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  1. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To friends and the people of Rosenyr, The Principality of Rosenyr invites to a ceremony of requiem for our fallen Princess, Fawn Nria. An opportunity to offer your final wishes & goodbyes to our beloved. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr Cassian Nria OOC: Date: Saturday 6:00 PM EST Coordinates: 780 x | 41 y | 1490 z
  2. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To the Refugees of Adria, The Principality of Rosenyr cordially welcomes any who suffered the burning of Ves to take safe haven within the walls of Rosenyr. A new selection of homes have been built, and lie ready to be occupied. Speak with one of our stewards should you wish to stay. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr, Count of the Bhaile of Baldrich, Lord of House Nria, Cassian Tobias Nria OOC: Coordinates |1780 x ; 41 y ; 1490 z
  3. [!] The Nrian Family invites you to witness the holy union between Cassian Nria and Fawn. Taking place in the Rosnian church. OOC: Coordinates are: x: 1120 | y: 68 | z: -293 Follow the signs from the gate!
  4. The youthful offspring of Dorondir Nria, in proud thought, inscribes the document with his signature.
  5. Zrarly'Raguk, Good day to you! We are, as of now, large scale agricultural plantation. We deal mainly in wheat exports, taking advantages of the vastness of the plains. However, we also produce carrots, potatoes, and soon to be other crops. We are hoping to also enter the livestock business as well! In concern to your last question, we use minae as our currency. I invite you to visit us again sometime! Especially when we are fully operational. Sincerely, Dorondir Nria
  6. "You are free to visit us anytime however!" Dorondir would reassure.
  7. Dorondir Nria would be thinking the same thing, "Probably too scared of an old war-veteran like me!" He'd jest with a smirk. "Thank you my old friend. In my experience, it only takes one spark of hope to light the way to a new dawn." Dorondir would thank, as he reminisces in the events of Halsworthy.
  8. The Bhaile of Baldritch Short Description: Baldritch is a small, dreary town with a credulous people. We are a hardened community working for our keep, together we survive the harsh colds and somber storms. Our principles are traditional and we are blinded by folktales. Are our superstitious people simply just mad men? Or perhaps there is some truth behind these myths. . . History: A territory that has been repossessed countless times, built on the ruins of a human imperium. Rumor has it that a King of the Mischievous Arts was befallen here many years ago. Since then, these very grounds have been cursed. Crops going missing? Animals slain in cold blood? Our founder, Dorondir Nria, is quite skeptical of these occurrences. However, it seems the more he denies him, the faster he ages. Laws: Our laws are plain and to the point, but are essential in enforcing peace and order in our community. I. The Laird is the Lord of the Land, and has the final word on everything. He holds the authority to write, interpret, and execute laws. The successor is chosen by the Laird himself. A stewardship may be instated provisionally, if the successor does not meet the required age of sixteen or have a residency of fours years. II. The Laird is allowed a council of advisors, consisting of our own residents inside the town. III. The residents of the town are required to fulfill a quota in crops, resources, or materials every annual cycle. IV. Murder is an intolerable act and will result in execution or banishment. V. Theft, Banditry, or any other form of Larceny will result in fines, reimbursement, and banishment from the estate. Location: We are South of the Orcs and North of the ruins Hae'lunor. Follow the Northern Main Road right, until you meet with the ruins of the Renatian arch. From there, proceed South. OOC: Coordinates are X: 1120 Z: -300
  9. Thank you Malgonious for the wonderful event! And thank you to all the ET's who helped make it an exhilarating experience! I haven't fought that many undead since Axios! Cheers mates!

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      That was not just the last one.

  10. The Illumnati is behind this +1
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Crosses fingers for some kind of solar eclipse event.

  13. I'm a PvP goon, but my mouse broke. My purpose is futile.

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      This is a factions server.

  14. Dorondir Nria signs. (BlueTigerPro)
  15. Good Game on both sides.

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