this more flavor to the abilities- As this is a lot of downsides to just manipulate shadows. There needs to be just a few more upsides, things that want to make someone sacrifice their soul to eternity of darkness in trade for mere mortal power upon this plane. I do like the more consequences though, definitely keep that! If you just put a bit more fat on there, then it’d taste far better! If I’m misunderstanding anything, feel free to explain & correct me! Or ask if you wish for me to elaborate on one of my points.
  3. OH! Nononono- No worries xD No, some of the playerbase read into something, believing the ST’s wanting to shelve the Kha. It was actually an investigation into Kha, along with all the rest of the CA’s. They’re actually one of the more active CA’s, and I believe they’ll still be staying around for some time. Not to worry, lol Concerning the other stuff- YEAH! Hundreds of years of history to catch up on!! If you ever need filling in, some help on inquiries, or someone to talk to about LotC, just hit me up on Discord! Or Skype if you’re still into that, lol
  4. 2015... The good year... Too bad I wasn’t around for Athera though, kek :’) Welcome back! LotC has been great the past five years- Wars o’ plenty, races created, nations risen & fallen, and thousands upon thousands of characters roaming the realms of LotC. Bunch of crazy stuff this year, there’s a current Inferi Invasion, we have an Empress in Oren now as of yesterday, and with a new map & plugins just around the corner, things have been popping. Hope to keep you around, let me know if you ever need anything! Welcome back once more!
  5. Truly a tale worth a book! I demand more literature on this Tortoise!!
  6. Laughs in Rosenyr. No but- totally understandable. Thing is (I’m sure this was stated already, I’m only popping int with a quick comment), not many people want to rp in small settlements, such as Rosenyr. (Rosenyr is actually rather large, but our water features take up most of the space). However, being small is why we try and keep a very tight knit community, to appease & play with. We stay out of general politics in order to become a safe haven for comers and goers who just want some peaceful rp every now & then. Funny thing is, we actually used to have walls! I took them down however, as they obscured the beauty around us, as well as Rosenyr not really needing them... There’s really no point in raiding Rosenyr, as it doesn’t really provide much to raiders. They’d have more chance raiding larger cities with more people, as more people will react to them, thus more loot. Also, our hours so extremely weird. Jumping back to the original point though, a lot people like activity. Big cities have activity, small settlements do not. More activity means more possibility for threat & conflict, thus the needed walls. Less activity means less possibility for threat & conflict, thus no needed walls. Either way, both have their ups & downs, but that’s just kind of how I’ve seen it fall into place over the years.
  7. W a k e u p H e l e n a ! ! ! !
  8. RP Name: Prince Cassian Nria MC Username: BlueTigerPro Discord: BlueTigerPro#0362 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Principality of Rosenyr Why Do You Wish To Come?: To take the chance & opportunity of finding rare history & artifacts of the Nrian family’s history. The earliest of our known history dates back to late-Athera. What Skills Can You Bring?: Vast knowledge on monster hunting & survival. Experienced in diplomatic & political affairs. Skill in bladed combat.
  9. With the event of the voidal scar left upon the cheek of the Queen’s Isle, twas the mark of an end to an era of peace and tranquility on the island. What once was inhabited by only the serene, now lied home to a collection of newly devilish dangers. Be they by nature or by descendant, their shroud swelled hastily over the island in the coming years. It was time Rosenyr faced the facts, their long, thirty years without conflict was at an end. Now was time to get their sanctuary back under control, and plant seeds to a renaissance of order. Class I The Pillars The backbone of any army, giving their edge in support, sword, & fire. Each Class I will be assigned to a squadron during basic training, and put under the direct command of a Class II Sergeant. The ranks are as follows: /  \ Private | The new bloods of the army, undergoing basic training. Private First Class | Sworn soldiers who have proven themselves worthy to serve the army. Corporal | Right hand of their Sergeant, they serve with the potential of leadership to come. \  / Class II ... Section T.B.C. (Sorting out pictures and descriptions). Enlistment Formatting Name: Race: Age: Any Past Services: OOC Information Username: Discord (Required): Timezone (Optional): Message BlueTigerPro#0362 on Discord for commissioned uniform.
  10. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To friends and the people of Rosenyr, The Principality of Rosenyr invites to a ceremony of requiem for our fallen Princess, Fawn Nria. An opportunity to offer your final wishes & goodbyes to our beloved. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr Cassian Nria OOC: Date: Saturday 6:00 PM EST Coordinates: 780 x | 41 y | 1490 z
  11. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To the Refugees of Adria, The Principality of Rosenyr cordially welcomes any who suffered the burning of Ves to take safe haven within the walls of Rosenyr. A new selection of homes have been built, and lie ready to be occupied. Speak with one of our stewards should you wish to stay. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr, Count of the Bhaile of Baldrich, Lord of House Nria, Cassian Tobias Nria OOC: Coordinates |1780 x ; 41 y ; 1490 z
  12. The youthful offspring of Dorondir Nria, in proud thought, inscribes the document with his signature.
  13. Thank you Malgonious for the wonderful event! And thank you to all the ET's who helped make it an exhilarating experience! I haven't fought that many undead since Axios! Cheers mates!

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