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  1. i never stick around to see who wins these warclaims so my trick is to see whose leader makes the after-warclaim post

    1. rukio
    2. TheAlphaMoist


      It’s flawless


    3. ryno2


      only problem with that is tythus never makes posts 

  2. lilach apologizes and ceases any antagonistic activity. she is not capable of reading.
  3. lilach is also angry about being left out and becomes an antagonist
  4. Lilach reads the notice, and hurries to send a letter of the utmost importance to its distributor. “Okay.”
  5. every magic is one if you try hard enough
  6. Lilach, on this rare occasion of being able to attend a 2 AM tournament, signs the **** up.
  7. Upon seeing the missive, Lilach clears fifteen minutes out of her schedule, taking that time to sit someplace private and laugh hysterically.
  8. As tensions rise in the Silver citadel, Lilach quietly walks out of the city, finding herself someplace less close to the looming threat of war. She sets her kettle down on a small fire, and enjoys herself watching the conflict unfold.
  9. Lilach, self-appointed Lord of The Craft, contemplates the missive thoroughly before giggling. "Nice."
  10. Lilach held the paper, squinting as she thoroughly scanned every word. After a few minutes, she looked away. “Those letters are tiny.”
  11. Lilach Everupt sits in a lovely clearing in the woods, sipping Chamomile Tea and eating Scones as she reads these News about her old friend Elnirith. ”Huh.”
  12. yeah, this glitch is really annoying it doesn’t happen if you’ve got a skin attached to a persona & switch to it, though, so you can try that
  13. Daniel takes the crate of beets gifted to the druids, and tosses it into the lake while mumbling 'gay rights'.
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