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  1. people who don’t think it’d be haelun’or are lying to themselves.
  2. oh im so dumb sorry ruby red 10.5k Ducklingator#0445
  3. personally i’d prefer it if the lt could redo the system and, instead of letting one big lore daddy write it, form a diversified team so that it isn’t defined by one person’s view of the void-- because really, that’s where the problem originates. everyone has their own vision for what the void should be like, you can even see it in this thread. imo, neither one of these iterations would be decisively better than the other. i don’t like how tox’s rewrite forces this weird headache after connection is severed, and that it doesn’t let you cast with your hands bound, but i also dislike the fact that phil’s practically forces the ‘you’re weak and helpless in melee’ concept because, despite how unpopular the concept seems to be, i enjoy playing a mage who can incorporate their spells into melee combat. tldr neither rewrite is perfect, create a new one and dont let one person make it
  4. ruby red – 6k lavender – 6k
  5. lavender – 1.5k ruby red – 1.5k haense pride – 1.5k discord: Ducklingator#0445
  6. Lilach fondly recalls Anne from that one time the halfling was thrown at her during a duel.
  7. you’ve made two out of three popular threads. how does it feel to be a celebrity
  8. Daniel sheds a lone tear at the missive. Recalling his own struggles, he prays for this woman’s peace and safety.
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