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  1. blue women’s coat – 5,100
  2. discovered this a second before i saw this thread. also, call me a basic ***** but,,,
  3. Blue Women’s Coat – 1,000 Blue Haensi – 1,100 Discord: Ducklingator#0445
  4. “History repeats itself.” Lilach remarks on her weekly Wine & Reading session, and enjoys some fine cheese while reading some more missives.
  5. sick of u

    1. Zacho


      plz forgiv me


  6. gonna throw a temper tantrum about not having my auric oil anymore brb
  7. Does liquid mana still exist? I saw that the lore for it was shelved, but I definitely could be wrong. Otherwise, 10/10 lore change now to not idiot
  8. [!] Missives are strewn about Arcas, the large and bold inscriptions upon them showing great urgency. None of them are signed, and their writer is not known. On Demonic Eidolons A creation most evil and wrong, these warped monstrosities have walked among us for far too long. Their souls are naught but a perverted attempt to mimic those of a true, pure descendant, their minds an amalgamation; what was once good and right now twisted into a vessel for demonkind to possess and abuse. The Eidolons are people who’ve given up any semblance of humanity in order to gain more power, no matter the cost. They are able to weave dark energies into weapons of destructions, and though they often choose to hide these abilities in order to retain their secrecy, they’ll not hesitate for a second if and when they are threatened. Furthermore, those who have been corrupted are capable of twisting others, to a certain degree. Regular people who linger around them will often be wholly unaware of their true nature; despite this, we must dispose of this dire threat. Identifying The Eidolons Distinguishing these warped, unholy beings from any other descendant is a difficult task, but not impossible. They bear a subtle, bloodied mark on the back of their head, often obscured by hair and robes, through which the horrors of the lower planes traverse at will. For this reason, the best way to identify The Eidolons is by making note of their outlandish behavior; though it often isn’t obvious at a glance, these people seek to sew seeds of chaos in the world, inciting discord and panic whereever they can. When they do choose to use their Iblees-given powers, one senses a faint aura of anxiety, fear and wrath emanating from their very being. The abilities that these twisted creatures possess have yet to be defined, but those who’ve witnessed these horrifying displays of impurity and lived to tell the tale speak of hellfire, life-sapping energies and frightening, demonic spawns. Fighting The Eidolons Battling these demented paragons of hell is a gruelling feat, one which no man can perform on his own. They strike viciously, and the terrors they unleash instill fear in the hearts of the bravest men. One must take the necessary precautions when preparing to handle and dispose of one of The Eidolons. -A weapon lined with plated with aurum is particularly effective against these beings, as it suppresses the demonic presence within them. -A circlet of silver around one’s head protects them from The Eidolons’s influence, allowing for a clear-minded insight to assist one in identifying these beings. -A necklace composed of golden beads protects the heart from demon-induced fright, allowing one to steel their resolve whilst battling The Eidolons. Known Eidolons -Dargo, a Kharajyr clad in purple robes. Recently banished from Sutica. -Sulraell Visaj, current Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or. -Finnick Trafina, a High Elf donning dark clothes. Often seen around Sutica.
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