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  1. RP Name: Prince Cassian Nria MC Username: BlueTigerPro Discord: BlueTigerPro#0362 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Principality of Rosenyr Why Do You Wish To Come?: To take the chance & opportunity of finding rare history & artifacts of the Nrian family’s history. The earliest of our known history dates back to late-Athera. What Skills Can You Bring?: Vast knowledge on monster hunting & survival. Experienced in diplomatic & political affairs. Skill in bladed combat.
  2. With the event of the voidal scar left upon the cheek of the Queen’s Isle, twas the mark of an end to an era of peace and tranquility on the island. What once was inhabited by only the serene, now lied home to a collection of newly devilish dangers. Be they by nature or by descendant, their shroud swelled hastily over the island in the coming years. It was time Rosenyr faced the facts, their long, thirty years without conflict was at an end. Now was time to get their sanctuary back under control, and plant seeds to a renaissance of order. Class I The Pillars The backbone of any army, giving their edge in support, sword, & fire. Each Class I will be assigned to a squadron during basic training, and put under the direct command of a Class II Sergeant. The ranks are as follows: /  \ Private | The new bloods of the army, undergoing basic training. Private First Class | Sworn soldiers who have proven themselves worthy to serve the army. Corporal | Right hand of their Sergeant, they serve with the potential of leadership to come. \  / Class II ... Section T.B.C. (Sorting out pictures and descriptions). Enlistment Formatting Name: Race: Age: Any Past Services: OOC Information Username: Discord (Required): Timezone (Optional): Message BlueTigerPro#0362 on Discord for commissioned uniform.
  3. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To friends and the people of Rosenyr, The Principality of Rosenyr invites to a ceremony of requiem for our fallen Princess, Fawn Nria. An opportunity to offer your final wishes & goodbyes to our beloved. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr Cassian Nria OOC: Date: Saturday 6:00 PM EST Coordinates: 780 x | 41 y | 1490 z
  4. [!] The Rosnian Seal is stamped onto this poster. To the Refugees of Adria, The Principality of Rosenyr cordially welcomes any who suffered the burning of Ves to take safe haven within the walls of Rosenyr. A new selection of homes have been built, and lie ready to be occupied. Speak with one of our stewards should you wish to stay. Signed, High Prince of Rosenyr, Count of the Bhaile of Baldrich, Lord of House Nria, Cassian Tobias Nria OOC: Coordinates |1780 x ; 41 y ; 1490 z
  5. The youthful offspring of Dorondir Nria, in proud thought, inscribes the document with his signature.
  6. Thank you Malgonious for the wonderful event! And thank you to all the ET's who helped make it an exhilarating experience! I haven't fought that many undead since Axios! Cheers mates!

    1. TJBMinecraft


      That was not just the last one.

  7. The Illumnati is behind this +1
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Crosses fingers for some kind of solar eclipse event.

  10. I'm a PvP goon, but my mouse broke. My purpose is futile.

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      Moment of silence for our lost brother ??

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      Hush Child. Go back to your, "Roleplaying." 


      This is a factions server.

  11. Good Game on both sides.

  12. A filthy little peasant touched my coat tail today. It was disgraceful. My father will be hearing of this.

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      That's a bad blue!

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