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  1. Lilach has no interest in the news, but she enjoys the concept of sitting in a nice spot, sipping some tea and reading some tea. She then proceeds to do just that.
  2. well, if you want context, someone pinged me in a chat, i asked who, and he started insulting me- but hey, that’s beside the point. I’m not here to troll; having had unpleasant experiences with a few members of the community, and seeing multiple cases of shittalking and bad, half-heartedly racist jokes, I don’t believe the high elves should be able to make this combination tortue/execution device for the sole purpose of satisfying this weird Purity Aesthetictm. It encourages and amplifies a very ugly part of your playerbase which you as its leader should suppress, not encourage.
  3. you literally called me a genderbending erper with a protagonist syndrome on a public discord with zero prior conversation between us. i do not remember having spoken to oocly in any sort of context beforehand. if that’s how the LEADER of a nation behaves on a fully neutral, lotc-related discord server, i somehow find it hard to believe that the nation’s discord isn’t full of toxicity. anyways, that was just to support this claim. don’t make lore that creates an unenjoyable and frankly gruesome experience for the people you’re gonna use it against, especially if you’re gonna **** on them in your private chats afterwards. either way, whether or not you care about all of that, at least write some proper redlines for this. make it so the acid is explicitly a means of execution, that can’t be put in a vial and splashed at people’s face for a two emote instakill.
  4. this meme really proves that you can just throw some key words like “pedophile” or “admins” onto any image and make that a lotc meme
  5. Lilach sips some of the tea, but it’s too hot, and she spills some. Oh, well.
  6. we’ve got a whole fuckton of voidal shenanigans going around, it’s an entire worldwide event which has been going on for a few months now i do fully agree with everything else, though! great post 10/10
  7. duck duck goose? more like duck duck turkey
  8. Lilach sits down in a nice, secluded corner, takes a glass of wines, and rifles through the mountain of missives that have been going around- this week’s bounty. Looking over this particular one, she nods in approval at the exemplary insults made towards this Peter.
  9. Daniel, a local druidic dedicant, aims for the top and contracts bigpox.
  10. local populace somehow outraged over losing their ability to make antisemetic ‘jokes’ in public online space yall r wild jesus
  11. Daniel, former street rat, nods in approval as he gets word of this event. “Money to th’people.”
  12. wheeeeeeeere is everyone


    1. Hearth


      Sutica, you nerd


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