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  1. Avern’ylir would smile a little as he sighed a little thinking back to what happened to him in Haense, him and his dark elf friend. “This is nice to see..”
  2. SkyBrine


    When Avern’ylir was born his first toy was a bow and arrows. He was trained by his father and mother to use the weapon and when he got older he taught himself how to use a sword. Along with that his sister taught him as well as she was training to be a guard, she’s heard about them from humans who sometimes came into their home, Linandria. His young life was a bit of an interesting one... Their family had a sorta schedule for days as on one day they would teach their children on bow making and arts another on religious things on Aspectism etc. Anyways sometimes Avern’ylir would go off on his own away from their home and wander a little bit off the pathways and see things or people if they wander on the road. Avern’ylir was always taken back by his family as he was too young. He wanted to see the world..he wanted to know more about it. He’s wanted to see what some places differed and how they were different and just adventure. He wanted to see nations and kingdoms and wonder what other people we’re out there besides wood elves... His family was a bit protective since his sister was a bit rebellious and went on her way to become a guard somewhere, he hoped she was doing alright. He learned through his years to use his bow expertly and about the gods Cerridwen and Cernunnos. Once he was fifty he was old enough to leave he was happy to and he took with him his bow and arrows. He soon left and was on his way to go on an adventure. On this day he is currently 5”4 and is on his adventure to see the world. He doesn't know what will happen, but hopes it will be great and that he’ll make friends on the way...and maybe find his sister..
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