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  1. unknown.png?width=1273&height=677i dont know who did this but i AM going to kill you

  2. Character name: Amelie Bordeaux Age: 17 Username: Ducklingator Discord: Ducklingator#1337 Part you want: Snow Princess/St. Emma
  3. Username: Ducklingator Character Name: Amélie Bordeaux Age: 17 Area of Interest/Skill: Painting, Sewing and Writing Level of Knowledge: Journeyman
  4. if you make your players kill 24 cows for the sake of progression and make cow-breeding cost energy maybe you can at least not restrict how many cows they can breed?? just an idea

  5. Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair and i own high tier items unlocked by vortex progression to T2 vortex work stations which allow me to teleport short distances
  6. 1. The Adelburg street urchins would have to be my favorite experience-- it was all extremely organic, and I loved every moment of it. 2. I think I should've tried to coup Mystery-era Sutica, just to see if I could've pulled it off. @Dont_Advertise 3. Llyria's armor was pretty cool. 4. Yes. 5. I honestly didn't mind Nexus all too much, so I'm excited to see what it's going to have in store for us!
  7. we laugh about it a lot in the anti-ant-ducklingator discord (the discord server that has everybody in the world, excluding the people that are in the anti-ducklingator server)
  8. I don't like how I'm still logging on so consistently even though I'm not having nearly as much fun as I used to
  9. My English (especially my writing) has improved a great deal in these 5 years, which is great since it's a very useful language to know.
  10. on this day 5 years ago i made this forum account & it's all been downhill from there ask me something
  11. yall think golemancy lore is out yet?

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